Before their world crashed down around them, Mary Winchester always wanted a daughter. When Dean wakes up as the wrong sex, Sam is having the time of his life mocking his big 'sister' and the boys have to take a pit stop to figure things out. NO WINCEST! I don't do that.

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12. It's a brand new day


Anastacia Michaels stood watching over the eldest Winchester as he snored noisily. She moved a little closer, dropping to sit on the edge of his bed. He looked so far gone that it would be unfair to wake him and after the day he'd had, she wasn't sure whether even she was that cruel.

She tilted her head to the side and sighed. She could feel the fire licking at her remains, telling her it was nearly time to go. She just had one more thing to do before she went though.

"Thank you." She leant over and whispered into his ear, not expecting the hunter to suddenly wake up and startle her away from the bed. She huffed and she pulled herself up from where she'd stumbled, staring at the knife held by Dean with a raised eyebrow, "Oh very nice."

"What the hell you doing here? I thought you were gone." Dean questioned, lowering the knife a little but still keeping it between him and the ghost.

Stacie shuffled from one foot to the other, face slowly reddening as she tore her gaze away from him, "I was saying good bye."

"By waking me up? I swear to God, you spirits just like torturing me…"

"I didn't expect you to be such a light sleeper!" She snapped, turning her face back to glare at him.

"And I didn't expect you to be such a pain in the ass when I first met you." He retorted before chancing a look at his female body and groaning, "And just when am I supposed to be changing back?"

"Obviously you were in the line for extra good looks when they were handing out patience…"

"Patience? I've been more than patient with this and you." Dean growled, pausing as he waited for her to reply. When she didn't, he sunk back onto the bed once, voice defeated, "I will turn back, right?"

She smiled, eyes glistening mischievously, "I may have told a tiny bit of a lie…"

"Say what now?"

"The whole, kill the Kishi and you turn back… yeah… not true." She scratched the back of her neck as she looked on sheepishly, "Only 'spells' I know have time limits… this one just happens to be twenty four hours."

"Time li- so you're saying that…" Dean started, jumping from one statement to another, "Twenty four hours? But then... why?"

"You would have killed it anyway… I just made it easier to find, got my revenge that little bit sooner." She brightened once more, her smile wide, "And it is so funny watching you panic over nothing."

He opened his mouth to defend himself, the words dying on his lips as he suddenly noticed Stacie was fading. He didn't need to ask why; he already figured it had something to do with Sam.

"Thank you." She whispered once more before the fire must have finally engulfed her entire remains, her form fading in a bright flare and leaving Dean alone in the room once more.

He let his head fall back against the pillow and stared up at the ceiling, lost in a world of thought as he murmured a reply to the empty room, "No problem…"


Sam finally got back to the room somewhere in the early hours of the morning. He practically crawled through the door, dragging his feet before allowing himself to crash down onto his bed face first. Groaning, he looked up at the alarm clock and deciding that he still had time to catch some sleep, he pulled himself further onto the bed and lazily toed his boots off before tugging at his jeans and letting the items fall to the floor.

He couldn't even be bothered to crawl under the covers as he closed his eyes, letting his mind slowly drift. He could feel himself falling, sailing through the clouds of dreams and into a deep sleep. Then a pillow struck his face and a voice called out from the other bed.

"Wakey wakey Sammy boy!" Dean called brightly, sniggering as a slew of curse words issued from his brother's mouth, "Ouch, did I wake you?"

"Dude! I was just drifting off." Sam moaned, rolling onto his side to glare at the eldest Winchester.

"And I've just woken up." Dean answered in reply, stretching and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. He was waiting for Sam to catch on but his zombie like brother simply growled back at him, baring his teeth a little.

"You scared to go walk-a-bouts by yourself in the daytime now Dean?"

Dean threw his covers off and climbed from the bed, ruffling his short hair with one hand whilst the other was raised into the air as he stretched again. Dean saw Sam blink and he turned away, walking over to the mirror now that his brother had finally noticed.

"You're a guy again…" Sam stated flatly, more from shock than anything.

"And it feels so good!" Dean declared, the grin never leaving his features.


It really did feel good being himself again. Even though he'd only spent a day as a girl, it had been an extremely long day and it was enough. He was glad to be back in his normal clothes, feeling comfortable and knowing that people weren't staring because he looked like a tramp… or at least he hoped not.

He let Sam sleep well into the afternoon before he woke him and they packed up ready to leave the town. Leaning against the Impala, he soaked up the sun as Sam returned the keys, taking longer than Dean thought was truly needed. When he finally emerged, the youngest was chuckling and shaking his head.

"What's so funny?"

"It was that David guy, he was asking about 'Nadean'…" Sam answered as he leaned next to Dean.

"What you tell him?"

"Told him she skipped town, kinda like we're doing…" Sam paused, fingering a piece of paper in his hands and finding it increasingly hard to hold back the laughter.

Dean raised an eyebrow and looked down at the paper, "And what's that? A message for 'her'?"

"No no…" Sam bit his lip, handing the paper to Dean before pushing himself away and opening the passenger door, "He asked me to pass that onto you. Guess he swings both ways…"

Dean stared down at the phone number written on the piece of paper in his hand and glanced towards the office, before looking back towards Sam, "I really really hate you."

"I know." Sam chuckled, climbing in and finally bursting into a fit of laughter.


THE END! :D I hope you enjoyed reading! Was fun to write a short humour story for once, so thanks for coming on the ride with me.