Chapter 1-(A Horrifying, Shocking Truth)

As Leon was reading, he stumbled upon a page that spoke about one of the forbidden elements, Convexity or Darkness. As Leon was reading more about Darkness, he read on to read about what will happen if one dragon has full control and is Master of the Dark. He quietly begin reading to himself.

"...if a dragon was to have full control and become the Dark Master, then there will hardly be any way of stopping it." Thankfully, the Dark Master was defeated and send back to Hell. Leon wondered what will happen next if the Dark Master was defeated.

"...if the Dark Master is to be defeated, then he or she shall leave a seed behind and a new darkness shall arise being more powerful then the Dark Master and become unstoppable, unleashing chaos, destruction and Hell on Earth." Leon gulped and closed the book. He remembered when Spyro, Mark, Cynder, Elva, and Godith, all went to confront the Dark Master.

'When they defeated him and got back Falzar, did they or did they not see a seed being left behind?'thought Leon. He then called for one of his messengers.

"Yes Leon?"asked the messenger.

"I want you to go and get Mark the Dragon Lord and his wife Godith. I need them to come to me, it is important."said Leon.

"Yes my lord, it will be done." The messenger bowed and flew off to the Temple.

'I just hope that we are not too late.'thought Leon.

Meanwhile at the construction site of the Temple, Mark and Godith were modeling out a statue. Mark had an uneasy look on his face.

"Mark, darling what's wrong?"asked Godith.

"Hm? Oh nothing it's just that, I feel some strange energy that is extremely powerful and I don't have a clue what it is. I just hope it is nothing evil, or something that is like 20x harder and stronger then the Dark Master."said Mark with worry.

"Listen here sweetheart. I feel this strange energy too, but I won't be bothered by it. It will go away sooner or later. Relax, if anything you have faced things tougher then something or someone that is 20x stronger then the Dark Master."smiled Godith.

"I guess you are right."said Mark. Just then, one of Leon's messengers came and bowed to Mark.

"Is there something that we should know?"asked Mark.

"Yes my Lord, Leon has asked that you two should come and visit him. He says it is important."said the messenger.

"Well if he says it is important then we will go. You two go, I will catch up with you easily."smiled Mark.

"Fine, if you say so."said Godith. Godith and the messenger left and went back to the Palace. Mark stayed behind and finished the statue.

"There that should do it. Now to see Leon."said Mark. He turned and looked straight at where the Palace would be since his eyes were so powerful they were able to see anything in a 100 mile direction. He then started to run and in a flash he was already at the Palace just in time as Godith and the messenger arrived.

"Well that was fast."said the messenger with surprise.

"Trust me man, having the ability to travel at the speed of sound makes you unstoppable."smiled Mark.

"Yes, yes, yes, you say that EVERY time."said Godith. They all went in and headed straight to the throne room.

"My Lord?"said the messenger.


"Mark the Dragon Lord and his Wife Godith have arrived."said the messenger.

"Good, send them in."said Leon. Mark and Godith entered the throne room and met Leon.

"Mark my dear friend, it has been such a long time since we last met."

"Yes Leon I know, I must say you are doing pretty good. The Temple is almost finished just so you know."said Mark.

"Excellent that is good news. However I have some bad news."said Leon with sorrow.

"What is it?"asked Godith.

"There is this reading here, in this book and it is quite disturbing."said Leon.

"Show us this reading."said Mark. Leon brought them the book and opened the page to where it said that a new darkness was to arise.

"God fucking damn it."said Mark angerly.

"What?"asked Leon.

"My worst fear has come true. This weird yet powerful energy that I feel is what it is being described in this book. The Dark Master's "Son" is alive and is going to destroy the world and get revenge on those who got rid of his father."said Mark coldly. Leon and Godith felt as if the end of the world was near.

"Should we tell the others about this?"asked Leon.

"I am not sure. As of right now no, as far as I can tell this new darkness isn't stupid. It will wait for the perfect time to strike. His powers may be strong, but he isn't complete. It will be a while before he strikes, I just pray to God that this world won't be destroyed."said Mark.

Mark left the room and went to the rose garden and sat down near the fountain. He gave out a sigh and looked at the beautiful flowers and scene.

'All of this...will be gone' thought Mark. He felt a hand being placed on his shoulder and saw Cynder standing next to him.

"Hey there Mark, glad to see you here, how is everything?"asked Cynder.

"So far the Temple is near finished and that nothing bad has happened...yet. How about you?"

"Oh everything is just well. We are just simply bored. I must say you look good."said Cynder. Mark has changed and looked better. His hair was long again and he was in his half-dragon mode.

"Are you going to change into a full dragon?"asked Cynder.

"I don't really see the point of me turning into a full dragon when I only turn into a full dragon when things look bad. Besides I look way better like this, I think I will stay like this."said Mark with a smile. Cynder sat down next to him and placed her head on Mark's shoulder.

"Isn't this beautiful? The flowers and sunset, reminds me of when me and Spyro were young."said Cynder.

"Yes it does. This reminds me of when me and Godith first went out on a date. We sat by a tree and watched the flowers dance in the sunset."said Mark. Cynder yawned and placed her head on his laps. He felt a little uncomfortable but he knew that she was tired. He didn't care what the others were doing around him, all he cared about was who or what this new darkness was.