It's all J.K.'s, though if I was a billionaire I'd try to buy Sirius off her.

I'm sure it's been done, but I'm doing it anyways. I've never really written a Lily and James story, though I've written them, and the other day I simply was inspired. Officially, this is the prelude to a three-shot, I suppose- Three times they defied the Dark Lord, coming very, very, very soon. Reviews are welcomed and loved :D

"I thought it best I speak to you both at once."

"Why? What is it? What's wrong?"

"Please sit down, Lily…"

"Come on, Lily, sit, you're making me look like a bum."

"You always look like a bum- excuse me, Professor Dumbledore. What is it? Alice looked…frightened."

"And she's never frightened."

"Yes. I have always found Alice to be a remarkable woman. I'm afraid I had the unhappy task of informing Alice and Frank it is likely they may be closely targeted by Lord Voldemort in the coming days."

"…So is that why we're here too?"

"Quite honestly, James, I'm not entirely sure. A- prophecy has come to light entailing the defeat of Voldemort-"

"What!- that's brilliant!"

"- at the hands of a child to be born at the end of July."

"… Lily's not due till August."

"August third, James."

"Still, though... "

"Is there some reason to think it's us, sir?"

"Yeah, there's a lot of babies bound to be born in wizarding Britain. Er, sir."

"And in the Muggle world. A Muggle-born child might be fitting, considering."

"Unfortunately, a Muggle-born candidate seems unlikely. There is a particular clause… about the parents. So I must ask, and I'm sure you can understand the stress I must place on this question…how many times have you defied Lord Voldemort?"

"…Times? Isn't that what we do everyday?"

"I'm not sure I understand, Professor-"

"Would the graffiti Sirius and I put up by Knockturn count?"

"Don't be stupid, James, that wasn't even that funny- how many times each, or together? Not times face-to-face with Voldemort?"

"Yeah, that was only the once- and does it matter how recently? Because some of the louder stuff was a bit back now…"

"As you may know, prophecies incline towards the vague rather than specifics, and while we are fortunate to have some details, such helpful precision is beyond our grasp. I would, however, venture these instances might be moments of import- choices, decisions, some significant act of resistance. And while I, at least, found your and Mr. Black's 'Riddle-me-this' writing on the wall to be rather amusing and certainly insolent, James, I doubt we should consider it an act of significance."

"Probably not, sir."

"Do any such moments jump out at you? Either of you?"

"It's… funny, but we were actually just talking about this."

"I don't know if that's defiance, exactly, James."

"I don't think there's much I do that isn't somehow defiant, Lils. You know, Professor, we've had a few… offers."

"Incomprehensibly enough. And there was that first time-"

"Before the Order, even. Unless we count joining the Order…?"

"That's supposed to be a secret, though."

"Well, supposed to be… The T-shirt's something of a giveaway."

"It's still a bit indirect. Dung Fletcher's got one, and goodness knows he's not one of us. And you and I, we'd made up our minds by then. No, when it comes to picking sides- I'd have to say three."

"...Three, then. What the wife says goes."

"Three times?"

"Well… I suppose, sir. This- prophecy… does that mean something, then?"

"You are- quite sure it is three?"

"It's only a best guess, but sure enough, I suppose. Three seems- right, somehow."

"Is that bad?"