Before their world crashed down around them, Mary Winchester always wanted a daughter. When Dean wakes up as the wrong sex, Sam is having the time of his life mocking his big 'sister' and the Winchesters have to take a pit stop to figure things out. NO WINCEST! I don't do that.

Disclaimer: You know the drill, don't own 'em but one day I will make my way to a crossroads and that'll all change…

Notes: Okay! So what with Lucifer being so near the end, I've started work on Nadean :D I feel the need to work on my humour and this is just the fic to do that with. You can expect a much more light hearted fic than the rest of my angsty stuff but there'll still be pain because I'm just that evil. I haven't chosen which season to set it in, so for arguments sake, I'll just say mid season 3.

So here we go, I hope you enjoy the ride!


1. Sweet Dreams and Sour Awakenings


Sunlight streamed in through the gap in the curtains, illuminating the dancing dust that spiralled up and down through the air. Cars could be heard driving by in the distance but not loudly enough to wake anyone. Yet that didn't stop Sam Winchester from blinking his bleary eyes open.

His unfocused eyes fell on the alarm clock on the night stand next to him and he yawned lazily, sitting up and rolling his neck before stretching out his long body and swinging his legs over the side of his bed. Nine o'clock… probably as good a time as any to get up and start a new day. He yawned again and grimaced at the bitter taste of sleep still in his mouth and then he turned his attention to the bed parallel with his.

All he could make out in this light was a lump on the bed and he rolled his eyes, vaguely wondering what time his brother actually stumbled in last night after what Sam could only presume was a productive time of getting wasted and probably laid too.

He stretched his arms above his head and stood up, strolling around the other bed towards the window where he pulled the curtains wide open, allowing the light to enter their room and brighten the dense atmosphere.

"That's better." He smiled, drinking in the morning light. Turning around, his focus once again fell on that of his sleeping brother.

Only the figure in the bed wasn't his brother. He blinked several times before letting his eyes take in the sight before him. Long sandy colour hair, hinted with golden highlights as the sun played across the strands, lay softly across the pillow; a small pink flicker of a tongue searched its way across lush full lips, spreading moisture that was sure to have left them as the night had gone by. The girl twisted in her sleep, turning to face Sam some more and throwing the covers off herself, making Sam thankful to see her wearing one of Dean's shirts, the oversized black garment accentuating her slim and delicate features.

How the hell had Dean managed to sneak her in and have his way with her without even waking Sam? Sam just laughed and shook his head in astonishment, actually quite thankful that he hadn't been woken up because that would have been awkward. But it wasn't normally like Dean to bring back girls when he knew Sam would be there.

Anyway… speaking of Dean, where had he gotten to? Probably out in search for coffee or something else to give him his morning caffeine dose. Sam felt a small annoyance at the thought of his brother leaving him to deal with the girl.

"Could have at least woken her and told her that it's morning…" He grumbled.

With a slight amount of pity, Sam moved towards the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking her gently and adding the words, "Hey miss, it's time to wake up."

Long dark eyelashes fluttered only slightly before she buried her head into the pillow, whispering the words "Five more minutes."

Sam tried again, this time more forcefully and in return he received a small annoyed grunt and a hand swatting his away.

"I said five more minutes Sammy."

He paused and burrowed his brow. Okay… unexpected. He couldn't recall Dean introducing him to anyone last night… so either he'd been using his name or this chick was psychic… "Look, my brother's gone out somewhere and God knows when he'll be back so you're probably better off just getting dressed and leaving."

Where were her clothes anyway? Sam scanned the motel room quickly but saw nothing. He heard her pulling herself up, the noise distracting him from the search, and saw startling hazel green eyes staring up at him in irritation and confusion.

"What the hell are you talking about Sam? I'm trying to sleep."

"Do I know you?" He questioned.

"Okay, I'm sorry I stayed behind! But I didn't stay long… in fact I had to walk back 'cause I gave you the damn keys to the car so you could drive!"

"Whoa… hold up." Sam held his hands out flat in front of him, trying to let his thoughts slide into place. But it was impossible… right?

"What?" She sighed irritably.

"Dean?" He barely dared speak the name. It couldn't happen… it was a trick or something, right? He immediately tried to abandon the idea that the girl in front of him was Dean… especially after he'd been admiring her just ever so slightly since opening the curtains…

"And the winner is…" She exclaimed mockingly and Sam nodded his head numbly, feeling his way towards his bed so he could sit down.

"Er… Dean? You… you're…" How do I tell my brother that for some reason he looks like a chick?

"You've really got a way with words. I bet you could charm a girl straight into bed."

"What about one that's already in one?"


Okay… so there was no easy way around this and Dean was being far too slow. Hadn't he noticed how strange his voice sounded? Maybe his mind was still too fuzzy from sleep… Then again, there was still the off chance that this was all some horrible trick. "Dean… you're a girl."

"No, you're the girl Samantha." Dean mocked, raising an eyebrow and rolling his eyes. But only then did the words truly hit him… only then did he realise how much higher and, ever so slightly, softer his voice was. He sat in puzzlement for a few seconds longer before launching himself out of bed and into the bathroom where he flicked the light on and stared in horror into the mirror.

"Not a trick then…" Sam sighed, scrubbing a hand over his face.

"What the hell?!" Dean screamed, running a hand through his now long hair and across his now feminine features that were so delicately formed and curved. His eyes floated down to his chest and he groaned, "You've got to be kidding me!"

Dean loved the ladies. He appreciated their bodies and granted had his moments of sleaze but he was respectful! But just because he like them didn't mean he wanted to be one! No! No! This is all wrong! He screamed inside his mind. How the hell could this have happened? He was sure he went to bed as a guy and yet somehow he'd woken up as a chick? He had breasts for Christ's Sake! That was just wrong! No! That's impossible… even for a Winchester.

But the perfect curvaceous form that was reflected in the mirror in front of him told him that maybe nothing is impossible for a Winchester.

He slammed the bathroom door closed and lifted up his shirt, gasping at what he saw before investigating the rest of his now feminine self.

"No. No. No. No." He moaned over and over again before covering himself back up and slowly opening the door to peer out into the room and at the gob smacked Sam.

"Sam! What the hell is going on?" Dean demanded, fighting off the urge to stamp his foot childishly.

"I… I don't know." Sam stammered, "What exactly did you do last night?"

"I had a few drinks then followed you home." Dean paced in front of the bathroom as he spoke, brow furrowed as he went over the previous night in his head, "That's all. I didn't do anything I don't normally do."

"People don't just change gender."

"You think I don't know that?"

Sam sighed, rubbing at his tired eyes, "You must have done something though."

"Oh well, thanks for the vote of confidence." Dean growled, moving over to his bed and pulling himself up onto it and into a comfortable position, "I'm the one turned into…" He paused and gestured at his new body, "…this… so naturally I must have done something wrong. Nice logic."

Sam looked at his brother, long golden hair flowing neatly over his no longer broad shoulders and smaller hands fidgeting in a nervous manner. The longer he stared, the more the initial shock wore off… the funnier it seemed and the harder it was not to laugh. His brother was a girl! Dean Winchester… a girl!

"Well if in doubt…" He muttered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asked viciously, directing his anger at the closest thing possible.

"Nothing… Just…" Sam replied, tripping over his words under the glare of his brother, "So err… last night, right?"

Dean narrowed his eyes at Sam but didn't press the matter, instead turning to the task at hand, "Told you, you left and I finished my beer then went and got another one, and another one. The end."

But it wasn't the end. Something had to have happened. Dean knew that just as much as Sam and yet he couldn't remember anything out of the ordinary happening… It wasn't as if he'd gotten on the wrong side of anyone, for once.