They say I'm mad. They say I'm a murderous, sociopath with no concern for human life. They say I live in my own world, cut off from reality. But they're wrong- I see reality. I'm one of the very few who do. I know that our world and everything in it is a lie, no more real than Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. People who look at our universe as a source of entertainment script our lives for us. Our loves, our losses, our triumphs and our tragedies are nothing to them but a way to kill a few minutes while they wait for the bus. A quick thrill to get them through math class.

The files here say I'm in my thirties- they aren't sure- and that's a lie, too. I remember being in my thirties during World War 2, and being in my thirties during the Summer of Love. I remember talking to the same people, fighting the same foes, for the last seventy odd years. Not one of us has aged, no one's gotten sick, no one has died (well, not permanently). We're immortal, unaging and unkillable, but only s long as They still find us entertaining. After all, who wants to see a decrepit superhero chasing an octogenarian villain? Leaving aside the tights issue, it'd be boring. So we remain forever young, forever powerful, forever trapped.

So I kill, I maim, I slaughter and slay to keep Them happy. I know what people like to see- violence, death, and humor- and I give it to Them. I give it to Them so that our world- and me, don't forget about me- can continue. But it isn't always easy- no matter what I do, we eventually return to the status quo. I blow up a bank, the next month its rebuilt. I torch a school, class is in session next week. I thought we might have changed something after I killed Jason Todd, but heeee's baaaack. It's enough to make a poor clown cry; I needed a long rest in Arkham to get over that one.

If only I could tell the others- Batsy, Harley, Riddler, and all the rest! If only I could make them see the truth, we could work together to give Them the show of a life time. Our immortality would be guaranteed, and they would enjoy it so much more. I know I do- it's so liberating to know that you will exist forever, and that nothing you do is really consequential. That nothing matters. What's that quote?

It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

But they'll never see the truth, no matter how I show it to them. The blindness is part of what they are, what they were created to be. I don't know why I'm special, but I am, and so I shoulder the burden alone and do my best to keep the world spinning. Until the next issue, anyway.

The End.

A buddy of mine had this theory, that since the Joker knows he's in a comic book, that that is the reason he does what he does. He's not killing to be funny or because he's crazy- he's doing it so that the readers will stay interested and the Batman comics don't get canceled. My friend compared it to the old Aztecs who offered up human sacrifices to keep the gods happy and the world spinning. I thought it was an interesting thought, so I wrote this.