Adventures of the Space Warriors

Greeed, Yummies and OOO

Hinaten gave a soft sigh she was seated in one of the chairs inside the Balance HQ, with her was the members of Hikari's team that she had helped fight the defilers and was also playing with the Red Coin she had found, Omega was preparing the lab to examine the strange coin as she saw Hikari walking over with a smile placing a hand on Hinaten's shoulder.

"You did great for your first mission Hina-chan," Hikari smiles as Hinaten smiles and hugs her Surrogate Sister.

"Thank Kari-chan," She smiles brightly.

"So where is that coin you found?" Hikari asked.

"Omega-san is examining it to see why the Defilers were after it," hinaten said.

Just then the door opened and the Mass of Machinery that is E-123 Omega walked in the Red Hawk Coin in his claw like hand as he handed it back to Hinaten.

"So what did you find out?" Hinaten asked.

"That medal has a huge amount of Power stored inside it, almost Unlimited," Omega said as Hinaten blinked her eyes at that news looking at the coin.

"Really?" She asked looking it over.

"It must be some kind of ancient power," Hikari guessed.

Omega simply nodded.


Outside the HQ, what looked like a red armoured arm with some Green and Black thrown in was floating outside a window watching Hikari, Hinaten and Omega.

"My Core Medal..." He muttered seeing Hinaten holding the Red Medal clenching it's fist as it glanced around for some way inside before flying off.


Nearby in a park a certain balance was busy looking herself in a mirror, this was Bella, the Balance of Beauty and the almost number one member of the make Hikari Ino's life a living hell club, she hating anyone more beautiful than her, turned her sights to Hikari and began tortureing her like any schoolyard bully can, calling her names, pushing her around, and doing anything to ruin any day of Hikari's even if her time in the Author Fighters usually ruined any of Bella's attempts.

But today unknown to the Balance someone or something was watching her.

The Figure was easily between 6 or 7 feet in height, wearing Almost Organic like Green and Black armour, with claws on the ends like a Mantis claws, his head had antenna and a pair of Stag Beetle Horns on his head as he calmly approached Bella from behind who was rambling to herself.

"Damn that little Princess, thinking she's so perfect, well I'll show her, I'll become more beautiful then she ever will be!" She growled as the Bug like Monster almost seemed to grin as he brought out a Coin, it looked similiar to the red one Hinaten had only it was purely silver and had an Insect like pattern on it as suddenly a strange coin slot seemed to appear on the back of Bella's head as he grins,

"Your desire, shall be granted," He said slotting the Coin inside as Bella widened her eyes and spun around and gasped.

"What the hell are yo..." She was about to say when suddenly she groaned as a Green Portal appeared on her midsection and out crawled a disgusting looking creature, it looked like a normal Mummy with a strange head, a single big black hole as it groaned.

"More Beautiful.." It groaned as nearby a group of young girls noticed and gasped as the Yummy noticed and lunged two stranges of it's bandaged that covered two of the girls heads as the bandages glowed green for a good minute before pulling off, showing the girls had every bit of beauty on there faces drained away as the Yummy turned to Bella and it's glowing bandaged wrapped around her head before she could scream as the glow seeped out into her head and the Yummy pulled away showing Bella had somehow gotten more beauty as she looked at herself and gasped in shock.

The Creature calmly approached the Mummy.

"Gather more of her desire and get stronger, then find my Core Medals," He said as the Mummy nodded and began walking away to finish it's task as The Bug monster left Bella alone as she looked herself over too busy admiring her new looks to notice the danger.


Hinaten walked out of the Balance HQ with a cute pout on her lips crossing her arms.

"Rats, Omega-san couldn't find anything on these things," Hinaten said as she held the Coin.

Hinaten walked flipping the coin

"Maybe I can use it as a good luck charm" she said to herself.

The arm saw Hinaten and flew after her.

"Oi brat!" A voice is heard as Hinaten glanced around.

"huh who's there?" She asked glancing around when suddenly a claws hand grasped her cheek pulling on it.

"OW! Let go...huh!" She said looking at what was pinching her cheek, it was Red armoured arm with wing like attachments to it's forearm...except it was only an arm, a floating in midair arm of strange design.

"Now, give me back my Core Medal!" He growled.

"AHH! Aura Sphere!" Hinaten almost screamed as an orb of blue aura slammed into the arm sending it crashing into a bush.

"Itai...that hurt you brat!" It growled as Hinaten ran for it.

"OI! Get back here!" It yelled flying after her.

Hinaten grabbed two of her poke balls

"Brago smokescreen, Luffy sand attack" Hinaten said tossing the balls as she ran


"Houndour!" Causing the floating arm to stop cold as it was halfway buried in sand and then a smoke cloud covered him as Hinaten recalled her two pokemon and continued running.

"Damn that Brat! Get back here!" He growled as he tried to blow away the smoke and get out of the sand.


The Mummy groaned as it approached two girls lunging it's bandages at them wrapping around there heads and drained there beauty as inside it many clattering of coins could be heard as it began glowing green in colour and groaned as it seemed to begin molting.

Slowly in it's place was a humanoid Mantis like Monster, with claw like curved blades on it's arms as it growled and jumped away from the two beauty drained girls heading towards another location to find more beauty to drain for it's host.

It looked seeing the balance HQ and ran toward it

Watching the being was another balance but this one was a boy about 15 years of age, he had dark golden hair, greenish-grey eyes, he wore a black shirt under a jean jacket, jeans, and boots

He held a two throwing knifes and took off after the creature.


Hinaten was hidden behiend a tree near Balance HQ

"What was that thing Hana-nee" Hinaten asked her other self.

"I don't know Hina-chan, but I think it was after that coin we found," Hanaten said as Hinaten looked at the red coin in her hand.

"Maybe but why?" She whispered.

"There you are!" A voice is heard as the Red arm lunged forward and grabbed Hinaten's arm,

"Hey Let go!" She glared at the arm.

"Give back my medal," He growled at her.

"Why should I?" Hinaten said.

"because it's mine!" The arm said just as a sound of something landing was heard and they both turned to see the Mantis looking monster as it marched towards them.

"Must take beauty..." It groaned as Hinaten backed away as the Monster sent what looked like blades of energy at Hinaten who was about to use a protection attack when Ankh's arm deflected the attacks.

"Ankh?" The Mantis yummy said in confused.

"Back off, this girl has my core medal!" Ankh said.

"Core medal? Give it too me!" He said rushing at them.

"Aura Sphere!" Hanaten said taking control as the blue orb hit the Yummy pushing it back

"You little Brat!" the yummy said going to attack her just as some knifes hit the yummy

"Gahh!" It cried in pain as the Balance from before appeared infront of Hinaten

"Hey you ok" he said calmly

Hinaten nodded taking control back

"Thanks," She said

The yummy turned to the balance.

"Don't interfere!" The Yummy growled charging using his mantis claws to attack.

It then hit the balance sending him flying toward a tree hitting his back.

It was about to attack again till he got hit in the head with the duo staff

"Leave him alone you bully" Hinaten said

The Yummy growled going toward her

"Tch idiotic brat but very strong" Ankh said looking at Hinaten

"I might be able to use her to my advantage" he said as he flew

Hinaten was fighting the mantis yummy off as he caught her tossing her toward a tree

Ankh caught her by her shirt before she hit her head

"Ankh! Are you trying to save that human" the yummy said

"What's your name brat" Ankh said

"Don't call me brat my name's Hinaten" Hinaten said

"Hinaten" Anhk said

"Tell you what you've impressed me. I'll tell you how we can be saved" Ankh said

Floating up, there was a flash of light from its underside before a stone box dropped through its skin. Acting quickly, the arm flew down and caught the box, revealing it had three slots not unlike the kind used for coins.

"What?" the Mantis Yummy gasped, halting its battle mindset to gape at the box in Ankh's hand. "That…that was used in the sealing!"

"Why, yes it was," Ankh answered before he hovered closer to Hinaten. Pressing the stone box to her waist, Hinaten let out a surprised gasp when the stone shattered to reveal black and blue steel. From the left side, a metal strap wrapped around her waist, securing the item in place before a round disk with a gold edge and a void on one hold so to properly hold it appeared on her right side.

"What…what is this?" asked Hinaten, staring at the belt buckle.

"Definatly not like Kivat" she thinks

"Something that will help you beat that thing," Ankh answered. "Do you still have my Core Medal? The red coin with the hawk on it."

"Uhhh, right here!" Hinaten nodded, drawing the red coin in question and holding it out in the palm of her hand.

"Good, but you're going to need two more," Ankh spoke. With a flick of his wrist, two more coloured coins appeared between his fingers. One was yellow in the middle and had the face of a tiger etched onto its surface while the other was green with a grasshopper marked on one side. Taking the coins, he slapped them into Hinaten's hand with the red coin. "Now, place the red Medal on the right, yellow in the middle, and green on the left. Hurry!"

"Don't do it!" the Mantis Yummy warned, approaching as if it were afraid to get any closer to the belt than it needed to. "You'll seal your fate if you do!"

"Don't listen to him!" Ankh spoke, trying to be louder than the Yummy and thus keep Hinaten's attention. "Do you want to let that thing keep rampaging around and hurting people like it did to that boy?"

Hinaten's eyes turned dangerously narrow as her gaze lifted to the Mantis Yummy, making it flinch as if it were afraid of her as much as it was the belt, "No." Stepping past Ankh, she slipped the coins into her belt, red, yellow, and green. As she slipped the Grasshopper Medal into its slot, the belt clicked and the buckle tilted into a slant. Ankh then moved into action and quickly grabbed the disk-like object from her side and slipped it into her hand.

"Use this," he ordered. "Swipe the front across the Medals in your belt. Do it and you'll get the power needed to destroy that Yummy. Now do it, henshin!"

"Right!" Hinaten nodded. Raising the O-Scanner, she brought the front down against her belt buckle before drawing it across the front. The belt made three chiming noises as the scanner went across them and produced three rings of red, yellow, and green as the scanner passed.

"Henshin!" she cried out.





Colored medals dance around her. The first ring of colored medals spun around her head in a vertical fashion, the second ring spun around his torso in a horizontal fashion and the third surrounded his legs in the same horizontal fashion as the previous set. Huge projections of the three Core Medals in the belt appeared before her, aligning vertically with the red hawk at the top, yellow tiger in the middle and green grasshopper at the bottom before the three of them slammed together to make a new Medal that slammed into her.

Hinaten's entire body became covered in a black bodysuit and armor. In the centre of her chest was a large round circle with three designs on it. Squeezed at the bottom was the image of a green grasshopper. In the centre and taking up most of the space was a yellow tiger and finally with barely any room at the top was a red hawk. Her legs were covered with thin green armor at the front which was segmented not unlike a grasshopper's legs. Connected to the armor were green lines which connected to the grasshopper marking on her chest. Yellow lines extended from the tiger marking, past the rounded shoulders with yellow edges and ended at yellow gauntlets which had sharp blades folded back on the wrists. Finally the hawk symbol left a red line leading up to her face which was now concealed under a helmet that had large green eyes and a face plate which looked like a flying bird.

"Did I just hear singing? Hawk (taka), tiger (tora), grasshopper (batta)? Is that what this is?"

"Worry about that some other time," said Ankh. "This thing is called OOO. You'll realize its power once you fight with it."

The Mantis Yummy roared and lunged at OOO. The armored pokemorph cried out and raised her arms to defend. The Mantis Yummy's claws scraped against her yellow gauntlets but otherwise did little damage. She then kicked the Yummy in the midsection, sending it staggering back. Encouraged by how she was actually hurting it, OOO pressed her advantage, going for more attacks. As she charged, the tiger emblem on her chest flashed before the claws on the back of her gauntlets folded out and with a swing she slashed the monster across the chest. She expected to see blood but instead silver coins splashed out of the monster's chest where she struck. The wound was open for only a moment before gray energy sealed it shut again, but it was more than enough to tell her she could win!

Deciding to find out more once the monster was dealt with, OOO attacked with several more slashes. Each strike opened more wounds with more silver coins spilling out and making jingling noises on the ground. As if responding to her growing confidence, the grasshopper emblem on her chest flashed before her green leg armor began to glow while her yellow claws retracted. Leaping to cross the distance between herself and the monster, OOO unleashed bicycle kicks which crashed against the Yummy, making it stumble and forcing more coins out of its remaining wounds before they had a chance to close.

"Doing well for her first time," said Ankh. To be fair, he could've chosen anyone to be OOO but an experienced Fighter seemed like the best choice. Even a weakling could become a powerhouse by using OOO but OOO's true potential could only be brought up by a true warrior.

Growling, the Mantis Yummy wasn't going to take the abuse much longer. Looking at OOO, it roared and charged at the armored girl, unleashing several slashes which sparked across her chest before punching her in the abdomen and sending her sprawling across the ground. Strangely enough, her yellow sections began to spark and lose their colour from the numerous impacts, not that she noticed since her world had been momentarily rocked by the hits.

"Crud this guy is strong," she grunted, rubbing her chest so to try and massage the pain out. "It's a good thing this armor's so good too. Otherwise my clothes would have been shredded and Mom said she was going to pound me for ruining another outfit."

"Forget about your clothes!" Ankh shouted, flying closer to OOO. Flicking his wrist, he produced a second green coin, this one with a praying mantis etched on the front. "Here. Switch this one with the Tora Medal. You'll need a better weapon than the ones you have with you now."

"Okay!" OOO nodded, grabbing the Medal. Pushing on her buckle, she set it into a horizontal position again before removing the Tora Medal and slipping the Kamakiri Medal into its place. With the Medal secured, the buckle shifted again before OOO took her scanner and swiped it across the front.




Images of the three Core Medals appeared in front of OOO before merging together and colliding with her chest. In a haze of green, the tiger sections of her armour were replaced with a bright green set with a mantis symbol replacing the tiger one on her chest. Another modification was that her gauntlets were now green with black accents and had long blades extending from them and were able to reach up to her elbows. As she raised her arms, the blades attached to the gauntlets suddenly found themselves in her hands, held in a reverse grip.

"Ankh, hand over those Core Medals!" the Mantis Yummy demanded as it charged but OOO would not let it reach its target. Swinging her arms, she slashed at the Yummy with the Kamakiri Swords, causing coins to fly out of it. She then kicked the Yummy hard with both feet, sending it skidding across the ground. Charging forward, she leapt and soared through the air. The mantis emblem on her chest glowed, transferring power into her arms and swords.

"Take this! Kamakiri Zan!" OOO called out as she slashed the Yummy in an X-pattern with her swords, cutting clean through the Yummy and making a green X-shaped cut appear on its body. The Mantis Yummy roared before exploding. From the flames, many coins burst out and rained down on OOO, bouncing off her suit and rolling across the ground. "So, that guy was made of coins?" In the midst of her surprise, she then realised something.

"The balance!" she said gasping at the barely moving body she went over to check him

"This is bad I need to get him to a hospital" Hinaten said just as she dehenshined she gasped as suddenly she saw Ankh's hand very close to her as suddenly the Balance's limp body was lifted up onto his feet.

"W-what are you doing?" She gasped.

"Hmm this body will do nicely," He chuckles before a red glow covers the Balances body, as his body seemed revived, but the difference was his eyes were more sharper and his hair was almost blondish brown in colour and a little curled upward.

"W-what did you do!" Hinaten said in shock.

"Now I can move freely" Ankh said through the balance before smirking at Hinaten who was just looking at him in shock...

(And that's this chapter, many thanks to Hikari-nee for helping me get this up)