The Ghost (New version)

By: Lifespassion

Chapter One: Exorcism and Girls

Warning- Rated M for Violence and Sex

There is no Wincest in this story, however both the boys do get some action though Sam is my main focus in the love-interest department.

A note to anyone who noticed that this chapter is different and longer and slightly better in the department of spelling. I am going back and correcting all my stories, doing my best to make them bigger and better than before. (Its like a make-over or home renovations) Please let me know what you think. Reviews mean a lot to me–as I think they do to all authors. I hope you enjoy. The origional first chapter was under 600 words. This chapter is around 2,500 worrds. So when I say a little renovations what I mean is...I've worked on it.

IMPORTANT : TIME. As far as the time line is concerned the brothers are somewhere early on in the show. Dean hasn't been dragged to hell or resurrected at this point.


"Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the flooooooorrrrr!"- Bodies, Drowning poolThe boys were in an old wretch of a house. It was tall, the type that seemed to sway in the wind, and had creaky floor boards and rattling shutters. It was exactly the type of house the Winchester brothers found themselves in on a regular basis.

Sam fired off two salt rounds as an arm smashed into his stomach. He flew back into the wall, wood splintered from impact and his head connecting sharply with the wall. Dean launched himself forward firing another two rounds and letting out a great bellow. The ghost disappeared, flickering out of existence.

Dean offered Sam his hand and Sam took it standing up.

"Got to be more careful little brother." He said smiling, jokingly.

"Yeah Dean, because I am the one who started firing on the ghost and made it angry before we even know why its here and what it's after." Sam dusted himself off, coughing slightly from the dust.

"We don't need to know why its here." Said Dean flatly grabbing his duffle bag "All we need to know is that it is here and we kneed to kill it."

"Dean it's a ghost it was alive once. Have some respect" Sam believed rather strongly that not all of the ghosts that they encountered were evil. Sure most of them were but some were just angry and misunderstood. Some were nothing more than victims of violent circumstance and wanted nothing more than to rest in peace.

"I've got respect for the dead." Said Dean turning away and re loading his gun "it's the un-dead I have no respect for." His mind immediately went to zombies and he silently thanked the heavens that he didn't have to deal with zombies tonight, he was definitely not in that mood.

Sam brushed of his sleeves which had flecks of paint and plaster on it. "Why do you think its here anyway?" he asked prodding his brother trying to pick Deans incredible mind for supernatural, hunter facts.

"I've got no clue" said Dean "but this fucker is mean and I'm not letting him stick around" Dean pulled out a piece of chalk and started drawing designs on the floor.

"We're going to exorcize it? Its a ghost"

"Yup, exorcisms work for spirits least this one does and anyway I don't feel like going on a wild goose chase for its body or a special toy do you?"

"No not really. Dean I have an issue with this exorcisms send demons back to hell"

"So?" Dean continued on what he was working on and then stopped "Oh...damn"

"Unless you are totally sure that this ghost is evil, I don't want to send it to an eternity of flames."

Dean hesitated. He was ever the hunter, but despite all the things he did which didn't seem to moral-namely the girl things (though he never gave them false impressions, girls just happened to have a bad habit of reading a lot into things)–he was still a good guy. A really good guy who was burdened with the difficulty of having a long list of morals and principals which he stuck to like glue. Good was good and bad was bad that much was black and white but Sam was right. Dean finally clued into why his father seldom did exorcisms on ghosts.

–I know that I'm doing my own thing with this who exorcism idea but I have always wondered why the boys don't just exercise ghosts like in 'Mediator' (great series by the way) and in other legends. So I thought I would come up with a plausible reason (since this story is mostly about ghosts anyway I thought it was appropriate to address this right at the beginning.--

"You're right." Dean hated to admit when Sam was right but he had to at this point. "Let the goose chase begin."


Dean and Sam drove along in the impala. Dean had a huge black eye and a cut on his lip. The ghost had gotten extremely vicious near the end, when it realized how close the brothers were to putting it to rest. Sam's ribs still hurt from being knocked around and the back of his head had a lump the size of a golf ball, which was very tender at the moment.

"Where to now?" asked Sam rubbing his head gently and leaning back against the seat tenderly.

"There's a hotel just up the road I figure we'll crash for the night and decide where to go next in the morning." There was a pause and then Dean said rather firmly "First dib's the shower."


"Bitch." They smiled at each other (There's nothing like brotherly love.)

Dean pulled the impala to stop inside the parking lot and turned off the engin. He was careful to lock the doors and looked around. Sam sighed. His brother was always so protective of his car. People didn't ever notice him surveying the area but Sam knew what his brother was doing.

They walked inside. The motel was nice, well nicer than some places that the boys stopped off at. There was a short little blond with big eyes and a big chest working quietly at the desk. She eyed the brothers with un-hidden interest as they walked up to her.

"Room for two." Said Sam to the girl at the front desk. The girl raised an eyebrow disapproving

"Come on, we're brothers." said Dean defensively. It didn't happen often, though he knew now never to lable himself as an antique hunter, but Dean hated when anyone even suggested that he might swing the other way.

"Oh." said the girl blushing "sorry, you guys really don't look like you're related." Both Sam and Dean agreed with the fact that they did not really look alike. Sam was taller and had a heavy brow and dark hair, Dean was shorter and had bright eyes and lighter if not blond hair with angelic features. However if you payed attention to how they acted together it became obvious that they were related because of their 'double-mint-twins' moments. (Ie the times that they did and said the same things at the same time with the exact same emotional inflection.)

"Yeah I know," said Dean smiling and looking back at Sam "for one thing I'm cuter than he is."

Sam rolled his eyes. The girl giggled and blushed more deeply. She was quite cute. Dean took not of her in three steps, Short, blond, and slender. She definitely was worth a second glance

"I agree." she said catching Dean of guard, but making him smile non-the-less. She was definitely turning out to be his type. He decided to push and see where it took him.

"Why thank you." Said Dean and then he looked at Sam. "Say, what time do you get off work."

"Seven o'clock" the girl answered without hesitation. Then, she handed Dean back his credit card.

"You want to catch a bite to eat and shoot the breeze?" He was definitely not thinking about just shooting the breeze.

"That sounds nice." she said sincerely and smiled again.

"Alright, I'll see you then" Dean turned and walked to his room with Sam.

"Dude, you are such a man-whore," said Sam shaking his head at his brother.

"I am not."

"You are too. Everyplace we go you're always hitting on girls."

"So." Said Dean shoving the key into the lock. "I have standards."

"You know what, never mind" Sam shook his head following his brother into the room.

"You're jealous." Said Dean looking at Sam.

"I am not" Sam shot back

"You are too. your jealous because I get more chicks that you do."

"Whatever." Said Sam shaking his head

"Don't worry Sammy" said Dean patting Sam on the shoulder. "you'll get lucky some day."

Sam took a swipe at his brothers head.


Sam showered when Dean headed out for his date with the cute little blond secretary. It had been a long day and he was tired and sore. He hauled on some baggy pants and a t-shirt and went over to the bouncy little hotel bed and turned on the television. He sat and marveled at how little he cared about everything that was on T.V. Flicking off the set Sam sighed and stared up at the ceiling.

A girl appeared. She was incredible beautiful. Her face was pale and smooth, an oval shape with a cute little button nose and big bright blue eyes.

Sam blinked.

"Sam" She whispered softly floating down. She Sat on the bed beside him.

"Who are you?" he asked looking at her outfit. It was a dress, beautiful and brown and simple. It was old fashioned. Really, really old fashion. Sam was an old ghost and, at the moment, she seemed peaceful enough. Gosh was she ever beautiful though. He was thankful for the fact that she wasn't wearing white and standing on the side of a highway.

"A friend" she answered moving a piece of hair out of his face. "You have somewhere you need to go." she said softly kissing his forehead. He could feel her lips soft against his skin. She smelled like fresh flowers and baking cookies. She stepped back and looked into his eyes. Sam was taken back . Her eyes were so beautiful and so sad and she looked at him with such...longing. As if she had been searching for something all her life and had found it here in him.

As quickly as she appeared she vanished. Sam let out the breath that had been caught in his chest. That was a strange visitations, possible the strangest of his life. He kind of wished there were more like that.



Dean shoved the girl up against the wall as she devoured his mouth hungrily. Her name was Amber, he had remembered to ask. She began to pull at his shirt, he heard the fabric rip a little but didn't care in the least. She had a crazy impatient urgency about her which was driving him absolutely insane.

He groaned as her tongue delved into his mouth warring against his own. His hands slipped down and began to unfasten her belt. Amber smiled against his lips rocking against his hand, creating a most exquisite stimulation between her legs and hampering his attempts at trying to undress them both.

The loud ringing of Dean's cell phone chiming AC DC's "TNT" broke both of their concentration. They paused for a moment mid kiss. The song guitar riff started again.

"Dammit." Dean untangled himself from Ambers grasp "I have to get this." She put on a small genuine pout but didn't complain. He flipped up his phone "What?!" he answered rather harshly.

Sam who was on the other end was surprised but recovered quickly.

"Dean, I just got a visitation." Sam said quickly, knowing that his brother was not interested in what he had to say.

"A vision?" Dean said lowly.

"No, I saw a ghost." Said Sam

"Yeah." Said Dean only half listening to his brother. His eyes trailed back towards Amber. She was standing looking at Dean. She took a few steps forward pulling her top off over her head, revealing pale beautiful skin and very large, very natural looking breasts, which were barely held back by her bra. Dean's eyes widened and he coughed a little, eyeing her appraisingly.

"So, you should come back and we should check it out." Said Sam trying to encourage his brother to respond in some way.

The girl ran a finger over her bra line and pouted prettily working her pants down off her hips inch by inch.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something right now Sammy." Dean's voice was hoarse.

Sam shook his head and sighed into the phone.

"Whatever," He paused "Don't tell me you're going to be gone all night."

"By Sam," Dean hung up the phone without even acknowledging that his brother had asked a question. Dean tossed the phone aside and moved towards the delectable blond.

He would DEFINATELY be staying the night.


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