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Summary of Selene Tsukino: A Ninja Life!: NarutoxSM Selene Tsukino was a reincarnated girl who was originally Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Cosmos. What will happen in the life of a ninja, for Selene? Will there be youmas in the Leaf Village? Will she even be able to wake her inner self, Cosmos in time? Or will Chaos be there to her ruin her life every step of every moment? R&R!!


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Selene Tsukino: A Ninja Life!

Created By: Labores Solis
Chapter 8: Cousinly Love
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I've always often wonder, was it a mistake coming here whenever I am teleported and whenever I do not have control of my body? Those questions rung through Selene's mind, it was like a virus always coming back, even when she did not ask for it.

Of course, this happened to her before many times in fact when she was younger. The thing is though whenever she felt someone taking control of her body, she could never stop them; she could not do a single thing; hell, her chakra didn't even work!

Selene sighed looking around. Destruction met her very eyes; not a single building had survived. Closing her eyes, she slightly smiled. "My home…," Selene trailed off, "The solar village." Opening her eyes, she could just imagine everything that had once been there.

And that was what she did, she imagined her old village; from the icicles building up onto each building near the area of those with the power of Mercury to the very depths of the ire mists surrounding the area of those with the power of Pluto. Sniffing the area, she could just imagine the delighted smell of the roman that the ninjas having the powers of Jupiter, cooked up.

It was like a utopia at the solar village. Hardly anyone fought except those on missions and training, it was just a pure magical bliss. Until that one day. That one day, where everyone had no choice to fight. To fight for their lives, a single tear drop slipped away rolling down Selene's cheek.

"Madness took over everyone. Even our elite ninjas couldn't handle what came…" Selene trailed off, trying to shake off the tears that were forming in her eyes from remembering the single day that ruined her life.

"I was only ten years old than, not ultimately realizing what was happening. Yet, I still remember it like it was yesterday. The very souls of my villagers gone in one strike, not even the power of Saturn could help us. Such sorrow and darkness filled everyone's hearts as it happened. Never again, will they be able to see the light of the sun," Selene started to wonder around, noticing the tiny bit of life coming from the wild flowers and weeds growing about the much destruction.

As Selene bent down slightly to pick up a wild flower into her hand, she took off both of her swords and threw them away from her.

"Such life, it is the beauty that it lacks," Selene stated softly, thinking of the many moonbeams and sunflowers and other variety of flowers that surrounded her village. "And you are right," A voice startled her out of her thoughts.

Quickly turning around, Selene went into an attack stance but immediately loosened up at seeing her cousin. Turning back around she asked, "How did you find me?"

A few moments earlier…

"What just happened here?" Sakura asked looking around for Selene as was the others.

No one could answer her question, as they too were wondering what happened.

"What's going on here?" A voice startled the group out of their stupidity.

Kakashi surprised them all by jumping in the middle. It would seem he was the one who asked the question.

Turning around slightly, he smirked in his mask, "Ah, it seems the sand ninjas have already arrived for the Chuunin Exams." It was not a question; it was more like a statement.

Even though it wasn't a question, Gaara nodded. "If I were you four, I would walk away now." Kakashi advised and that was what they did. Turning back to his team, he counted them slowly.

He lifted his eyebrow up, "Where is Selene?" He asked.

No one could say anything. They didn't really know what to say.

"I asked you all a question, now answer it! Where is Selene!?" Kakashi raised his voice.

"We don't know—!" Sakura spoke up.

Kakashi interrupted her, "What do you mean by that?" he growled out.

He was very protective of his cousin, whenever situations like this happened and for her own teammates now to know her whereabouts it just proves to him something is definitely wrong.

"She disappeared!" Naruto finished.

Kakashi took a step back, "D—disappeared? Damn't! I keep telling her not use that damn technique every time she's in trouble!" Kakashi cursed from oblivion to beyond.

"You know where Sele-chan is?" Naruto asked, his eyes widening.

"You know what she used?" Sakura asked, her eyes too widening.

Sasuke kept quiet although out this conversation. If you looked in his direction though, you could see that he was worried, by looking deep into his eyes.

Kakashi nodded at both kids questions. He sighed roughly to himself.

It would seem that he would have to take another trip back to their old village.

Quickly turning around to head over to the Hokage's office, he slightly turned his head back towards his students, "Do not worry about Selene, she is safe, go back to your training or whatever you were doing before she disappeared," As he finished this he vanished to appear in front of the Hokage's office.

"Oh come on, tenshi. You always go here whenever something happens; it's basically a routine for you." Her cousin voiced out.

"I don't come here every time Kakashi! And you know that oh so well, finding me crying on my bed, always trying to escape reality." Selene growled out.

"Then tell me, why did you come here now? You made your teammates worry about you!" Kakashi shouted out, Selene could hear him start moving towards her.

Selene quickly turned around, allowing Kakashi to see her tears.

"You think I come here willing? I don't! And like I even care if they worry about me! They're not my teammates! They never will be! Damn it Kakashi! Do you think it is fair that you kept your rank of Jounin? What about my own self? I had to get lowered to a miserable excuse of a stupid genin!" Selene shouted out.

"Do you honestly think it was fair that we both were the only ones to survive out of a thousand populated village!? Huh? Answer me! I dare you to lie, I dare you!" Selene cried out, both of her hands were in fists. The wild flower that she was holding earlier was long forgotten, as it lay on the ground, plying up dirt on top of its stem and leaves.

Selene fell down on her knees, hugging herself. "It was not fair, that our friends died for us; that our village paid for something that we didn't even do. Was it so wrong not to fight back? Was it so wrong to try to protect our friends and family?" Selene cried out, she looked around to find her cousin stop walking and kneeling down in front of her.

He grabbed her and hugged her tightly, comforting her. "No…it wasn't and still isn't fair tenshi. Our village risked their lives to protect us both. Our family was long gone, all dead before we both even came back from our mission. It was and still is a miracle that we both made it out alive. Your teammates now, aren't like your teammates before, yes I do admit that. But they are still your teammates. They care about you just the same as your old teammates did, maybe even more." Kakashi explained, rubbing Selene's back softly, as she hung on him as if he was her lifeline.

Selene sobbed, as she remembered her teammates. They were just like sisters, maybe even better than how sisters usually acted with each other: protective of each other; always having each others backs; never leaving each other in the time of need.


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