AN : I haven't written anything in a while. Not really because I've been busy or anything, I've just had a severe writer's block. Sorry that this little offering is exactly that, very little, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Oh, and please review. Xx

Everything is forgotten, in the heat of this one moment, this short period of time, all that matters is you, and him.

His body, his lips, his carress. Everything ceases to exist as you lose yourselves in this magnificent joining of bodies, of lips meeting, and gasps mingling in the hot air that separates you.

The bed sheets are tangled in the labyrinth of limbs you have created, and clenched in your tight fists as he hits that spot. You squirm, causing a delicious friction as your hot, sticky skin collides, beads of sweat mixing, and trickling down your conjoined bodies as you continue to move in time to the silent beat you have created.

All sounds are chased from your head as he screams your name, his talented tongue sliding over the welsh vowels he himself is so fond of. You drink up the moans and muttered curses with your lips and tongue, lapping hungrily at the interior of his mouth, that unique taste that you can never quite put your finger on.

And you know you could never tire of this.