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Stormy eyes fluttered open, their pupils contracting in the sudden light. A small groan emitted from the man who owned these eyes. He had the roughest night last night, or did he? His mind was a bit foggy at the moment; perhaps his memory would hit him when he got up. Wait a second…Just where was he? The air was warm, and the ground was soft. He wasn't in the alley anymore that much was for certain. So, if he wasn't there, then just where was he? His eyes glanced around at his surroundings and saw that he was in a bedroom, pretty nice one at that. He wasn't on the ground; no…He was on a neatly furnished bed, his head resting on a firm pillow. Time to get up and find out where he was. Maybe "getting up" wasn't the proper term to use since the lion literally rolled out of bed. Not the best idea, but it did wake his brain up which then told his body to get up. Growling a bit and standing on his feet with support from the beige wall he noticed that he was still in his costume from last night.

"Which means my stuff is still at the club." He deduced with a sigh at the end. Now he'd have to go back there willingly. Ugh, this wasn't the time to be thinking about that! However, he didn't have to think anymore because the answer to all of his questions was standing in the doorway.

"Hey, you're awake." the other male being pointed out, tilting his head slightly and narrowing his eyes. "Thought you'd be out forever." He then moved closer to the lion running a hand through his spiky brown hair. "How're you feeling?"

Leon eyed the other a bit oddly before shaking his head slowly.

"I-I think I'm…okay…" he answered, but soon his legs buckled which would have brought his body to the floor if it hadn't been for the other catching him. "Ahh…my legs…" he cringed at the feeling as if pins and needles were prodding his legs every moment. This feeling wasn't uncommon, the once numbness was subsiding and blood was rushing back to the brunette's legs. His grip on the other's shirt tightened as the sensation became more evident.

"Hey hey, it's alright." The younger male reassured the man with a small smile to match his tone.

It was then that Leon took notice of the boy's features. A soft round face with rosy cheeks as well as deep blue eyes…almost matching those of…

"Cloud?" he questioned quietly, his head beginning to pound now.

"Hn?" the other brunette raised a brow. "How do you know him?"

"Uh…I met him. Last night…he gave me a cigarette and we talked…" the whore said in the same quiet tone blinking slowly. "How do you know him?"

"Well, he takes care of me. We've been living together for a while now." The smile on the younger male's face spread. "Hey, you must have been the one who told him where I was. He found me in Opacity last night talking nonsense to the barkeep that's about my age. The silver haired one."

Leon looked up with a slightly shocked look on his face. He was finally starting to get it, and his memory was starting to come back.

"So you were that kid he was asking me about last night." He said feeling his legs start to become his again. "Wait, where's Riku?"

"Riku? Oh, the silver haired bartender? Cloud's checking in on him right now, he's still knocked out. But if you're awake, then maybe he'll wake up soon, too. You guys were pretty banged up in that alley when we found you."

"Wait, you found us? And brought us home?" the lion questioned and received a nod on the other's part. "Why?"

"Well, Cloud recognized you and told me that we couldn't just leave you there. And, he remembered the bartender since he apologized for me to him. So, we both brought you guys home. It's been a few days and we were beginning to think that you guys weren't going to wake up."

"A few days?!" It was then that the feeling in Leon's legs came back to him completely and he jumped up onto them. "Are you serious?!"

"Do I look like I would lie to you?" he asked furrowing his brow lightly. "Yeah, it's been a few days now." He would have said more, but a certain blonde interrupted from the doorway.

"Well, looks like both of them are up now. That's good." He then walked into the bedroom and nodded his head in greeting to the other older male. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess. I'm still waiting for a full explanation, though." Leon then crossed his arms over his still bare chest; his gray eyes locked with Cloud's blue ones.

"Alright alright." Cloud began letting out a small sigh. "Here's what happened:…"


"Sora, come on, we need to go home." The older blonde told his minor shaking him by the shoulders.

"Aw, but Cloud I was having the best conversation with…with…" he then turned back to the counter, giggling as he spoke. "I'm sorry, Riku, but I've forgotten you're name again." He then burst into laughter as the bartender shook his head slowly.

"You just said it."

"I did?"

"Yeah, you did. Think for a bit."

"Uh, again?"

"Before that."


"Before that."


"Couple more words back."


"One more before that."



"Oh, that's a really pretty name. It really suits you, you know?" the drunken brunette muttered, his head hitting the counter before he picked it up again. "Ugh, my head hurts…"

"I don't see why it wouldn't…" Cloud began in a slightly annoyed tone. "Considering that you've hit it about 3 times since I've found you. God, Sora, you have the hardest head…"

"Oh, Cloud, don't be such an ass. You're always like this. It's always you're right and everybody else is wrong? Wh-Why is that? I mean, it's possible for you to be wrong too, you know? Two wrongs don't make a right." It was then that Sora's head slammed on the counter, and snoring could be heard from him. How could he be sleeping in the middle of a club?

Cloud had a hand covering his face in a bit of embarrassment. He then turned to Riku and let out a sigh.

"I'm really really sorry about him." He said shaking his head slowly.

The silver haired youth held up a hand, snickering.

"Don't worry about it. It's alright. I've heard a lot of stuff and it's okay, really. I must admit, he's a weird one when's he's drunk."

"Yeah, which is why I want to try and keep him away from these places."

"I understand." The bartender nodded his head and then checked the clock behind him. "Sorry, but I have to get somewhere. Uh…are you gonna be okay?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna wait for him to wake up. He sobers up pretty fast. Don't worry about us." The blonde reassured him with a smile on his face.

"Alright." It was then that Riku waved once to the older male before moving down the bar and around a corner, not to be seen for a while.


Leon listened intently, making a few strange expressions.

"Okay, that explains what happened after I met you, but what about after that?" he asked his eyes still narrowed.

Cloud's own eyes narrowed to meet Leon's glare.

"I was getting to that." He simply stated before continuing.


After hours of waiting, Sora finally woke up. He mumbled something incoherently as he glanced around at his surroundings. He noticed that Cloud was there glaring at him which meant that he was in big trouble.

"Hey, Cloud—" he began with a shy grin, but was cut of by his caretaker.

"Don't 'Hey Cloud' me, Sora. You know I hate it when you run off like that." He said in a stern tone that made the brunette cringe a bit. "I've been waiting for I don't know how long for you to wake up to get home. So now that you are up, we're leaving."

Sora held his head as the other spoke. Everything around him was so loud, and Cloud's voice wasn't making anything any better.

"M'sorry Cloud…but would it hurt if you didn't yell?"

"I'm not yelling, Sora." The blonde told him, hauling him up by the arm. "Come on." He then pulled the boy to the nearest exit of the club, which happened to be the front. He let out a sigh as they began for home. "Eat something before you take some aspirin, alright?" he told the other, but his attention wasn't on the other right now. It was on what was in that alley. Two bodies? Not something you see everyday…

With further investigation, Cloud recognized both of the bodies and turned to Sora.

"We gotta help them." He simply stated, and glared at the younger brunette before he could object…


"I think you can piece together what happened after that." The blonde concluded, his arms now crossed over his own chest which was covered up by a simple gray T-shirt.

Leon nodded his head and then spoke.

"So, where's my friend?" he asked, sniffing and scratching at his slightly bruised arm. It would take a while before his skin was back to its seemingly flawless status. Thanks to those no good…Wait! That's right, he had a job last, uh, a couple nights ago, right? So, if he had a job, then he should have gotten paid, but he hadn't seen a speck of money since he'd been here. Then again, it's only been about 10 or fewer minutes. Maybe Riku knew where it was.

Cloud glanced over his shoulder and poked his head out of the door.

"He was awake…" he then pulled his head back in with a small sigh. "…but he might be asleep again." He then turned to the youngest of the three in that room. "Sora, go check on him for me, will you?" The smaller brunette nodded his head and jogged out of the room and out of sight. The blonde watched him and then turned to the taller one with soft eyes. "So, Leon, you care explaining just what happened to you and your friend?"

The whore's eyes narrowed before he turned his back on the other.

"Why should I explain myself to you?" he said turning his head up in the air, his eyes closed. "I think that's my own private business, don't you think?"

Cloud ran a hand through his spiky hair only for his hair to spring back into place.

"Yeah, but…Obviously what happened to you happened to Riku since he was just as battered and bruised as you were. Maybe I'll just have to solve this little puzzle on my own." It was then his turn to exit the room, leaving the lion to contemplate his current situation.

This only took the lion a few minutes. He knew that his stuff was back at the club, which included a few articles of clothing, and his most important asset; his cell phone. Oh, that was just perfect! Did he bring his keys with him? Yeah, but he put them in his pant's pocket which were still at the club. Sighing heavily, he rolled over onto his side, his back facing the door. At first glance he would have appeared asleep, which is exactly something that a silver haired male did upon walking into the room.

"Hey Le—" he cut himself off at seeing the "sleeping" male upon the bed. "Oh." He whispered to himself before tiptoeing into the room, closing the door behind him. "I wonder where he put the money…He better had not cut me out of anything." He was on his hands and knees, looking under the bed. He then crawled over to the other side, the side where Leon was facing, and lifted up the sheet. He let out a curse before letting the sheet fall to reveal a wide-awake lion at which Riku let out a yell. "Oh! My God, Leon, don't do that…God…" He placed a hand over his heart, trying to get it to calm down.

"I was awake when you poked your nosy head in here." He told the other seeing as how he was still in the bartender's uniform. "Wait, I heard you say something about the money. I thought you had it."

"I thought you had it." The younger male furrowed his brow pointed at the older brunette. A deep frown came upon his face. "So, if we don't have it…" he flipped his finger back and forth between the two of them before snapping his middle finger and thumb. "…those other two guys must have it!"

Now it was Leon's turn to frown.

"They don't seem like the people that would do that…" he told his fellow whore. "I mean, I talked to Cloud for a few minutes and he seems like an honest guy. He doesn't strike me as the person who would help two whores off the street just to grab their money."

Riku shook his head, his eyebrows arched and his eyes narrowed.

"Oh come on! Leon, you've seen those people before. This guy could be no different. He probably has the money stashed somewhere in this house." He glanced around the bedroom before turning his eyes back to the other male. "Seriously, we need to find that money. And the only way we're going to do that is by confronting both of those guys head on!"

At that point, the brunette sat up and shifted a bit, a little awkwardly. He let out a grumble of something along the lines of him not going to like this. However, what if Riky was right? What if Cloud just rescued them for their hard earned money? The more he thought about this, the angrier his face became. He clenched his hand into a fist so hard that the fingers cracked.

"Alright then. Let's go get our money." He then swung his legs off and onto the floor, standing. He felt his friend besides him as both of them exited the room and glanced down the hall. From what he heard, the other two beings were downstairs which is exactly where the whores went…well, actually stomped. They appeared in the kitchen, both of their arms crossed and a look that could kill at both of the males.

Cloud and Sora exchanged glances, very very shocked ones. It was then that Sora began to speak, but Riku cut him off.

"Give it to us!"

The blonde and younger brunette exchanged glances again before Cloud tried to talk. Amazingly, he was able to get something in.

"Give what to you?"

"Damn it, Cloud!" the lion roared. "Our money!"

"Your money?!" Sora questioned, obviously the yelling was contagious. "Wh-Wha…We don't have your money!"

"Stop with the charade!" Riku shouted, his face beginning to redden. "We both know that you stole our well-earned profits from the night you found us! Now hand it over!"

"Wait a second…" Cloud began holding his hands up, trying to keep the peace before it all shattered. "…what money are you two talking about? Sora and I didn't see any money when we found you guys. We just saw you two."

Riku let out a half laugh before speaking again.

"Yeah right. I really doubt that! Anybody who saw three grand lying on the ground wouldn't just leave it there."

Leon turned to the silver haired male.

"Wait, three grand?!" he asked shocked himself. "Those guys gave us three grand?"

Riku nodded his head.

"Yeah, before I passed out, they threw it to the ground saying that we earned it. Anyway, these two must have taken it!"

"I told you we didn't see any money on the ground by you two! I don't even think that you have the right to be accusing us of something like that especially after we saved you!" the blonde retorted, beginning to get angry himself. After all, how could those two be accusing him and Sora in their own household like this?

"Well, aren't you a saint? What do you want for your good deed; a pat on the back, a round of applause, three grand?!"

Sora had been watching and decided to chime in with a certain fact.

"If we had stolen your money, do you think you'd be staying here?" he asked in a quiet tone, yet it had been heard. It was like water putting out the fire of the fight. The tension between all of them died as they stared at him. He the shrugged his shoulders and rubbed the back of his neck. "Cloud and I were talking about that before you two came downstairs. We didn't want to put you out, especially in your conditions." It was then that he took a seat at the kitchen table, staring at the three of them.

Well, Leon was all but happy in what just happened. Why couldn't he just listen to that small thing they call a conscience? He was embarrassed, relieved, and scared at the same time. Here they are entering the home of another starting an argument of an object that wasn't even present at the moment. Well, there goes their ticket to stay in safety…right out the door where they'll probably be going next.

"So, I guess we should leave now, huh?" the older brunette asked, breaking the awkward silence that was intertwining them all.

Riku only nodded his head and actually began to walk down the hall to the front door. However, Cloud's voice stopped both of them.

"No no…If I kicked you two out, what kind of person would I be?" he placed both of his hands on his head, sighing through gritted teeth. "Besides, Sora would never let me do that." He stole of glance of the younger male. "But, I need a few questions answered if you two are going to staying here for a bit." His hands returned to their original places, at his sides. "Just what happened to you two that night we found you?"

It was now time for Leon and Riku to exchange glances. They both let out sighs before one of them took over.

"We had a job that night." It was Riku. "We, uh, were supposed to be paid three grand for our services to two guys. Our pimp found us the guys, but I guess he didn't do a good enough background check on them…"

"Waiiit a second…" Sora interrupted, his blue blue eyes wide. "If you two have a pimp, doesn't that mean that you two are—" he cut himself off as his mouth dropped slightly.

"Yeah, call us what you want. Hookers, whores, ho's, it's all the same." Leon finished for him. "If you guys live here, haven't you seen us around?"

"Well yeah, but Sora and I usually avoid those types of people…They're sort of a bad influence…No offense."

"None taken." Riku shrugged his shoulders and clasped his hands behind his back. "We get that a lot. It's nothing new trust us. Anyway, back to that night…Yeah, these two guys decided to take everything they could get from us and they did. I don't really want to go into detail, if you understand…" he then placed a hand to his forehead, trying to get the images to stop.

Cloud nodded his head and then turned to Leon.

"So, this pimp of yours…not to be too stereotypical, but won't he kill you if you don't get him his money?"

Leon had just realized this and gasped. He slowly nodded his head and then covered his face with his hands.

"Yeah yeah, he will. Oh hell, Riku! He's going to kill us when we tell him we lost three grand!"

Riku's green-blue eyes widened in shock and realization. He was right! If Sephiroth found out, he was going to kill them both. The guy was freakin' bi-polar and he was always packing!

"Oh shit, you're right!" he then went on to repeating the curse word multiple times.

Cloud shook his head.

"Don't you two mean 'if'?"

"If?!" both of them asked.

"Well, he doesn't know where you two are right now, correct? So he can't really find you yet if he doesn't know where you two are. And, I doubt he'll figure out that you're staying here. We're in the better part of the city, if there is one."

Leon and Riku almost fell to the ground.

"So…" the older brunette began, trying to work this through his head. "You're going to let us stay here? Even after that fight a couple minutes ago?"

Sora turned to Cloud with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Cloud returned the look and then turned back to the two whores.

"Why not? But, we are going to have to establish some rules if you two are going to be staying here. 1) No whoring at all. 2) You're going to have to find some other place of occupation to help us pay for this place. 3) Other normal house rules apply. If I think of anything else, I'll let you two know, alright?"

Though they were harsh rules, according to the two guests, they were fair. However, life was going to be a bit more interesting from now on, that much was certain.

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