Supermarket Showdown

by Naglfar

(ps: this is a prequael to Forgotten Love)

Gheb was at the supermarket and he was weighin frutis one day. Suddenly a menacing guy came out of a whole in space tiem behind gheb and Gheb was startled. He didnt expect to be attacke din a supermarker while wighing fruit

"Who are you!!" he yelled.

"Can i help you weight some fruits?" said the guy and he pinted to an emplye badge on his arpon and he was smiling.

"Oh why thank you kind sir" said gheb as he stepped aide and let the man weight fruits.

"Oh my these are excellent sized fruits" he said. "I hope you dont mind if STEAL THEM!!" he yelled and suddenly he ran off! Gheb was frios and started chasing after him. A passerby suddenylt started yelling "HEY ITS THE SUPERMARKET THEIF" but gheb accidentally body checkd him into the dairy prudcts and he was dead.

"Sorry" said Gheb ashe chased fater the theif. suddenly they came to a split but gheb didnt know which way he went

"WHICH WAY DID HE GO" he yelled as gheb asked a guy standing near.

"Oh so sorry i didnt see him I was looking at my shopping cart" said the man. Gheb scowed and thought for a minute. Suddenly he had a flash of GHeb brilliance! Hestood back, preapred him self, and BURST THROUGH THE MIDDLE AISLE (brillaint)!! And then he saw the theif and he kept chasing!

"he's going nto dairy products!" yelled Gheb and he barreldowned after him. he accidentally hit a cart and sent it flying into some glass which broke. He also his an old lady but she was fine because she was actually iron woman in disguise (i will talk mroe about this later) Gheb was a tank and this did not affect him much.

"hahahahaha Gheb you will never catch me I have stolen your fruits!!" yelled the theif as he lepped over aisle into frozen goods! then he used magical powers to open all the fridge doors and suddenly the isle ebcame colde

"damn you i do not liek cold!" said gheb as he sivered. but he could not give up and he kjept running but he was starting to get tired. Then he ahd another flahs of Gheb brilliance! he imagine dhis boyfriend lyon in a thong and sudden his bonar appeared! he trumphantly stood up as other shoppers were horrified at ghebs massive wang. then he used his sex god powers to laucnh himself 10 thousand feet into the air (this is a big supermarket) and he landed right behind the theif!

"What how did you get me!!" yelled the theif but suddenly gheb put his ponos in his mouth and released and the theif exploded.

"Cleanup on aisle 3" said gheb trumphantsly as he walked away with his fruits"