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"Gabriella!" "Troy!" "Oh it's so good to see you!" "Can I have your autograph?" "Any babies yet?" "Oh my gosh, it's Troy Bolton!" "How's basketball?" "What do you do, Gabriella?"

Gabriella and Troy heard as they walked in the crowded room. He had her hand in his and wasn't close to letting it go. He was radiant with joy. He was sure that he could have a glow around his body due to his pure joy. He hadn't been back here in ten years.

Gabriella just giggled as she watched a grin break onto his face. They were in a gym. Not a Lakers stadium, he was in the gym that started it all for him. He wasn't surrounded by fan girls that had never met him. He wasn't getting stocked by flashes in their face.

They were just getting bothered by their old East High classmates. He was 28 and at his ten year high school reunion. Sure, it wasn't a glamorous party like he was used to, but it was fun. They got to see how all of the cheerleaders were working at local cafes. They watched as the nerds had invented something or were some important nerdy job.

Gabriella giggled when she saw the boy that Troy used to taunt. Chris Nicolson was indeed an alcoholic. Troy just squeezed her hand and told her that they were going to avoid him at any cost. They didn't want to get hurt or anything.

As they sat down at their tables, they smiled. They had seen his classmates for ten years. He noticed that everyone still bowed at his feet and wanted to know every detail in his life. He just smiled and said 'wow, you look great' to all of them, even if they didn't look great.

"There you guys are!" They heard a squeaky voice, looking up to find a very pregnant Sharpay. Gabriella was sure that she would go into labor at any second. "We thought you wouldn't show up." Chad and Sharpay had wed about a year after the quickie Vegas wedding. She and Chad were ecstatic when they found out about the baby. Gabriella and Troy tried to help out a lot with the pregnancy; so far, going out to buy Sharpay's every demand, when Chad couldn't function anymore due to his exhaustion.

"Nope, we are here." Troy hadn't let go of her tan hand the whole night. He was nervous. The last time he had been in this gym was a few days after their breakup. "We wouldn't miss it for the world." Gabriella said slowly.

"I'm so excited! All of those girls that were total bitches and trashed you behind you back are totally getting paid back. That one cheerleader girl is living in a double wide. You know, the girl that called you a poor ho in high school. Now you are totally rich and famous and she's the poor ho!" Gabriella's facial features had an element of surprise.

"Someone called me a poor ho? Girls trashed me behind me behind my back?" Troy kissed her lips to keep her from getting upset. She immediately forgot what her best friend had said and kissed him back.

"Alright, PDA police here and I think you need to visit with your classmates." They heard a male say from behind them. There sat Chad with a plate of finger sandwiches and a soda. Gabriella smiled innocently. She pulled the former Wildcat captain on his feet and walked toward a few people in their old classes.

They got constant questions about fame and how their relationship was going. They'd just say that they were happy and loving life. He kept her close, proving to the high school that they were together. She just squeezed his hand to prove that she wasn't going anywhere. He ran a hand through her hair and twirled a few strands around his finger.

"I'm bored." She laughed and kissed his cheek. She wanted to talk to a few people from the science club and he wanted to talk to a few of the basketball players, so for the first time of the night, they decided to split up.

"Oh my, is that you Ms. Gabriella Montez?" She heard a female voice, only to see her friend who sat next to her in chemistry class. "Wow, you are even prettier in person." Gabriella grinned, genuinely. So many people had told her that all night, only trying to suck up to her. Rachel was a beauty herself. She was Ms. New Mexico a few times, while successfully running a bank downtown.

"Thank you, it's the plastic surgery." She joked, laughing it off. Rachel gave a small chuckle herself. The girls would also talk during class, goofing off after finishing their lab experiments. Rachel was really confused on how to talk to 'famous Gabriella.' She was so used to Gabriella Montez that hated the limelight and now there was this Gabriella who was seen kissing Troy in the middle of the Lakers stadium after a big win.

"Yeah, so…how's life?" Gabriella could tell that the girl was a tiny bit awkward around her. Gabriella had been in the headlines in the past years and was shocked that a lot of people in the nation knew her name.

"I'm pretty good, except for the fact that I'm stuck with Troy Bolton again. He just follows me around." She said giggling. Rachel smiled and brushed a blonde lock behind her small ears. Rachel was shy in high school and that's why some girls picked on her. Boys liked her for her looks and girls tortured her because she was too shy to stand up for herself.

"Yeah, seems like you can't get rid of him." Gabriella just shook her head giggling. She loved when she was treated like a normal girl again, like here. Some of the girls that she had talked to had asked her about being famous and living in LA. Rachel simply talked to Gabriella about life. That's why she liked having friends like Rachel…or Sharpay.

"He's ok. So, what about you? Do you have a family?" She grinned,

"Yeah, actually, he's younger than me." Gabriella was expecting her to mean a man about twenty one or such, but when a boy about three ran up to her and hugged Rachel, she was confused.

"Mommy!" The boy said holding onto his mother's legs. Gabriella noticed that the boy looked exactly like a mix or Rachel and another man. She figured that Rachel had been left or was a widow.

"Oh…he's adorable." Gabriella said watching as the mother picked up the boy. "How old?" The little boy, clearly more outgoing then his mother was, held up four fingers and told the stranger that he was four and turning five soon.

"Gabriella, this is Nate. Nate, this is my friend Gabriella." Nate shook her hand slowly, telling her that she was very pretty. Gabriella was ready for the baby to complete her family. She wanted a dog and two kids. She really did.

"Hello…" Nate told his mother that he wanted to go play with the other kids, because he was bored. His mother told him to behave and the boy was gone as soon as he had come. Rachel knew what Gabriella was thinking. She was channeling her thoughts.

"I bet you are wondering about Nate's dad?" Gabriella shook her head slowly. "It was a one night stand. Actually, it was a forced one night stand, if you know what I mean." Gabriella's eyes widened. Rachel, innocent Rachel, had been raped? She didn't push the subject, not wanting to hurt her feelings and rub salt in her scars.

"Well, Nate is charming." Rachel shook her head in agreement. "You're lucky to have a cute kid." Rachel just shook her head, glad that the brunette understood so deeply.

"Yeah, well…I'll let you go find your number one fan." Gabriella looked over by the basketball goal and saw him sitting quietly, listening to another one of the wildcats talking to him. She could tell that he didn't care about whatever was being discussed, but he still listened. He was so kind and not stuck up. The fame had never really gotten to him.

"…and that's why I couldn't go pro." Gabriella heard the end of a conversation, where Jason (a bench warmer) was convincing Troy that he was good enough to get into the NBA but his 'oddly shaped head' stopped him.

"Hey El…Jason was just discussing why he couldn't go pro. It's so interesting, you know?" Gabriella grabbed his hand and smiled at the boys. The guys had always liked her. They'd discuss 'how hot she was' in the locker room and then get chewed out by the captain.

"Hey boys, do you think I can steal him away for a minute and a half?" They shook their head, giving her their regards and heading off to their own spouses. Albuquerque was such a small town that most everyone married someone from their high school and lived down the street from each other.

"Thank you!" He said kissing her head as they headed back to their table. "As much as I love basketball and playing for the Lakers, that isn't the only thing I'm interested in. So, I saw you over there talking to Rachel Hall. What is she up to?" Gabriella sighed and gave him a half smile,

"She has a four year old." Troy grinned, he loved kids. He couldn't wait until he and Gabriella could have kids. It was the right time in their relationship, it just had to happen. He squeezed her hand, showing he was excited and anxious for them to have kids.

"Really, who's the lucky guy?" Gabriella lowered her voice, making sure that no one was listening in on their secret conversation. As she whispered the four letters into his ear, he gasped. He'd never think that someone would do that to Rachel. Rachel never did anything to anyone. She was so angelic and nice. "Oh…"

"ATTENTION WILDCATS!" They heard someone say over the loud speaker. The couple looked up to see their class president standing at the podium, grinning like an idiot. Troy groaned, Maura was always an overachiever and had the biggest crush on him. "It is time for us to catch up and have awards. Well, we will start with…"

Troy and Gabriella drowned the girl out as she started out the awards. They were all stupid like 'looks the same as high school' or 'looks totally different.' The whole room was anxious, hoping to win an award, but Troy and Gabriella were just staring at each other and occasionally kissing.

"…and most successful couple goes to our infamous 'Troyella' couple who actually hit it big time! They put Albuquerque on the map!" Gabriella blushed and wiped her mouth as she saw all of peers staring at her.

"Um…thanks?" Troy muttered as he was shocked at all of the attention. The room shrugged and turned around, waiting for more awards. Gabriella sighed. After all of these years, her classmates still weren't shocked when she and Mr. Bolton having 'not-so-private PDA' in the school building.

"Alright, now it is time to release our dream capsules. Don't you remember when we made them on the last day of school? It is what we wrote down on paper that we wanted in our futures. Now you can read them!" Maura said, getting her peppy tone again. Troy honestly didn't remember what he had put on his. He was sure that it had something to do with professional basketball or something a teenager would write.

Gabriella couldn't remember either but she thought it would be something about a magazine or something like that. Maybe it was something about college or something random that her innocent teenage-self would write.

They noticed that all of their former classmates were getting lists of things that they wanted in their future, knowing that few of them came true. Some on the lists were outrageous like 'being a millionaire' or 'living in space.'

Gabriella's piece of paper was a half sheet of notebook paper, knowing that she had shared it with her then-boyfriend because he got the same size. Looking at her paper she giggled it read,

I don't know what the future holds. I just hope that in the future that I am happy. That's all I want, a happy future.

In the very corner there was a little not that said T.B loves G.M. It was in Troy Bolton's chicken scratch, but she could read it just fine. When he glanced at his he broke out in a half smile.

Gabriella Montez. She's the only thing I see in the future.

Gabriella started crying tears of joy and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He was shocked as he felt the tears on his shoulder.

"G.M loves T.B." She whispered into his ear and he laughed, correcting her terms.

"Actually, G.B loves T.B." She kissed his lips gently,

"G.B plus T.B equals B.A.B.Y" His blue eyes lit up, realizing what she meant. He held a hand to her stomach and she shook her head.

"So El just to let you know, my baby is never going to step foot in Las Vegas." Gabriella agreed,

"I agree…this time history ISN'T going to repeat itself."

This time they learned their lesson…

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas!

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