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Chapter Ten:

Fighting Friends

"Um, Naruto, are you sure about this?"

"Oh yeah, Danny. Don't worry, it's just a spar." Naruto turned to look at his friend, a mischievous glint in his eye. "Or are you scared?"

Danny rolled his eyes in reply. "Dude, I'm not the one I'm worried about." And it was true; he'd seen the other three shinobi in action, and, while they were definitely impressive, they were still only human. He was a ghost, at least halfway, and it didn't look like his opponent had any ecto-weapons or other anti-ghost devices. Just how did Naruto expect to win?

Despite Danny's worries, Naruto seemed pretty confident, so Danny buried his doubts and stood to face his friend. Each boy stood at opposite ends of the clearing, which had increased in size after Sakura's fists had decimated a tree or two during the last spar. 'More like friendly death match,' Danny mused, still at a loss over the intensity of the previous battle, and the lack of hesitation on the part of the shinobi to hit each other with all they had. 'Maybe I should be more worried about myself, and focus less on Naruto...'

His thoughts were interrupted by that very shinobi, whose excitement was obvious. "Ok! Let's get going," Naruto shouted, and then immediately five shadow clones appeared, each an identical copy of their creator.

Danny groaned, then, resigned himself to the fact that the match was unavoidable. "Whatever," he replied, "I'm going ghost!" The familiar dual rings of light washed over him, and soon Danny Phantom stood where Fenton had been moments before, bringing confidence to replace his apprehension. "Bring it, Blondie!"

In the blink of an eye, three kunai flew from Naruto's hands, more as a test of Danny's reaction time than to actually cause damage. Danny simply smirked and briefly turned intangible, allowing them to pass through him. "Hey, if you think those little knives are going to hurt me, you'd better stop now, dude!"

Naruto replied with a smug grin of his own. "I don't think so!"

With that, five more kunai flew towards Danny, this time with paper tags attached to the hilt. Danny rolled his eyes at his friend's insistence on using the same attack twice, and responded exactly as he had before, allowing the kunai to become embedded in the tree behind him. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he regained tangibility, the tags at the ends of the kunai exploded, throwing him to the ground. Before he could move to escape the wall of smoke and debris, he felt himself under attack from six Naruto's at once.

Four of the shadow clones that Naruto had made hit Danny from underneath one at a time, shouting a syllable of "Uzumaki" in order as they struck. When finished, Danny found himself dazed and temporarily suspended in the air by the force of their strikes. Soon two more Naruto's met him, driving their feet towards him and shouting "Naruto Rendan!"

Danny panicked as the powerful strike thrust him downward, hurtling towards the hard ground below, until he remembered his powers and managed to turn intangible just before he hit the ground, allowing himself to pass harmlessly through the earth. While Naruto searched for his opponent, Danny re-emerged, invisible, and moved above the blonde, destroying his clones with five precise ectoplasmic rays.

"So, Mr. Ninja," Danny mocked, "I've figured out your tricks. NOW how are you gonna hit me?" Danny had forgotten how much he'd missed the thrill of battle; this spar was rapidly becoming more than just a training exercise, and Naruto had proven to be a tough but fun opponent. Now Danny was eager for more, and, judging from the look on Naruto's face, the shinobi felt the same.

Thinking quickly, Naruto ran through his arsenal of techniques. 'Let's see, taijutsu will only work if I can catch him off guard, and now he'll be more careful after the last attack. My weapons are only good as distractions; they just go right through him. That leaves ninjutsu…and I'll bet chakra-based attacks do at least as much damage as his ectoplasm, if not more…'

His mind made up, Naruto stepped forward and entered a defensive stance, ready for battle. Danny, noticing this, got the feeling that Naruto had more tricks up his sleeve than just clones and that Rendan thing. What they might be, though, he had no idea. He'd already seen some of the others' moves at the Leaky Cauldron, but they had always claimed that Naruto's best ones were too dangerous to use indoors, so he still hadn't seen them. Deciding that he'd be better off fighting clones with clones, Danny divided himself into four, and waited for Naruto's next move, confident in his decision.

Naruto simply smiled in response at Danny's choice. Before, he'd been reluctant to use his most effective attack. But, now? Well, he had no qualms about killing a clone…

Sakura and Hinata held their breath as the battle took on an entirely new dimension; suddenly, both Naruto and Danny were dead set on victory. Sai did not react as openly, but the way that he watched with a trained eye, barely blinking, was proof enough of his interest. They knew that this fight wasn't going to be one to forget any time soon.

Naruto made the first move. After creating a hundred shadow clones, he surged forward, dividing their numbers amongst Danny's own clones. Danny was temporarily stunned by the sheer number of them, but recovered before Naruto could go on the offensive. Soon he was hurling beams of ectoplasmic energy towards the attacking clones, and was rather dismayed to find that, despite destroying a good amount, they kept coming. 'Apparently Naruto has clones to spare,' he thought with a tinge of jealousy.

Suddenly, some of the Naruto's attacking one of Danny's clones started shouting, and a blue glow emerged from within their midst. The Danny copy turned to face the commotion, and was met with a Naruto clone holding a sphere of swirling blue energy, almost as beautiful as it was deadly. The shadow clone thrust the ball of chakra into clone-Danny's chest, shouting "Rasengan!" The stricken clone looked down to see a hole in the middle of its torso, and immediately disappeared.

Shocked, the other Danny's turned to watch their teammate's destruction, allowing Naruto to attempt a second Rasengan. Luckily, the clone turned to see the attack coming at the last minute, and moved his arms in front of himself, erecting a glowing green energy shield around his body and effectively blocking the attack.

"It's like a stationary version of Kaiten," whispered Hinata, shocked at the effectiveness of Danny's ecto-shield. Her companions nodded in agreement, eager to see what else Danny was hiding.

The Naruto clones attacking the shielded Danny were equally impressed, and they hesitated for a moment. This was all the time that he needed, so he casted his shield away and pushed all of his power into one powerful blast of ectoplasm. Sending it towards his stunned opponents, the Danny clone effectively destroyed their ranks, making the playing field even. Or, at least, more so than before.

The previously victorious Naruto clones rushed to meet the equally successful Danny clone, and the fight continued. Meanwhile, in another small battle, Danny continued to pick off Naruto clones with his ghost rays, only to have another appear in its place. Frustrated, Danny began to grow careless, throwing ecto-blasts in quick succession with little regard for precision. In response, the attacking clones began to throw kunai, one after another, forcing Danny to turn intangible and halt his offensive.

When the last kunai flew by, Danny turned solid once more, preparing to renew his assault upon Naruto's small army. Little did he know that the real Naruto was among this group, and he'd hidden in the ground below using a doton jutsu during his opponent's frenzied assault, awaiting Danny's return to tangibility. As soon as he sensed another of his clones dissipate, he emerged from the earth below the distracted Danny clone, grasping a kunai imbued with his own wind chakra, as Asuma-sensei had taught him only a short time before.

Ignoring the shock that had registered on clone-Danny's face, Naruto threw his chakra-infused weapon into its chest. Immediately the clone disappeared, and once again Naruto had gained the upper hand in the battle. Frustrated, one of the two remaining Danny's suddenly opened his mouth, letting out a terrible wail that echoed through the forest, causing all of the shinobi present to cover their ears in discomfort.

The ghostly wail did more than harm the ears, as they soon found out. With it came a force that leveled more than a few trees, as well as dispelled all of the remaining shadow clones from Naruto's Kage Bunshin jutsu. The move was not without consequence, however; as soon as the wail was stopped, the attacking clone merged into its partner, leaving a single, exhausted Danny Phantom in its place. It did serve its purpose, though; Naruto was likewise now a single entity, and the attack had thrown him back several hundred yards into the shattered remains of a particularly large tree.

Battered, but not beaten, Naruto stepped out of the tree, and immediately formed another hundred shadow clones in front of him. He knew his chakra was running low, but he also knew that Danny's own energy was diminished, and banked on his ability to overwhelm the ghost boy with sheer numbers.

For his part, Danny was slightly discouraged when he saw the new round of Naruto clones that had formed in front of him. He knew that he would be unable to make another clone after that last attack, and was hoping that Naruto would be in the same state. Another thing that worried him was the strength of Naruto's attacks. He knew that his clones could withstand more damage than Naruto's shadow clones, and yet each had been taken out in only one move. Granted, he was certain that executing each of those moves had taken a great deal out of Naruto, but he wasn't sure how much he could handle before Naruto was worn out.

Ready for the next encounter, Naruto mocked Danny, shouting, "Hey, what's wrong? Is the little ghost too tired? Because I can go all day!"

Danny smirked, and suddenly he knew what to do. "Well, then maybe you should just chill out!" With that response, his glowing, green eyes turned to a cold, shining blue, and he sent a beam of ice over the shadow clones before him, freezing them into one large Naruto Popsicle. He noticed that one had escaped his icy spread, and sent another frozen blast towards the original Naruto, only for him to see a log frozen in his place.

"You missed me," Naruto remarked from behind Danny, as the frozen clones disappeared in one huge puff of smoke. Gasping, the ghost-boy turned just in time to avoid a crushing blow from Naruto's fist. He backed into the air, and both ninja and ghost stared at each other, each panting heavily.

The staring contest lasted longer than was comfortable for the three onlookers, who began to fidget slightly from the intensity of their joined gaze. But soon it ended, and the two opponents seemed to have come to a mutual decision. Naruto called up a shadow clone, immediately working to form the familiar swirling ball of chakra, and Danny began to form a unique block of ice and ectoplasm in his fist.

Suddenly both boys rushed forward, Naruto holding the swirling chakra in front of him while shouting, "Oodama Rasengan!" Just before they met, Danny released the ice-covered ball of ectoplasm, and Naruto thrust his extra-large Rasengan into it. For a brief moment, all was still as the two powers battled each other, and then the combination of forces exploded, enveloping the area in an overwhelming display of light and energy.

When the effects of the explosion receded, the three shinobi onlookers uncovered their eyes, only to see Danny and Naruto lying unconscious at opposite ends of the clearing. Sighing, Sakura went to retrieve Danny, as Sai grabbed Naruto, and, after determining that they had suffered little injury aside from bruising and exhaustion, they headed back to Hagrid's hut.

"It's a damn good thing the school was asleep, and that we went deep into the forest," an annoyed Sakura pointed out. "If not, our secret would have been out in the first week!"

"Well," observed Sai, "You weren't exactly quiet when you destroyed those trees."

Hinata quickly stifled a giggle, and Sakura frowned, unhappy but unable to deny Sai's logic. Unaware of the discomfort his comment caused, he continued, "Truly, though, it is amazing how powerful they could be if they combine their attacks. Apart, surely they are strong, but together, they are truly impressive."

That thought left the three in silence, which lasted until they reached the small home where Hinata had been staying. There they finally succumbed to the exhaustion of their battles, and soon all five exchange students were asleep in the little hut.

The next morning, Harry awoke from an uncharacteristically deep slumber to find that all of his friends were still asleep, save for the three exchange students. In fact, it looked as if they hadn't slept in their beds at all. Thinking little of it, given the three boys' obvious affinity for behaving strangely, Harry moved to get out of bed, looking out the window as he did so. What he saw caused him to immediately turn and wake up Ron, his excitement outweighing any reservations about preserving his friend's sleep.

"Ron, Ron! Wake up! It's Hagrid, he's back!" Harry's efforts were met with a particularly loud snore. Undeterred, Harry began shaking his friend, until he was finally successful.

"Ugh, bloody hell, Harry! What's your problem? It's a Saturday! I don't have to be awake for at least two more hours," Ron complained, his pillow held over his head in protest.

"I saw the chimney lit over at Hagrid's hut! I think he's back! Come on, you need to get dressed!" Harry was pulling on his pants while he spoke, and, seeing Ron was being particularly slow to awaken, he stopped to pull him out of bed.

After a particularly hard landing, Ron glared at Harry, resigned to the fact that his sleep was not going to be resumed any time soon. "Fine, what's the big deal? Hagrid's…" Comprehension dawned on Ron's features as he realized what Harry'd been shouting earlier. "Wait, Hagrid's back? What are we waiting for? Let's get 'Mione and get going!"

Harry just rolled his eyes and finished getting dressed, waiting impatiently until Ron pulled his shirt on before dragging him out into the common room, where Hermione was sitting, already starting on her homework for the weekend. When the boys rushed into the room, she looked up, slightly surprised at the fact that they were already awake.

"Hermione, Hagrid's back! Look!" Pointing out the window, Harry gestured excitedly to the smoke gently wafting from the hut's chimney.

Following his fingers, Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh, Harry, there's been smoke in that chimney for days. I heard that one of those—"

"Hermione, you're just upset because we interrupted your work. This is Hagrid; you can afford to take a break." And, at that, Harry grabbed her hand and dragged her out the common room door, with Ron following closely behind. Sighing, Hermione resigned herself to her fate, knowing that, when Harry made up his mind about something, there was no going back.

Sakura woke up early, like usual, to find that Hinata had already prepared a fire for breakfast while Sai sat at the kitchen table, drawing something, as usual. The latter looked up when she got out of the small bed she'd shared with Hinata before turning back to his work. Sakura gave him a small wave and headed over to her fellow kunoichi, who was now cutting some strange fruit for breakfast. She grabbed a kettle and began boiling water for tea, smiling at Hinata's whispered thanks.

It was then that she wondered why they were being so silent, and turned to see that Danny and Naruto were still asleep on the enormous mattress that they had shared with Sai. 'Hmm…I'll bet that Naruto won't be happy if he found out he slept with Sai last night…I think I'll just save that as blackmail for some other time,' Sakura thought, laughing to herself. Seeing the strange look that Hinata was giving her, Sakura realized that she must have laughed aloud, and quickly turned back to the breakfast that she'd been preparing, embarrassed.

Her discomfort was soon forgotten, however, when the front door suddenly burst open. Hinata nearly cut her finger in her surprise, while Sakura immediately entered a defensive stance, grabbing the nearest utensil in defense. Sai was the only one who seemed unaffected, besides the two sleeping boys. But then, Sai never seemed to let things affect him all that much.

What occurred after the door opened, however, caused even Sai to blink in surprise.

Harry rushed towards the hut, his friends barely keeping up, and threw open the door in his excitement. Bursting into the small home, he could not contain himself any further. "HAGRID!!! Hagrid, we came as soon as we—wait, Hinata? Where's Hagrid? I saw the chimney and I thought…"

Harry's rant was interrupted by Hermione, her breath coming in short gasps thanks to their sprint to the small hut. "Harry, I was trying to tell you…the chimney…it's been lit almost every morning… Hinata is staying here…in Hagrid's hut… taking care of…Fang and the gardens…"

At this, Harry's shoulders slumped, and he looked around. It was obvious that Hagrid was not back yet; Hinata was in the middle of slicing some fruit for breakfast, and Sakura was… "Wait, why is Sakura here? And is that Sai? And what are Danny and Naruto doing in Hagrid's bed…together?!" The last question was one Harry wasn't sure he wanted answered, but his mouth had started to run away from him in his confusion.

Hinata blushed at the last statement, while Sakura scowled, quickly replacing the spoon she'd grabbed as an improvisatory weapon onto the countertop. "A-ano, Harry-kun," Hinata replied, quietly, "I-I am s-sorry to raise your hopes, but Hermione is right. My friends are here because I was homesick, and w-wished for them to stay the night with me."

Harry blushed, embarrassed at his blunder, and opened his mouth to reply, but he was interrupted by a loud voice that could only belong to one person.

"What the hell, Danny! Why are you cuddling me?!"

Naruto attempted to jump out of the bed, embarrassed, but became tangled in the sheets, falling to the floor in a heap. Danny slowly opened his eyes, and peered over the bed at his distressed friend.

"Wuh-what? Naruto, what are you doing, dude?"

Naruto simply glared in response, and turned his head from Danny's inquiring eyes, only to see the small audience that had seen his miniature breakdown. Harry tried not to laugh as the blonde's face turned bright red, while Danny was looking more confused by the minute.

"No, seriously, what is going on? Why am I in Hinata's—?"

"Well, Danny, what happened is that Naruto-kun shouted after he grew uncomfortable when you rolled over onto him in your sleep, although for a moment he did seem to enjoy it," Sai stated, cutting off the rest of Danny's question. Danny sputtered in response, embarrassed, while his friends laughed at their predicament.

"Sai, don't tease him too much," Sakura admonished half-heartedly, attempting to stifle her laughter in her hands. "After he so kindly came over with us to keep Hinata company last night, you should be nicer." The last statement was stated much more seriously, and directed towards both Danny and Naruto, whose eyes widened for a moment in recognition of a cover story. Harry didn't miss this reaction, but he couldn't decide exactly what it might mean.

"Um, well, I guess we should leave you guys alone," Harry replied, noticing the uncomfortable looks on Ron and Hermione's faces. He really hoped to stay and learn more about the strange new students, but he also didn't want to seem rude. Thus, when Hinata mentioned that they should at least stay for breakfast, he jumped at the opportunity, ignoring Hermione's protests of not wanting to intrude.

Soon all eight of them were crowded around Hagrid's table, which seemed to have grown in size to accommodate the larger group. Judging from the smug look on Hermione's face, Harry figured that it was thanks to her handiwork.

"Well," he began, "How do you guys like school so far? I mean, besides Umbridge giving Danny and Naruto detention, and Snape being pure evil."

Naruto, Danny, and Ron all laughed, while Hermione stifled her giggle, attempting to maintain some air of civility. "Well, you know, I really miss home, but I've gotta say, this place certainly isn't boring. Then again, neither was Amity Park," replied Danny, still smiling.

"Amity Park? Is that where you're from, Danny? What's it like?" Harry had to smile at Hermione's rapid-fire questioning; apparently he wasn't the only one that was curious about the newcomers.

"Oh, yeah, Amity Park is my hometown. It's pretty nice; we get a lot of uh, magic stuff there, too, so there's always something going on. Thing is, I've been away from home for two months now, and I really miss my family and friends."

"Wait," Ron broke in, "Two months?! We've been here a week; what were you doing for that long?"

"Sightseeing," Danny replied, a little too soon. "I just wanted to fully experience the whole 'study abroad' thing. That's why I know these guys. We all ended up coming early to enjoy the sights as part of the exchange program. Anyways, you wanted to know about my family?"

Harry swore he heard Naruto mumble about books and a stupid inn, but he ignored it and turned to Danny, hoping to finally uncover some of the mystery surrounding the new students. "Sure," he replied, "We never really got to talk before, anyways. We were too busy doing lines." Danny didn't miss the venom in his voice at the last sentence, but let it go. After all, he felt the same way about their miserable detentions.

"Well, my parents are both inventors. They specialize in gh—er, I mean, supernatural phenomena, but they aren't wizards; I'm actually the only wizard in my family. My sister, Jazz, is a genius. She's going into Child Psychology at Yale. She's a bit overbearing, but, it's not so bad, considering. I mean, my whole family's pretty out there. My dad is obsessed with fudge and gho—guns, and my mom shares his interests. Not the fudge, just the guns."

"No wonder you're never bored," Harry remarked, reaching for another piece of toast, while Hermione quickly explained the concept of guns to a confused Ron.

Danny smiled in response. "Yeah, well, it helps that I have my friends. Tucker is obsessed with technology. I'd think he'd die if he saw this place; he avoids 'tech-free zones' at all costs. He's the mayor now, anyways, so he couldn't get away if he wanted to. And Sam, my girlfriend, is amazing. We just got together this summer, but I've known her since freshman year. She's definitely got a…unique personality, but she's also really funny, loyal, and caring. I miss her the most, I think."

"Oh, Danny, that's so sweet," Hermione cooed, much to the chagrin of her male friends. "I'll bet a few of the girls here won't be happy to hear you have a girlfriend, though." Pausing to enjoy the confused look on Danny's face, she continued, "What about you, Naruto? Are you seeing anyone? Because I'm pretty sure Lavendar Brown and the Patil sisters have had their eyes on you for a while now."

Naruto looked at Hermione with a mixture of confusion and disbelief, but before he could ask her to elaborate, Sakura interrupted. "Wait, are you sure they were looking at NARUTO?! Not Sai? Or even Danny? Maybe they were actually looking at Harry, and you're mistaken?"

Hermione looked at Sakura, confused that she didn't seem to process the fact that a girl could have a crush on Naruto. After all, he had adorably spiky blonde hair, tanned skin, and what looked to be a well-toned body. What wasn't there to like?

Naruto, on the other hand, was only concerned with the second part of Sakura's statement. "Sakura-chan, how can you think that a girl would like Sai more than me?! I've got style, AND personality!"

"He's got a point there," Ron interjected, "Sai's not exactly boyfriend material. No offense."

Sai simply gave Ron another one of his patently fake smiles, finding this recent turn in conversation rather interesting. Sakura, on the other hand, felt the need to defend herself, while at the same time wondering why it bothered her so much that other girls seemed to find Naruto attractive. "And you think Naruto is?! I mean, he's loud, obnoxious, his hair is yellow…at least Sai is good-looking! Like a less-hot Sasuke! Naruto is just….Naruto."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Sakura regretted them. She noticed the looks of shock coming from Danny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and even the hint of disbelief emanating from the stoic Sai, and realized that she had gone too far. Hinata was nervously twiddling her fingers, her face bright red, as she worriedly glanced from Naruto to Sakura and back again. And Naruto…when she finally was able to look at him, he was smiling widely, the gesture not quite reaching his eyes.

"Oh, Naruto, I'm sorry, I didn't mean…" She began, trying to apologize. The thing that made it so much worse was that she didn't believe a word of what she'd said; it was simply that hearing Naruto's sudden popularity with the girls of Hogwarts made her stomach twist unpleasantly. Her harsh words were more of an attempt to hide her jealousy than anything.

Of course, Naruto responded in his usual, optimistic manner. "Oh, it's okay, Sakura-chan; I know that I can't compete with Sasuke. Don't worry about it. Maybe I can trick one of the girls here into dating me before they realize what I'm really like."

His teasing tone held no malice, but his voice was somehow subdued, and Sakura couldn't help but wince at his comments. She wished to take it all back and apologize, but knew that it wouldn't be needed. For some reason, Naruto took her abuse without complaint, and forgave her immediately. But still, the room hung heavy with an awkward silence until Danny finally interrupted.

"Oh! I just remembered! I have to send my family a letter, or Sam will kill me! Does anyone know where I can find Spooky?"

The group breathed a collective sigh of relief at the sudden change in topic, until Harry realized that he, too, had a letter to send to Sirius. "Actually, Danny, I have a message that I need to send along, too. I'll show you how to get to the Owlery, where all of the pet owls stay. I guess you can come too, Sai, in case you ever needed to find Tawny."

Sai smiled and nodded, and the three rose from the table, heading towards the door. As they were leaving, Ron suddenly remembered his intentions to get some Quidditch practice in before starting in on homework, and called out, "Hey, Harry, do you want to get in some Quidditch practice after you finish sending your letter? I can grab your broom while I get mine from our room."

"Oh, Ron, that's a wonderful idea," Hermione gushed, surprising her two friends, as she was usually the first to condemn their tendency of choosing Quidditch over their studies. Their surprise soon turned to annoyance when they heard her real intentions. "You should bring along Naruto, Danny, and Sai! I'm sure they'd love to learn Quidditch from two people that are actually on the team!"

Ron and Harry groaned at the thought of spending valuable practice time teaching beginners how to handle a broomstick, but, after the humiliation that Naruto had faced only minutes before, they didn't have the heart to leave the poor guy hanging, so they agreed. Ron grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him towards the door, and the boys left, leaving the girls to themselves.

Hermione turned towards them expectantly, eager to get to the bottom of Sakura's aversion to Naruto. After all, he was rather attractive, and since Danny was taken…so she boldly smiled and asked, "So, I didn't really get the straight answer. Is Naruto single?"

She was blissfully unaware of the two separate waves of killer intent that immediately began to emanate from the two girls opposite her.

As soon as they stepped on the Quidditch pitch, Harry and Ron realized that the three new Gryffindors were much more skilled than they appeared. The minute Harry had finished explaining the rules and handed over the school brooms, Naruto had shoved his broom underneath him and taken off, laughing wildly. Danny was not far behind, and Sai, after examining the wizard's shocked faces for a moment, joined them.

Not having seen a wizard take so well to a broom since Harry their first year at Hogwarts, the two boys still on the ground took a few moments to shake off their disbelief before rising to the air, Quaffle in hand. From there on, what had begun as a simple beginner's lesson turned into a competitive match, pitting Harry and Danny against Naruto and Sai, with Ron as Keeper.

Hours later, Harry and Danny had managed a victory, and all five boys were walking back to the Great Hall for lunch. Naruto was bragging loudly about his aerial prowess, despite his loss, when they ran into Sakura, Hinata, and Hermione. After the awkwardness created by Hermione's first question had passed, the girls had rapidly become good friends, finding that Hermione and Sakura in particular had much in common.

The girls greeted their friends warmly, the harsh words from the morning all but forgotten. However, when Parvati Patil and Lavendar Brown made a beeline towards their group, smiling at Naruto, all three girls inexplicably grabbed him and the other boys and dragged them in the opposite direction, back to the Gryffindor common room.

When Naruto complained, he found himself on the receiving end of yet another one of Sakura's punches. After that, none of the boys dared to comment on the girls' strange behavior, each thinking the same thing: 'We are never leaving them alone again.'

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