The true king of the Black Arm's

Andy's time to shine

We find ourselves in Celestic town, an Ancient town in the Sinnoh region and also home to the Darkrai Pokemorph Andy Harold, after the events with Missingo the newest Pokemorph has been helping around the town, and also keeping contact with Me, and the Space Warrior's, right now though it was late and Andy was just watching the tv infact he was watching the Interview Darkmagicianmon was on, when all a sudden he sensed a presence outside, quickly he headed for the door, and saw to his shock a Black Arm grunt, it quickly bowed to Andy, confusing him,

"Master Darkrai we need your assistance!" said the Grunt, Andy still couldn't say a thing until appearing to him and the grunt was his Pokemon half Darkrai, his spirit

"What is the problem?" asked Darkrai, the grunt bowed his head again,

"The Black Arm's are very sick master all of a sudden we all started to get sicker and sicker, we are barely surviving we need help!" said the grunt, Darkrai hearing this turned to Andy who just nodded to Darkrai clearly saying we gotta help them,

"Very well!" said Darkrai as he created a portal to the Dark Comet,

"Let's go!" Andy said as Darkrai's spirit returned to his body and he and the Black Arm grunt entered the portal,

(Inside the Dark Comet)

The same portal appeared inside the Comet as Andy and The Black Arm grunt appeared, Andy finally saw the home to Darkrai's Army it wasn't exactly a happy picture the whole place looked decaying and nearly the entire Black Arm army was nearly at Death's door, suddenly appearing again was Darkrai,

"(Gasps) Who did this to my Army, and my home!" said Darkrai,

"We don't know a strange virus started to infect the Comet, and then it started to infect us we don't know who did it but it started after the incident at those Ruins," said the Grunt, Andy faced Darkrai and the Black Arm Grunt,

"So where do we go to fix this?" Andy asked,

"The source seems to be at the Throne Room if we can fix this the Comet and the Black Arm's should return to normal," said the Grunt, with that They headed further into the Comet and all the way they saw the Black Arm's suffering, and the damage to the Black Comet, finally they found the Door to the Throne Room but their was a Lock on it,

"This lock can only be opened by the Energy of the leader of the Black Arms," said Darkrai, Andy nodded and approached the Door charged up some Dark Energy in his Hands and touched the Door, which absorbed the Energy, then to the shock of the Black Arm Grunt, the door opened, revealing the throne room behind the throne was a weird swirling grey energy, as Andy, Darkrai and the Grunt approached the throne, they saw a face that Andy and Darkrai could never forget,

"Missingo!" yelled both Andy and Darkrai, it was the virus Pokemon, that Ross had Deleted,

"He must have left this virus here incase he was defeated or if you and me broke his control!" said Andy, as he looked at the virus source, he realised what to do he once again charged his dark energy in his hand's again and approached the virus source and plunged his hands into the virus, causing a huge wave of Dark Energy to start surrounded they entire comet, and causing him to be pushed back and hit a wall,

"Andy!" yelled Darkrai, he then noticed that the virus was gone and in it's place was a new Black colored energy with a Black Hole symbol on it suddenly it sent another wave of energy as it passed it seemed to repair the damage the virus did, as it passed the grunt in the room he seemed to get an upgrade he seemed to have gotten more muscles, he also was wearing a helmet with the Black Hole symbol on it, and was also carrying a Plasma sword and the plasma shield that Jackel's use in Halo,

"Wow!" said Andy who was just getting back up, suddenly the Energy passed him and made him transform too and Darkrai quickly went back into Andy's body, suddenly Andy was wearing armour it was almost completely black the helmet had a red visor and also seemed to have a white wisp of flame on the top like what Darkrai had, the left shoulder blade had an SW initial on it the chest armour had a Black Hole symbol on it, he was also wearing gloves that looked like claws and was glowing with a Black Aura

"Amasing!" said the grunt, suddenly they heard marching and approaching them was another 9 Black Arm grunt's and 5 Black Arm Giant, they giant's where wearing huge armour simmilar to the one's that Brutes wear and also they where carrying huge Claymore sized plasma swords, suddenly they faced Andy and...bowed to him, then Andy realised that when he destroyed the virus the energy he gave the comet must have repaired and improved the Dark comet and the Black Arm's as well, and since they can sense Darkrai inside him, they know he is their master,

"This is great!" said Andy, he could redeem the Black Arm's, by having them protect this world, with that thought in mind he faced the Black Arm's,

"My loyal soldiers! We now have a chance to redeem ourselves for the destruction we have caused for the inhabitants of Planet Earth!" said Andy as they Black Arm's roared in approaval,

"We must protect this planet at all cost's from any evil that arises, We will show that Darkness can be used for the side of Good because we are the BLACK ARMS!!" yelled Andy,

"YEAH DARKRAI! DARKRAI!" cheered the Black Arm's, as the Black Arm's where back improved and reformed,

(A few hours later)

We find Andy back in his original clothing in his home, after helping the Black Arm's he was given an instant teleporter device that would instantly teleport a squad of Black Arms to his location, he had already informed Ross and the Space Warrior's about these little reinforcement's and was heading to bed, suddenly floating to his left was Darkrai,

"It is great we have your army Darkrai to help us!" said Andy excited, as Darkrai had what looked like a Smile on his face,

"Yes my friend it is great to see my army again!" said Darkrai, with that Andy went to his bed,

"Yeah Darkrai! Now it's smooth sailing from here!" said Andy with a smile as he fell asleep, Darkrai stared outside with a slightly worried look,

"But we still have Darkstar and his forces to fight! I hope we can help defeat them!" said Darkrai as he went back inside Andy's mind, to rest.