HPNDP: The Golden Trio

Set after Naruto's battle with Kakuzu in the Shippuden manga; if you don't read it, you might want to. ;) Also set a few months after Phantom Planet, and during the 5th Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix.

This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so cut me some slack and let me know what I need to work on. If I have to, I'll rewrite a chapter. Also, let me know if you're interested in being a beta! I try to explain everything here; if you recognize an idea you think is yours or you've seen before, ask me about it; I probably didn't know it existed, but I'll be happy to change it or give you recognition if it is really similar; I know that there are alot of HPxNaruto fics, but none that combine the three, so I figured I'd try it.



NOTE: I don't own Harry Potter, Naruto, or Danny Phantom. If I did, the shows/books would be really bad. :D

Chapter One:

A New Mission

In recent months, things had been quiet in Amity Park, USA. The city, sometimes referred to as the "Ghost Capital of the World" due to the plethora of malevolent spirits bent on its destruction, was experiencing a reprieve after its resident ghost-fighting teen superhero joined forces with the very ghosts he'd fought in a successful attempt to save the world from a giant asteroid. After that, many of the ghosts either felt the city deserved a break, or were simply too afraid to go up against the powerful ghost boy residing there.

The 16-year old superhero welcomed the peace and quiet, just in time for summer vacation. Danny Fenton simply wanted to spend some quality, non ghost-butt-kicking time with his newly acquired girlfriend, Sam Manson. Sam, his best friend all throughout high school, was a strong-willed, raven-haired, self-proclaimed Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian with an appetite for adventure and rebellion. Together the two had been teaming up with Danny's long-time best friend, Tucker Foley, in an effort to fight off spectral invaders since the day that Danny had received his powers 2 years ago in a freak lab accident. Tucker was recently elected to be the youngest mayor of Amity Park at 16, and was a self-described techno geek and meat connoisseur. Together, they were undefeated.

Tonight, however, proved to be different. Danny had left behind Sam and Tuck to do a routine scan of the Ghost Zone, the parallel dimension in which most specters resided. Typically his two friends would accompany him in the Specter Speeder, a hovercraft-like vehicle designed by his genius ghost-hunting parents. Unfortunately, Tucker was drowning in paperwork at the moment, and Sam was fending off her perky mother's attempts to dress her gothic daughter in pink frills. Danny had convinced them that he could handle himself, especially since nothing exciting or dangerous had been happening anywhere for a long time, and, after transforming into his ghostly alter-ego, Danny Phantom, he had headed off though his parent's recently upgraded portal to the Ghost Zone.

Now he was standing back in his parents' obscenely messy lab a few hours after setting off, troubled by what he'd found. He had run into Skulker, a formidable, amour-clad ghost hunter who had targeted Danny on more than one occasion. Tonight, however, Skulker simply wanted to share some invaluable information with the ghost boy. During the asteroid incident, Danny's archenemy, Vlad Plasmius, a fellow half-ghost whose human identity was the rich billionaire Vlad Masters, had revealed himself to the world in an attempt to blackmail his way into global conquest. After he failed in his attempts the evil half-ghost had been left exiled in the far reaches of space. It was this very same incident in which Danny had given up, then regained his ghost powers and revealed his own secret identity to the world, albeit to a much warmer reception.

According to Skulker, Vlad had somehow returned to Earth and teamed up with a force that was possibly more evil than he was. Not only that, but Danny knew that Vlad, whose evil ambitions were once tampered by his love for Danny's mom, Maddie Fenton, as well as his desire to make Danny his son/apprentice, would not have anything left to lose. He had lost Maddie forever, and Danny had firmly established that he'd never willfully join the "seriously crazed-up fruit loop." If Vlad had found an alliance with someone even worse than him, then the world was in big trouble. The strange thing was that he had returned to Europe, not Amity Park, to create his axis of evil.

When Danny questioned Skulker about this, the hunter explained that the new ally was a part of an underground community of people with strange powers residing in Western Europe, mainly Great Britain. This community did not accept anyone that did not have special abilities, which they referred to as magic. Apparently their magic was simply manipulated their inner power in order to get what they wanted using wands. When Danny first heard about these "wizards" he had laughed, but then realized that Skulker was serious. It made sense; if Danny's DNA had an ectoplasmic signature that allowed him to turn into a ghost and walk through walls, magic didn't really sound too far-fetched.

Skulker had continued to explain that since this community was so exclusive, anyone with non-magical powers could not possibly get in. Apparently special wards and memory-altering "spells" prevented them from even seeing the wizards, nevertheless entering their world. Therefore, if Danny wanted to stop Vlad's new alliance, he'd have to do it without the other two members of his ghost-fighting trio, and seek his own alliance with the wizards in Great Britain. Apparently there was a man there, currently staying somewhere in London, that led the fight against this enemy. If Danny wanted to save the world, yet again, he'd have to find this guy and join him. Alone. Sam would not be happy.

The next morning Danny gathered his family and two best friends in his living room to tell them what he'd found and convince them to let him go to London on his own. He hadn't slept at all that night, thinking about what he'd heard and trying to figure out what to say. In the end, he decided to just blurt out everything and then do the convincing afterwards. So that's what he did. As soon as the tale was finished, He knew that the task was not going to be easy.

"Danny, what do you mean you're going to London?! We need you here! And you need us! You can't go off on your own! You save the world and enter your junior year in high school, and now you think that you're invincible! You couldn't beat Vlad alone before, what makes you think you can do it now? And what about Amity Park??" Jazz, his older sister, was the first to speak. He knew she didn't mean anything by what she'd said; the young genius and future child psychology major at Yale University was simply trying to protect him, as she'd done all his life, for better or worse.

"Lay off the psychoanalysis, Jazz," spat Sam, probably mad that she had been the first to speak and not Sam, "and you, Danny! Why can't I come? We're a team! And we finally..." she trailed off at the last sentence, but its meaning was clear. It'd taken 2 years for them to get together, and now he was leaving.

"Yeah, and you can't leave me here with Sa--I mean, the ghosts!" chimed in Tucker, trying to avoid Sam's glare. The girl was scary sometimes, Danny had to admit.

"Guys, you know why I have to go, I've told you a million times! I don't like it either, but it's the only way to defeat the Fruit Loop. And besides, Tuck has responsibilities here as mayor; he can't just up and relocate to England. And Sam, I need you to team up with my parents to fight any ghosts that show up here in my absence. There's bound to be a few. Jazz, don't even start, you're going to Yale, and I'm not letting you mess up your future because of Vlad Masters," Danny reasoned.

Suddenly Maddie spoke up. She had been unusually quiet, but she was always one to think first and then speak, and now she knew that as much as she hated it, her son was right; there was no other choice. "Danny's right, Jazz. He's been training harder than ever, and he'll have help in London. I think he needs to do this. He's faced Pariah Dark on his own; he'll be fine."

Danny smiled in thanks at his mom. He had told his parents all of his past adventures now that they knew his identity, including the story of when he'd defeated the powerful ghost king, and they had seemed to find a new respect for their son.

"Yes! And I...er...WE can handle the ghosts!!" Danny's father, Jack Fenton, exclaimed, glancing at Maddie. Jack was a lovable, large, fudge-loving man whose whole life revolved around ghosts. His family rolled his eyes.

"Well, I still don't see why..." began Sam, starting the conversation all over again.

After 2 days and many arguments, Danny finally convinced everyone that he was making the right decision, and he was ready to head to England. He decided it would be much faster to fly there on his own, given his ever-increasing speed. Plus, he'd always wanted to fly across an ocean. Packing his clothes and ecto-weapons into the newly invented Fenton Pack, a backpack that had five times the storage capacity of a typical backpack while remaining the same size, he prepared to leave. With a last goodbye to his family and Tuck, and a stop off at Sam's house for one last kiss, he transformed into Danny Phantom and flew off towards England and the man known as Albus Dumbledore.

Meanwhile, across the globe, a tall blonde, much older than she appeared, sat in an office strewn with papers and sake bottles. Her long hair laid in two pigtails down her back, and she had a purple gem in the middle of her forehead. She was extremely heavy-chested, although no one could say if this was natural or not. She scowled at her young, short-haired assistant, Shizune. The black-haired girl had been with her for a long time, and was now her right-hand man...or woman...now that she, Tsunade, was the Hokage of Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the main shinobi village in the Fire Country, a hidden region off the coast of Japan.

Konoha had seen its fair share of troubles recently, the least of which was her old teammate Orochimaru, who had taken one of the most promising young shinobi in the village, Uchiha Sasuke, in an attempt to possess the boy's body and steal his bloodline limit, or Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan, an extremely advanced power centered in the eye. Orochimaru had promised revenge on his old village, and it was only a matter of time before he struck. But there were still nearly 6 months before he would be able to take over Sasuke's powers, and so that threat, for the time being, at least, was on hold.

The most recent threat came in the form of Akatsuki, a secret organization of S-ranked, highly skilled "missing-nin," or shinobi that had defected from their villages of origin to make their own way. Considered traitors to their home villages, Akatsuki sought to capture the 9 different tailed demons, or bijuu, for reasons known only to them. Most of the bijuu had been sealed inside human hosts, referred to as Jinchuuriki. They had so far successfully captured all but 2 of the fabled bijuu, one of which being the strongest, the nine-tailed demon fox referred to as Kyuubi. It was this demon that was sealed inside Konoha's own Jinchuuriki, a talented albeit loud 15-year-old shinobi named Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto was restless, hyperactive, caring, and loyal to a fault. He'd made a pledge to return Sasuke to Konoha, and it was that pledge that had driven Tsunade to allow him to take part in many missions that placed him in jeopardy of coming into contact with Akatsuki. He had just returned from a mission with his team and one other, where he had defeated the Akatsuki member Kakuzu using a jutsu that he had recently developed, one that was so powerful that it nearly destroyed his own arm in the process of using it. With the death of Kakuzu and Hidan, who was defeated by another young shinobi named Shikamaru, Akatsuki was down to only five members: Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's older brother and the murderer of the Uchiha clan, Hoshigaki Kisame, Itachi's partner and once a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Tobi, a mysterious new addition to the group, and two others unknown to anyone outside of Akatsuki. It was Itachi that was after Naruto, and Sasuke that was out to seek revenge on Itachi, and Naruto that sought to find Sasuke, so it was inevitable that the dangerous Akatsuki member and the determined Jinchuuriki would meet, and Tsunade feared that day was getting closer.

Tsunade desperately wished that she had a good way to hide Naruto from Akatsuki while still satisfying his need to prove himself and utilizing his ever-growing talents as a shinobi. He had recently surpassed even his sensei in skill, and was on track to accomplish his dream of becoming Hokage of Konoha, the position that Tsunade now held with honor. Unfortunately, she knew that there was no perfect answer, and yet the council was demanding she keep Naruto on a leash. She could only resist them for so long before they won out.

At that moment, a harried-looking, large brown owl flew into the office, landing heavily on the desk, scattering papers everywhere.


"Yes, Tsunade-sama?"

"What the hell is an owl doing in my office?"

"Well, Tsunade-sama, I believe that there is a package on its leg. Perhaps it is a messenger bird from another village?" the young medic-nin replied hurriedly.

While most villages used hawks to deliver messages, given their speed, she assumed the use of an owl was not too improbable. Opening the large package attached to the bird's leg, she noted the address,

Tsunade, Hokage of Konohagakure

Office of the Hokage

Hokage Complex

Konohagakure, Fire Country

She had never seen a stranger way of addressing a letter, nor a more obvious one. Most messages were encoded to keep them away from spying eyes, and were never so blatantly obvious in their destination. Curious, she opened the accompanying envelope to find a letter addressed to her, with her title written in the strangest way. The letter was in Japanese, but the salutation was written as if the writer spoke English, a language Tsunade had encountered and learned from her grandfather, the second Hokage of Konoha.

Ms. Tsunade, KonohagakureHokage,

Just yesterday a student of mine whom I had assumed to be quite safe was attacked by a pair of dementors. I do believe you are familiar with these creatures, having yourself been to visit Europe's wizarding community on your many travels. Naturally, this raises a great deal of alarm as to the security of this student, a target of a particularly evil man, as well as for my school in general, as I myself am somewhat of a target to this man...

The letter went on to explain that the author, Albus Dumbledore, of whom Tsunade had heard on her aforementioned trip to the wizarding world, was the headmaster of a particularly well-respected school of magic known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Apparently Voldemort, an evil man bent on global conquest, had recently returned to power, and had immediately entered into alliance with a strange and powerful enemy. He requested a shinobi team to masquerade as students at his school and protect it and one boy in particular, a 16-year-old named Harry Potter. Tsunade remembered hearing of him in the past; he was the only one who had survived Voldemort's killing curse.

She handed the letter to Shizune and rubbed her temple in thought. If this was indeed true, their world was in peril just as much as Dumbledore's. Not many in the wizarding community knew of the Hidden Countries, but she was sure that word would get out eventually. The shinobi and wizarding worlds had long been separated, but the Ministry of Magic, the wizards' main branch of government, felt it necessary to attempt to keep track of shinobi activities from time to time. The shinobi, however, couldn't care less, and generally ignored the wizards, until their worlds were eventually nearly forgotten, save for in old, forgotten archives. Now they were being brought back together, this time in secret.

Tsunade knew she had to send a team, and that it was to be the young shinobi that had been dubbed the Konoha 11, consisting of 11 extremely talented teens that had once been genin together. Now they consisted of 9 chuunin, 1 genin, and 1 jounin, although the genin, Naruto, was arguably jounin level. Their teams were more than capable of handling this assignment, and they were the perfect age. But which team to send?

It was then that Shizune spoke up, "Excuse me, Hokage-sama, but what about sending Team Kakashi? That way Naruto would have a high profile mission out of the reach of Akatsuki, at least for the next year or so of school, and by then we might at least know a little more on the organization."

Tsunade paused, thinking. It was true, and she knew it, but Naruto would not want to abandon his hunt for Sasuke, and neither would his teammate, Haruno Sakura, Tsunade's apprentice, a talented medic-nin who was in love with her ex-teammate.

"Call them in...Wait...we need one more. There are no good reconnaissance members on this team, it's mostly meant for power. Well, Sai has his drawings, but we need another member. This school is huge, if I remember correctly."

She thought through the other 9 options (Sai was never a part of the Konoha 11, despite being in Team Kakashi). Hyuuga Neiji was a good choice, the Byakugan was almost necessary, but he was needed in Konoha, as a jounin. His teammates were not suited to the job: Tenten was a weapons specialist, and Rock Lee was an expert in taijutsu, but neither had what the mission needed. Nara Shikamaru was a genius, but he had just lost his sensei and defeated Hidan, and deserved a break. His teammates Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Chouji were both talented, but Ino's skills lied in interrogation and medical arts, the latter of which Sakura excelled in, and Chouji was a heavy-hitter, which Team Kakashi did not need at all. The obvious choices were Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, or Hyuuga Hinata, the three of whom made up the one of the best recon teams in the village. Kiba and Shino were on missions with their fathers, but Hinata was more than available.

"Shizune, bring in Hyuuga Hinata with Team Kakashi. And tell Kakashi and Yamato they will not be needed. I don't want any older jounin on this mission."

"Right away!"

An hour later, the four young shinobi were assembled in front of Tsunade. Hinata was blushing furiously while glancing at Naruto, while the Kyuubi vessel was grumbling about missing his ramen, and that the mission better be at least A-rank. Sakura was glaring at him threateningly, daring him to openly contest their mission, while Sai was grinning blankly, in his strange way, so that nobody knew what he was thinking.

"You four have a new mission. Naruto, your arm should be healed in a day or so more, and that is when you will leave. It is long term, lasting a year, so you must pack lightly but sufficiently."

"WHAT?! Tsunade-baa-chan, we can't leave for a year!! Sasuke is still with the snake bastard, Orochimaru! He'll be gone in a year!" Naruto burst out, angrily. For once, Sakura understood the outburst, and did not retaliate on her teammate.

"Tsunade-sama, I agree. We can't just abandon Sasuke-kun."

"Naruto, don't call me that! And both of you, don't think I don't understand your feelings on this. I know that Sasuke is important to you, but I promise I will send Kakashi and Yamato with a team to focus only on his recovery. But there is a more pressing matter at hand, Naruto. You know what I mean. This issue is beginning to endanger all of Konoha, and the council is putting too much pressure on me to hold out any longer."

Naruto slumped a little, but defiance still glowed in his eyes. He knew the Hokage was right. She meant that his presence put the very village in danger from Akatsuki, and he could not let this happen. This was the best way to protect himself and the village.

To his surprise, Sakura spoke up, "Tsunade-sama, you are right. This is what must be done." Naruto glanced at her incredulously. She was the one who wanted Sasuke back most of all. If she was leaving that behind, then so could he, but not without a fight.

"Fine, but on one condition. If you hear anything about Sasuke, or if you can't find him, let us come back. I can't and won't break my promise. No matter what." His last words were barely a whisper, but the point was clear, and Tsunade knew that Naruto would go to any lengths to keep a promise. That was his self-described ninja way.

"I will go," stated Sai, simply. He knew that this must be important, if Naruto was willing to risk breaking one of his most precious bonds, and was interested to find out why. He assumed it had to do with the demon fox; he and Sakura were among the few young shinobi that knew of Naruto's Jinchuuriki status, as Danzo, his sensei of sorts, had told him.

"I-I will g-go w-with you also, N-naruto-kun," stammered Hinata. She didn't know about the Kyuubi, but she knew this was important to him, and she respected and admired Naruto more than anyone else that she knew, to the point that her stuttering from her younger years would return full force when she was in his presence.

"Thank you, Hinata!" Naruto smiled, patting her on the back. She immediately turned a cherry red and fainted.

'Well, this will be interesting,' thought Tsunade as she explained the mission in greater detail. The four shinobi before her were stunned when she said that wizards were real, but then explained that in reality their magic was simply controlling one's inner energy, such as their own chakra, using enhanced sticks as a focus point. As she finished, Naruto spoke up.

"So, old lady, we're supposed to learn to channel chakra through a wand like a wizard, go to some freaky school, and protect a kid from an enemy potentially more powerful than Orochimaru?"

"Yes, Naruto. And don't call me old lady."

"...okay..." he replied slowly, unsure what to make of the ridiculous mission.

Tsunade sighed. "You'll be taking a transport device called a 'portkey' to an alley outside of the Leaky Cauldron, a wizard's pub in London. There you will meet with Dumbledore Albus and spend 2 months learning English and wizarding culture. You'll also be reading up on spell casting; you won't be able to get a wand yet, but at least you'll know the spells."

"WHAT? 2 months?? Of more school??"

"Shut up, idiot!!" shouted Sakura, punching him on top of the head.

A bead of sweat rolled down Tsunade's temple. "Sakura, don't kill him. And yes, Naruto, 2 months, so get over it. Now, Naruto, I want you to use your toad summons to send messages back to me, since anything else could be compromised. Other methods of correspondence are too risky. You'll be the team leader on this trip, but I want Sakura to work closely with you. If you mess up, she's going to take over. This will be a good test for you if you want to be Hokage. Sai, don't tick off Naruto too much. Hinata, keep an eye on every one."

"O-k-kay, Tsunade-sama."


The next day, the four shinobi reassembled in Tsunade's office, ready to be transported to London. Tsunade produced the torn piece of parchment that had come with the letter.

"Now, hold onto this, and don't let go. Ready?"

They nodded, grabbing the paper.

"Bye, Tsunade-baa-cha--" Naruto's voice was cut off before he could finish his sentence as they all felt a tug at the navel and disappeared from the office of the Hokage towards London, Albus Dumbledore, and a new adventure.

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