Chapter 1- Finding her

Chapter 1- Finding her

His footsteps echoed through out the empty alleyways. His large black shoes hit the ground on which he ran at an alarming rate. He had left his friends to choke in the dust cloud he stirred as he took off. But, none of this mattered. The only thing that mattered was also the only thing on his mind, "I found her."

Flash back

The young boy, accompanied by his close friends, walked the streets of Twilight Town fondly. He had really missed this place for some odd reason. He neared his destination with a smile, glad to be able to see his friends once more. The brunette boy had seen almost everything the Worlds had to offer. In fact, his best friends were a talking duck and dog. Donald, the duck, neared him and simply stated, "It's good to be back, huh Sora?" Sora nodded as the trio neared the hang out of his friends from this World. He pushed aside the torn cloth and entered the enclosure. The familiar chatting of the male companions of this group soon filled his ears. As Sora halted in the room's center, all eyes turned to him.

"Sora, you're back!" shouted Pence, the most hyper of group. Sora once again nodded and shot them his famous grin.

"Hey, Sora," began Hayner, the most aggressive and oldest member, "Do you know a girl named Kairi?" The grin immediately disappeared at the name of his beloved. Kairi and Sora lived on Destiny Islands as children. Also on the island, lived their close friend Riku. All though he would never admit it, Sora had fallen in love with Kairi.

The shock in his heart was silently replaced with excitement. He smiled once more and quickly replied, "Of course I do! How is it that you know her?!" Hayner and Pence exchanged worried looks and stood up. Sora's heart dropped at this look. If anything ever happened to Kairi, he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

Pence decided to answer, being the less morbid of the two. "She's here in Twilight Town. She and Olette were going to go shopping, but these weird things attacked them. I think Kairi called them Nobodies. Anyway, they attacked right in that alleyway. Kairi said she'd take care of them and to stay here and hide. Olette got worried after awhile and went after her. They're still not back yet," Pence explained. The word Nobody and Kairi in the same sentence was enough to send Sora running after her. He burst from the 'Usual Spot' and made way for the sandlot. If anything, Kairi would go there.

Sora held hope in his heart that Kairi could hold her own until he got there. He neared the sandlot and started searching for Olette and Kairi. He spotted Olette on her knees under a bench shaking, obviously scared. As he ran to tend to her, a Nobody blocked his path. Before he had even the chance to use his drawn keyblade, the Nobody was cut in half. He eyed the black keyblade that stuck in the wall. It was glowing with power, demonic power, but he could sense its good meaning. Before he had time to react, another Nobody flew at him, knocking him to the ground.

Sora hit the ground hard, landing flat on his back. His keyblade was thrown from his hand and landed far out of reach. Again, the Nobody charged him. His mind went blank, thinking of the serious injury he would most likely receive. His vision was obscured by pink and he heard the sound of the Nobody's scream as it was dispersed. The boy sat up, dumbfounded and stared at the form of a girl. His keyblade was tossed on his lap and her hand grasped the one stuck in the wall. "You need to hold onto that, Sora," the girl warned.

Sora recognized the girl's voice immediately, but she was gone as quick as she came. He watched in awe as she slashed Nobody after Nobody apart with ease. She made it look so easy! Her limps moved with such perfection as she destroyed the horrid monsters. He was thrown back into reality and he stood, running to Olette's location. "Olette are you okay?" he asked as he pulled the petit girl from her hiding spot. She gave a stiff nod as response. His back faced the ongoing battle for survival as he helped the scared girl to her feet. A scream echoed through his ears and the girl from before slammed into the wall beside them. The pair gasped as a drop of blood fell from her rosy lips.

The female winced in pain as she stood. Sora was almost positive it was the one for which he searched, but Olette's plead confirmed it, "Kairi, are you alright!!" Kairi glanced over at the two, panting heavily. An odd sound came from the silvery monsters just before they disappeared. A look of relief crossed the trio's faces as Sora and Olette joined Kairi. "That was amazing, Kairi! I would have never guessed you were so…strong!" Olette stated in awe. Kairi half smiled as her eyes turned gray and she fell to the ground. Sora caught the exhausted girl. Concern filled his eyes as he prayed for her well being. Kairi, I finally found you. Don't give up on me now.