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Summary of Selene Tsukino: A Ninja Life!: NarutoxSM Selene Tsukino was a reincarnated girl who was orignally Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Cosmos. What will happen in the life of a ninja, for Selene? Will there be youmas in the Leaf Village? Will she even be able to wake her inner self, Cosmos in time? Or will Chaos be there to her ruin her life every step of every moment? R&R!!


Why Selene? Why not Usagi, Bunny, Serena or even Serenity? Let me answer this question before anyone else askes me this. The reason why she is called Selene…will be explained in future revised chapters. So ha! You'll have to wait and found out.


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Selene Tsukino: A Ninja Life!
Created By: Labores Solis
Chapter 1: Meet Selene Tsukino and Hengo no Jutsu!
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It was a day of peace and calmness in the Leaf Village, or so it should have been if you hadn't counted a silver-haired girl rushing to her academy. The silver-haired girl was indeed named Selene Tsukino, Selene was dressed in an silver mixed with a tint of black Chinese style dress; the Chinese style dress had a crescent moon on the back and a eight-point star on the front. Selene wore a choker that had two colors, black and silver, both colors met at the middle which had an eight-point star on it.

Selene wore a bracelet on each of her hands, the right hand bracelet had all the outer planet signs in this order: Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, in between Saturn and Pluto's signs was a crescent moon, and beside the signs of Uranus and Neptune's planet signs were silver stars.

On her left hand bracelet were all the inner planet signs in this order: Jupiter, Mercury, Mar, and Venus, in between Mercury and Mar's signs was a crescent moon, and beside the signs of Jupiter and Venus were silver stars. (Both of her bracelets had represented how the inner and outer planets protected the moon. The stars had represented how the cosmos cared for every inner and outer planet.)

Under her Chinese style dress was silver knee-lenth shorts that had multiple pockets filled with different weapons all in small form. Each pocket was black. Her weapons included two swords, one sharp as ever with the hilt being silver and a eight-point star shining on the blade while a miniature galaxy was on the hilt, the second sword was long and golden colored with the Uranus planet sign on the hilt, the sword itself glowed a soft aura of the wind. Each sword was in different pockets, so she wouldn't be confused of them.

A flame bow-and-arrow that shined as bright as the sun with the Mars planet sign on the top of the bow, it glowed a soft aura of flames. A harp that was made out of ice that was deathly to all ninjas who concetrated their chakra on fire only, the ice harp had the Mercury planet sign on the top of it, it glowed a soft aura of ice and wisdom. Both weapons were in different pockets, so the weapons wouldn't mix or dissolve each other.

A aquamarine mirror that gracefully if seen could easily be malipulated into a soft gush of waves, the Neptune planet sign was in the middle of the mirror, it glowed a soft aura of calmness and a soft aura of one with the oceans. A staff shaped as key with a orb at the top being maroon colored, and being sharp as ever with the orb having the Pluto planet sign on it, it glowed with a soft aura of time and mysterious. Both weapons were in different pockets.

A deathly glaive, being silver and black with tints of purple on it with the Saturn planet sign being below where it started shaping the point as a "G", it glowed with a soft aura of death and destruction. A chain that glowed as bright as the sun as well, with the Venus planet sign on the beginning of the chain, it glowed a soft aura of love and beauty. Both weapons were in different pockets, so it wouldn't be confused.

Each weapon had their planet sign on the front pocket to tell the difference expect her usual ninja weapons which included her kunai knives and her small shurikens, she had multiple of them.

Her hair went down to her knees and she had some golden glitter in it, her eyes were silver-blue with tints of different colors; red, orange, green, blue, aqua, navy blue, maroon and purple. Selene also wore blue scandals.

'Great! Just great, I'm late...again! I have got to get to the academy fast! Or else Iruka-sensei will make me sit next to Uchiha again!' Selene thought as she was running, she basically was leaving a cloud of dust in her path. In 3 minutes flat, Selene had gotten to the academy but what confused her was that there was no Iruka-sensei anywhere…

'Thank heavens! No Uchiha! Now where's a desk to sit at…uh ah! There's one!' Selene thought, she had found an empty desk next to a window with the prefect view outside. 'I wonder where Naruto-chan is. He's supposed to be here by now.' Selene thought, but sadly all good thoughts or good questions must come to an end or so she thought since her thoughts were interrupted when she had felt eyes were watching her from beside her.

Selene groaned knowing the outcome and who was watching her, so she turned to her side and found Sasuke looking at her, "You know, just when I wanted to avoid you and your stupid fan girls…you had to sit beside me!" Selene complained. Sasuke only smirked and said, "Actually, you where the one who took a seat next to me, baka." Selene only groaned more.

"Wait a second!! I'm not a ba—" Selene was interrupted since two girls came rushing or racing into the room, "Yes! I get to sit next to Sasuke-kun today, in your face forehead girl!" Ino shouted, sticking out a tongue at Sakura.

"No! I do!" Sakura shouted back, Selene smirked and thought 'Payback for calling me a baka' and said "Your number one fan girls arrived." Sasuke groaned while Selene just laughed.

Ino and Sakura were about to go to the seat next to Sasuke but had saw that Selene was sitting there and sat behind them. Ino whispered to Sakura saying, "Why is Selene to Sasuke-kun? Does she like him too?" Sakura only whispered back, "I don't know Ino…" By now Sasuke was smirking and inside he was chuckling to himself, Selene was looking ready to kill but sadly she wouldn't kill anyone…now, too many witnesses, she thought to herself.

She turned around slowly and forced a smile on her face and said in the sweetest voice as possible or well forced out the sweetest voice as possible and said, "Ino, Sakura…" That got their attention and looked at her, somewhat sizing her up for sitting next to their Sasuke-kun even though they were all sitting down. "The day, I like Uchiha is the day he—" Of course Selene was cut of again since someone had popped in, in front of the class.

That someone was their teacher Iruka-sensei, he was shouting at a student who name was Naruto Uzumaki. "Naruto, this has been your fifth time doing an incident like this! You're lucky that you're even aloud to be here! I can't keep tracking you down everytime you're in some sort of trouble and neither can Selene!" Iruka-sensei shouted.

Selene groaned and slid more downwards into her seat, 'Why'd Iruka-sensei have to mention my name, my name out of everyone elses!' Selene thought. Naruto stated "Hmph, like I care! No one ever cares about me so why should you start caring about me now!" Both Iruka-sensei and Selene looked hurt Selene hurted the most. She thought Naruto was suppose to be her best friend, he knew how much she cared about him!

Iruka-sensei quickly turned his attention to the rest of the students said, "Now, since of Narutos pranks, you will all have to do the Hengo no Jutsu (A.N: The transformation Jutsu). It doesn't matter if you have already passed it or not, you will have to do this exam." The whole class groaned, and some even glared at Naruto, others glared at Selene since she was Naruto's friend and others simply glared at Iruka-sensei for making them retake the exam even if they passed it.

Soon the whole class was standing in the found of the classroom and was lined up.

"Haruna, Sakura!" Sakura went up and did the correct hand corridinates and shouted, "Hengo no Jutsu!" In a split second, there stood a replica of Iruka-sensei, Iruka-sensei nodded and approved and Sakura became herself again.

Next was Selene, "Tsukino, Selene!" Selene went up and muttered something along the lines 'Tsuki Formation Jounin: Kakashi!' and did the correct hand corridinates and shouted, "Hengo no Jutsu!" In a split second, stood a replica of a Jounin ninja, named Kakashi Hatake, the replica of Kakashi though didn't have the normal leaf village attire on, but another Village's attire.

A headband with a Crescent Moon surrounded by different planet signs was on his forehead, he still wore the mask like usual but this time it was silver.

So wherever the green was on the original Kakashi, on the replica Kakashi it was black with what looked like tiny stars on them (The ones you would see at night sky) and wherever the black was on the original Kakashi, on the replica Kakashi it was silver. His scandals were black, though and he wore bandaged from his shoulder down to his wrists and wore a black fingerless gloves.

To say that Iruka-sensei was shocked, he certainly showed how surprised he was, he nodded and Selene became herself again. Selene was mentally twitching she was her cousin for her hengo no jutsu and had regreted every minute of it, since it reminded her of her old village, The Solar Village.

"Uchiha, Sasuke!" Sasuke went up and did the correct hand corridinates and shouted, "Hengo no Jutsu!" In another split second stood a replica of Iruka-sensei, Iruka-sensei nodded and Sasuke became his self again.

"Uzumaki, Naruto!" Selene mentally prayed to the gods and goddesses above and prayed that Naruto wouldn't do anything stupid like he would usually do…

Naruto went up and did the correct hand corridinates and shouted, "Hengo no Jutsu!" In a split second, stood a transformation of a naked girl with clouds, surrounding her, which gave Iruka-sensei a nose bleed, "Naruto! Stop messing around with the jutsu's!" Iruka-sensei shouted at him which only led to Naruto laughing his head off.

Soon everyone in the class had done, the Hengo no Jutsu and was just waiting for Iruka-sensei to allow them to leave. "Now, that that's settled you may all go. See everyone tomorrow." Iruka-sensei announced.

Selene and Naruto left together staring at Iruka-sensei.

Soon they both reached outside and as usally Selene and Naruto were walking home together. Selene was talking to Naruto, "Thank heavens, for that, Ruto-chan!" Selene surprising whined out her nickname for Naruto and continued, "Ruto-chan you have to stop doing all these…these pranks! Your mischief will lead absolutely no where! If you ever want to be the next Hokage, you'll have to stop your mischief and soon."

Naruto lowered his head a bit though Selene didn't notice, "I'm sorry Ruto-chan, I really am but I'm with Iruka-sensei on this one, Naruto. We'll never always be there to bail you out whenever you're in trouble." Selene stated they stopped since they had reached the direction of Selene's apartments.

Selene had finally noticed Naruto's lowered head and called out, "Ruto-chan! Ruto-chan please look, at me!" Naruto didn't move his head a bit though. Selene put her right hand finger under Naruto's chin and raised his head a bit to look at her. His eyes were now leveled at her eyes, both staring at each other looking through each others souls, one couldn't believe how much his best friend grew up into a young beautiful woman while the other couldn't believe how much her best friend looked adorable and…cute.

"Ruto-chan…you have to remember that Iruka-sensei and I care about you. No matter what all the others say, we care about you with our hearts and you're our family and we care about you." Selene said teary eye of course and hugged Naruto, who was shocked at first but had hugged back.

They both let each other go and Selene sniffed a little but smiled none the less, she then kissed Naruto on the cheek making him blush, "I have to go now Ruto-chan. Just remember what I said okay?" Selene said while Naruto nodded who was getting rid of his blush and she headed off to the direction of her apartment and waved back to Naruto who was smiling which was a good thing and was waving back very excitedly.

While Naruto was waving good-bye to Selene, he was also thinking on what she had said 'I'm going to prove to Iruka-sensei and Selene that I can be a Hokage!' Naruto thought while putting his fist in the air and taking off. But when he was not even 10 feet away from Selene's apartment, he had bumped into someone. Naruto looked up and was about to apoligize to whoever he had bumped into, until he saw Iruka-sensei, "Ah, Naruto, I was just looking for you and was wondering if you wanted some ramen?" Iruka-sensei asked, "Yeah!" Naruto shouted, of course he couldn't deny ramen and of course he forgot to apoligize for bumping into his sensei.

This, acknowledge, had led them to Ichiraku Ramen, Iruka-sensei had asked Naruto on why he was defacing the Hokages. Naruto answered Iruka-sensei question by simply stating, The Hokages are the village ninjas and the Fourth was the one who had defeated the demon fox, one day he hopes to become the Hokage and surpass all the others. One day he hopes that the villages will finally recognize his strength. Iruka-sensei couldn't believe it, after that Naruto had eaten all his ramen off and he had gone home.

Well Naruto was at home, he was still thinking of what Selene had told him, "We'll never always be there to bail you out whenever you're in trouble." The way she had said it, though had made him want to tremble and just be locked up into his apartment not wanting to come back out.

Though he knew that what she had said true, what both Selene and Iruka-sensei had said was true, Naruto thought. He knew that they wouldn't always be there to bail him out of trouble, so should he now stop causing trouble??

He thought about it for a little and said out loud, more to himself though, "Nah!" He'll continue on with his pranks no matter what. Though he did take in what they both said more heavenily then what others would say to him after he had done his little pranks. Heck, he will even prove to Sakura that he could be more like Sasuke more or so better then Sasuke even!

Though finally Naruto had arrived at his apartment and soon had went to sleep, awaiting the moment the sun will shine.


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