Title: All Work and No Play

Author: Lell

Warnings: Nothing explicit, but general naughtiness all around.

Notes: AU, bitches.

Summary: Hey, you try working when Tenten and Lee get it into their heads to be distracting. NejiTenLee.


The blatant invasion of his room he could handle. The distracting conversation he could block out. The requests (or pleas) that he take a break were easily negated.

This, however, was underhanded and completely uncalled for.

Spinning his chair a precise one hundred and eighty degrees, he crossed his arms and gave the two of them his best 'Neji Is Not Amused' glare over the tops of his reading glasses.

"I am," he said, enunciating with careful venom, "Trying to work." Indeed, the page littered with annotations in his precise script was a testament to that. "You are not helping."

"You should have finished earlier," Tenten replied airily. Her hair fell around her face in casual disarray.

"I had other affairs to see to earlier," Neji countered, clenching his jaw a little too tightly, frowning a little too severely.

Lee looked suitably morose and puppyish, even as he did something with his hand that made Tenten sigh into his hair. "Did you hear that, Tenten? Affairs. Our beloved Neji is cheating on us."

"I heard." She wasn't quite as good at acting woebegone as Lee was (nothing could erase that wicked tilt of her lips completely), but she made a good enough effort. "We are unworthy."

Lee nodded and echoed "Unworthy" while he tucked his nose under Tenten's jawline and tested the skin there with his teeth.

"And presumptuous to think we came before essays," Tenten continued in a breathless sort of way, making a noise in response to Lee's ministrations that caused a tic to pulse into life beside Neji's left eye.

"Not the essays!" Lee flashed Neji a quick grin and returned to toying with the fastenings of Tenten's jeans. With how gangly he was, it was a surprise that they both managed to fit on that couch. Neji may have come from a rich family, but his dorm room was still small and the size of the furnishings reflected that. "How could we?"

"Because we're selfish, Lee," Tenten told him oh-so-seriously and her nails traced the line of his spine. Lee's muscles twitched in reflex (not that Neji was staring, not at all.) "He may never forgive us for our faults."

"Because he's illustrious," Lee added, sadly, thumbing the curve of her hip.

"And hard-working."



Neji's fingers drummed against his bicep in exasperation. "Are you two quite done yet?" he inquired acidly.

Tenten blinked long and lazily at him, stretching her arms over her head in idle pleasure. "Done with what?" Lee buried his chuckle in her throat.

Refusing to be lulled by her seeming innocence, Neji creased his brow in a minute, but potent show of displeasure. "You two are most irritating individuals," he informed them icily.

"Probably," Lee agreed with an illegal amount of cheer as he worked on ridding Tenten of her jeans.

She lifted her hips to aid his progress and fixed Neji with that wide-eyed, lips-parted look she knew he hated her using. "But you still love us, right?"

It would have been inappropriate to deign such ridiculousness with an answer and far more suited to a Hyuuga to sniff and return to the work awaiting him. However, as well as being a Hyuuga, Neji was also nineteen and hard because those two wretches thought it was amusing to make intriguing, alluring noises while he was studying.

"You'd be so lucky," he replied scornfully, but he was already up and padding barefoot over to them because the only look that was better than the one Tenten displayed with one hand up her shirt was the one she displayed when there were two.