Alright! I'm kicking off this story, er series, with the deleted scenes from Rehabilitating Vlad, as promised.

If you are reading this without reading RV then bear with me until the next update. I want to make this readable for people who didn't read RV but you'll just have to keep in mind (if you're one of those people) that Vlad will be a good guy in all of the mini-stories. If you can live with that then you should be able to enjoy them.

Okay, this first one would have been in Chapter 12 after Danny says "I mean, if there's anything you can think of . . ." in place of Maddie replying with "I'll let you know. . ."

There was silence.

"Anything?" Maddie suddenly repeated.

Danny gave her a questioning look.

"Well," she began hesitantly, "it might help if I could, you know, see how capable you are of – I mean, your father and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable-,"

Danny smiled at his mom tripping over her words. "A demonstration? Of my powers?" he clarified for her with a raised eyebrow. It's true he hadn't really showed his parents all that he was capable of. Sure they had witnessed (and tried to help with) a few fights, but it was clear that they still didn't have the whole picture.

Maddie's cheeks burned red and she nodded yes.

"Mom, I think . . . that that's a good idea," Danny said much to his mom's surprise, "In fact, it works out perfectly. I just called Valerie tonight to see if she'd mind coming over tomorrow cuz, you know, I figured she should know about what's going on, and she can help with this."

"Really? You mean you really wouldn't mind? I don't want you to feel like we're studying you. I want to see as your mom, not a scientist." She brushed some of his hair away from his eyes as she said this to show she meant it.

Then I was either gonna end the convo there with this:

Danny chuckled. "I understand, Mom," he paused to give her a kiss on the cheek, "I know you won't treat me like a lab rat. Now, we should probably get some sleep," he finished as he stood up. The two said goodnight and went upstairs to go to bed.

Or keep going with this:

Danny chuckled. "If I do feel uncomfortable, it won't be because I feel like a lab rat, Mom, it'll be because of all the attention being on me. But I've gotten better at handling that over the past few months."

Maddie smiled. "You certainly have. I remember when you used to get an upset stomach every time you had a project to present in school," Maddie chuckled, "And now you handle the pressure so well."

Danny grinned. "I don't really have a choice."

"No, I suppose you don't. But still, the way you handled those ghosts today was . . . impressive."

Danny looked away, embarrassed. "That was nothing. It was just Skulker and Ember. Not like Vlad or-," Danny stopped. His eyes went wide. He had been so careful these past few days not to mention how Vlad used to be so that his parents didn't ask about it anymore, like they had on the first day. He could see his mom's eyes cloud with disapproval because she knew he was trying to keep his and Vlad's past from her.

"Danny," she said slowly. He looked her in the eyes and knew he had to say something.

"Alright, it's true that we fought . . . a lot . . . and hurt eachother . . . a lot . . . and yah, I considered him my worst enemy, but I handled him."

"Like the time he shot you when he was trying to shoot . . . uh, himself?"

Danny laughed. "Now that really was an accident."

"Oh really?" Maddie said in a I-don't-see-anything-funny-about-this kind of tone.

"Yah, you see Vlad was planning on shooting the duplicate of his ghost half so that he'd look like a hero. What he didn't know was that I overshadowed his duplicate. So when he shot at us, I made it look like he shot me," Danny explained.

"But he did shoot you," Maddie pointed out, still not getting it.

"Yes, but he didn't mean to. I wanted to make him look bad so that he would get rid of all those stupid laws he passed to make me and my friends miserable. And it worked," Danny finished.

"Hm, crafty."

"Him or me?"


"Now you're getting it."

Then they would have gone to bed. I don't remember why I took this out. I really liked it. I guess the problem was that the purpose of this part was to introduce Valerie without having to actually write out their phone conversation. And it was a little off topic cuz the plot needed moving forward and this just didn't help with that.

This also got cut from Chapter 12. It was a tough chapter to write. I hadn't really finished planning the story and so I got stuck and had to try a few things before I came up with something I liked. So this would have been right after the whole scene with Aragon.

Danny was the first one into the Op-Center. He sank into one of the chairs that sat in front of one of the many control panels and changed back out of ghost-mode. He sat there lost in thought and hardly noticed the absolute silence that had overcome his family, friends, and allies once they had filed in after him.

Skulker and Ember stood away from everyone else and all eyes were on them since they seemed to be having a silent argument. Ember, of course, won and shoved Skulker towards Danny's chair.

"Uh," Skulker began. Danny turned the chair around so he was facing the uneasy ghost.

Then it could have continued like this:

"We're sorry we didn't get here in time to really warn you about . . . that," Skulker finally managed to get out.

"No, don't sweat it," Danny replied, "I mean, it went . . . okay, right?"

There was silence as nobody answered him.

"Oh, who am I kidding? That was bad. Really bad," Danny began to fall apart, "I mean, what was I thinking? I told them to come back! I made Aragon look like a total loser; I'm lucky he didn't slit my throat right then and there!"

Sam and Tucker rushed forward to try to console their friend like they used to when it was just them and nobody else knew Danny's secret.

"No, he deserved it," Sam insisted as she put a hand on one of Danny's shoulders.

"Yah man," Tucker said, coming to put his hand on the other, "you did what you had to do. You showed 'em who's boss."

"Whoa." The three friends turned to look at Skulker. "Is he always like this after he stands up to one of us?"

You can kinda see where that was going and it wouldn't have been too pretty. More conflict was so not what the story needed. I also didn't like Danny having a melt down after he had shown such strength in handling Aragon so I changed it to this (picking up again after "Danny turned the chair…"):

This seemed to make Skulker even more embarrassed and he looked around as if noticing the Op-Center for the first time. "So your parents built this thing?"

"Argh!" Ember stepped forward fuming, "Is this really that hard for you?" she spat at Skulker, her eyes shining bright with anger. She turned to Danny and her expression softened.

"We wanted to apologize. We were supposed to warn you before that got here, but we were too late. We're sorry," she explained.

"But I really was wondering-" Skulker began.

"Shut it," Ember snapped at him.

Danny smiled. "Thanks, but don't sweat it, I'm used to annoying ghosts showing up unannounced. You should know that," he added in a friendly teasing manner.

Ember returned the smile.

"You know he was kind of insulting us, right?" Skulker bent down to talk in Ember's ear though everyone could hear him.

Ember rolled her eyes. "Who cares? We should go. The others will want to know what happened. Catcha later, Dipstick," Ember said casually.

"Yah, I'll be seeing you," Danny said back, "oh and Skulker," the big ghost turned around, "yes, my parents did build this."

"So?" Skulker replied as if his asking had just been an act to get out of apologizing.

"So you think it's cool," Danny answered smugly. He had watched the way Skulker looked at all the shiny buttons on the control panel, so longing and full of admiration. It wasn't an act.

"Well," Skulker knew he had been caught but refused to admit it, "it's hardly state of the art."

"Look who's talking," Danny shot back.

"Nice," Ember complimented Danny's come-back, "now seriously, let's go!" She grabbed Skulker and the two disappeared with a lingering glare from Skulker.

I liked this, but I didn't know what to do from here with all the people left in the room together! So I decided it was better and more to-the-point to end the scene without this.

The last one I have for you (I know, I thought I had more but I don't type up much that I end up not using so this is it.) would have appeared in Chapter 15 at the end, right after Tucker goes "Ice cream? I'm in!"

"Ice cream?" a deep voice thundered into the room. "Where are you going to get ice cream at this hour?" Skulker asked as he materialized near the Team.

"Yah, you know it's like 4 in the morning!" Ember added as she appeared beside Skulker.

"Nice timing, you two," Danny commented dryly.

"Well we got here eventually!" Ember pointed out.

"Yes, but you missed the fight," Vlad countered.

"Hey, that skeleton army was no walk in the park!" Skulker complained, "They just kept coming and coming! There's so many of them!"

"So how'd you get rid of them?" Sam asked.

"They just disappeared all of a sudden," Skulker said as if it really did confuse him.

Danny smirked. "Well whatever, there's ice cream at my house so we're outta here." The Team continued heading towards the exit.

"Have your fun tonight, ghost child," Skulker called after him, "Tomorrow, the truce is over!"

"Got it!" Danny called back, before he disappeared with the Team, leaving Skulker and Ember alone in Vlad's old lab.

I like the way I wound up ending it instead. Anyways, that's it for deleted scenes. Again, I apologize that I didn't have many, but that's just the way I work I guess. Stay tuned for the next update! Um, I have no clue what it will be! But it will be good! Yah . . . oh and remember it won't be for a couple days cuz of my stupid wisdom teeth having to come out. But I will be back! :)

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