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Chapter 7- Heart Break

The sea passed him by in an unrecognizable blur. Sora had spent quite a bit of time in Atlantica on his previous journey. He occasionally swam faster than usual to escape certain enemies. Yet, he had never swum this fast before. He and his tail put a racecar to shame as he searched desperately for Kairi.

The sound of water moving behind him alerted him to another being's presence. Sora spun quickly, glaring menacingly at Ariel. She was visibly shaken, but not thrown off. "I'll help," she muttered sheepishly.

Sora eyed her for a minute, and then nodded. "If you can keep up," he warned. He then resumed his previous speed, sensing rather than hearing Ariel with him. Please be okay. I'm begging you, Kairi. Be okay. His thoughts ceased as he neared the sunken ship. A feeling of panic twisted his stomach, but he pressed on.

The contract was simple. Kairi could see no apparent problem with signing it. An equally simple exchange: legs for fins. Her conscious yet screamed at her that it was a mistake. She let out a sigh of frustration.

Kairi raised her eyes to meet Ursula's. The shit eating grin was still glued to her face. Kairi's lip twitched as she asked monotone, "What's the catch?"

The sea witch broke into deep laugher much to Kairi's annoyance. She let loose a snarl and repeated through tightly clamped teeth, "I said, 'What's the catch!' What the hell is so funny?!"

Ursula stopped laughing and held her arm out. Another disturbance of water and a pen appeared. She handed it to Kairi, who took it reluctantly. "No catch, dear. What you see is what you get. Feet for fins. Simple, no?"

Kairi read over the contract once more and nodded to herself, mostly. "Alright. Yeah. Simple."

With held breath, the girl signed her name clearly on the dotted line. A scream from the chasm's opening caught her attention too late.


She looked toward Sora's approaching form. Surprise took over her body as she called back, "Sora!"

Sora's eyes tightened as he spotted Ursula. "Ursula, you witch! What did you do!?"

Ursula smirked and snapped her fingers loudly. Menacing laughter filled the valley as the glowing pen and contract disappeared from Kairi's hands. She held her hands to her mouth, stifling a regretful yet surprised gasp.

"It is far too late, handsome! As I promised, dear girl, feet in exchange for your fins and…" an odd light swirled around Kairi, forming a cyclone of bubbles. Sora's heart nearly stopped as a completely nude, human Kairi was thrown from the disturbance. Her hands immediately flew to her neck as she gasped for some sort of oxygen. "…your gills!" Ursula finished, laughing uncontrollably.

She can't breathe! Sora rushed over to Kairi, wrapping his arms around her and swimming upward in a desperate attempt to save his lover.

Sudden and unfathomable rage boiled under Kairi's skin. Spots of red flashed across her line of vision. The Oblivion appeared in her right hand stunning Sora long enough to break from his grasp. Its tip aimed at Ursula's form, a beam of light shot from the keyblade.

Ursula stopped laughing long enough to recognize the light headed in her direction, screaming in horror. As the beam struck her, her body turned to stone, completely unmoving.

A very pleased smirk graced Kairi's lips. Her lungs began to ache again, her previous rage no longer present as to hold the need for air at bay. Her form grew still as Sora recovered, dragging her to the surface at an invisible pace.

He glanced to her once before surfacing, muttering, "Hold on," softly. Sora eased the poor girl onto the sand, laying her so that he could reach lay atop her lightly enough to not crush her. Ariel, Donald, and Goofy surfaced behind him, this went unnoticed by him, however, for he had a task.

Sora lowered his lips to hers, holding her nose tightly. He exhaled a lungful of air into her noting the way her chest rose reluctantly. C'mon Kai! Please hang in there!

He pulled up after several more breaths, doing ten compresses dutifully. His friends watched in disbelief as the young boy worked the girl. Hoping for the best, they remained silent.

As Sora continued his work, his vision was obscured by tears. They leaked from his sapphire eyes onto Kairi's bare chest. Please, Kairi, please! Sobbing now, the desperate boy released another lungful of air into Kairi.

A cough caught his attention, forcing Sora to peek at Kairi's face with tearful eyes. Her eyes slid open as she coughed up water and bits of seaweed. Sora embraced her, patting her back to help get it out of her system. Ariel, Goofy, and Donald swam over, sitting by the couple.

"Kairi, you're okay!"

"I knew you'd be okay!"

The dizzy princess nodded and laughed, "Thanks, Goofy, Donald." She glanced at Ariel. The mermaid smiled and opened her mouth to say something.

Frightened cobalt eyes focused on something behind Kairi as Ariel screamed, "Look out!"

Kairi was suddenly yanked to her feet by someone tugging her hair. She yelped, glaring at whoever had a hold of her.

She gasped.

"Veran, you rat," Sora hissed. "Release her now!"

The black haired beauty smiled wickedly, replying simply, "No."

Whatever Sora was about to rebut with was lost in his throat as he spotted a small glowing object in Veran's grasp. "The stone…," he whispered.

"Yes, foolish boy. Now, I think I shall show you the power of this lovely curse. Perhaps you should learn to hold onto the ones you love better. She's really a winner. Oh well."

The Sun's Tear was held before Kairi's trembling violet eyes. Veran thrust Kairi against a rock as the stone morphed her fingertips into black points. Then, all at once: Donald gasped, Goofy covered his eyes, and Ariel screamed.

Sora's body went numb as the tips were sent flying through Kairi's flesh. Kairi's body froze, her eyes widen in pain and surprise. Blood coated the sand at her feet. A glowing orb left the poor girls' body as she fell to her knees.

The orb, Kairi's heart, entered Sora's body with a quick flash. Shocked, he held a hand to his chest. He looked up just in time to see the evil witch licking Kairi's blood from her fingers.

"Watch now, Keyblade bearer."

From the gaping hole in her chest, a dark mist oozed onto her knees. Darkness began engulfing her body as Kairi thrashed and screamed. She threw her head back against the rock with enough force to crush her own skull. The dark coating covered her face, silencing her screams.

The sound of the waves even seemed to cease.

Her eyes turned completely yellow, her fingers turned to claws, and as the black covering became skin tight, the outline of a black dress identical to her pink one appeared.

Sora gaped at the heartless that replaced Kairi. No…it can't. She can't be…Kairi can't be gone! Tears poured down his face as he trembled with fear. He shook his head back and forth doubtfully. As if the scene would disappear if he wished it away.

Unfortunately, it was real.

Veran chuckled and beckoned the female heartless to stand. Her jest turned to irritation as it stared at her blankly. "Stand, Kairi!"

Shakily, the heartless stood and looked around frantically. The sickening smile returned to the black haired girl's face. She took Shadow Kairi's face and turned it to Sora.

Sora stared into the emotionless sea of yellow. Ariel, Goofy, and Donald fled under the water's surface, leaving Sora all alone.

Smirking, Veran whispered, "Attack."

The Oblivion materialized in the Shadow's hand as she zoomed toward Sora. He screamed, falling onto his back and holding up the Oath Keeper pathetically as the keys collided. The booming sound of Veran's laughter bounced off the rocks.

"How does it feel, Sora? To have your beloved attack you with intent to kill you! Ha! Not so high and mighty now are we? Cower, Sora, cower!"

Kairi jumped back, landing at beside Veran. Sora shook and trembled, crying his eyes out. "Looks like you've lost her twice, huh? Poor boy. I could almost say I pity you," she snickered.

The two turned to leave as Donald and Goofy grabbed onto Sora's shoulders. With one more glance at Sora's retreating image, the shadow of Kairi disappeared, hoping in the locked away part of her being that Sora never see her again.

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