House and Wilson's relationship in fifty sentences. Mostly friendship but some are definitely implied slash.


01. Security-

No matter how much they fought, House was sure of one thing: Wilson would always stick around.

02. Potential-

"You're real jackass," Wilson commented without malice, and House knew he'd found someone amazing.

03. Ambitious-

"Let's go skydiving; we're not going to be young forever," House said one day, and Wilson had to smile.

04. Photograph-

House wasn't a camera person, so Wilson kept the one picture he had of House flashing him a rare grin underneath his mattress.

05. History-

It was kind of annoying, but whenever Wilson began, "Remember when..." House felt special.

06. Saint-

Really, who could resist putting itching powder in Wilson's underwear drawer?

07. Instinct-

Sometimes House swore he actually had a Wilson-radar.

08. Temper-

Wilson rarely lost it, but when he did, House couldn't help but laugh at him and somehow that made it a little better.

09. Concentration-

"What the hell are you blinking at," Wilson demanded, and House replied sweetly, "Your tie- it's making me dizzy."

10. Clouds-

Even though he'd tripped backwards and fallen on his ass, Wilson couldn't stop his laughter at the House-shaped cloud he spotted in the sky as he was flying through the air.

11. Unaware-

The only time Wilson ever snuck up behind House he'd gotten a cane in the nose... lesson learned.

12. Gravity-

Through marriage after unsuccessful marriage, House made sure Wilson's feet stayed on the ground.

13. Weakness-

Wilson was the one that made House give in.

14. Elusive-

House analyzed for days after a weird feeling crept over him when Wilson gave him a different smile one day.

15. Competence-

Wilson demonstrated a perfect example of 'above and beyond'.

16. Remote-

Wilson wanted to watch some stupid reality show and House wanted to watch porn... a wrestling match ensued.

17. Frozen-

Wilson felt satisfied at the delight in House's eyes as he gazed at the box of popsicles Wilson had gotten him.

18. Safety-

Wilson hated thunderstorms, but with House around he hated them a little less.

19. Feline-

House caught himself staring when Wilson stretched, all graceful and cat-like.

20. Wired-

House loved sneaking stuff into Wilson's coffee.

21. Lucrative-

Their relationship was twisted, seriously fucked up, but it was enough for them.

22. Tempting-

The cherry lollipop made Wilson's lips look red and entirely too kissable for House's own good.

23. Optimistic-

"She could have fired you," Wilson reprimanded when House scowled at the dangerously high stack of patient files on the clinic counter.

24. Logic-

After way too many beers, passing out abruptly into House's lap seemed like the natural thing to do.

25. Concrete-

"It's cement, Wilson, you can't just kick it and expect to get away with it."

26. Motive-

Wilson was constantly wary of what House didn't say.

27. Visible-

The obvious stress in Wilson's eyes told House it was time for a road trip.

28. Iron-

House's grip left marks on Wilson's arm as Tritter drove by, and he didn't let go until the car was far gone.

29. Glimpse-

Catching sight of Wilson's red-rimmed, puffy eyes, House left him alone in the office.

30. Strength-

House's presence made losing Amber bearable.

31. Whisper-

House very nearly jumped out of his seat when Wilson leaned over and hissed Cuddy's poker hand in his ear.

32. Shadow-

"Are you going to stand there all night or open the door 'cause I can see you lurking, Wilson."

33. Guarantee-

Wilson's first words to House after the infarction were "Not leaving".

34. Daring-

Who played spin the bottle with one other person on New Year's Eve?

35. Giggle-

Topping House's head off with a Santa hat was hysterical.

36. Familiar-

Wilson didn't live there, yet House's apartment felt like home.

37. Negligent-

Sometimes "sorry" didn't cut it.

38. Stone-

Nobody could read House's expression if House didn't want his expression read.

39. Tension-

"Your tie sucks," House said bluntly, and when he smoothly slipped his fingers under the knot to pull it off, Wilson's stomach kind of pulled.

40. Cracked-

Wilson glued the pieces of House back together after Stacy left.

41. Sardonic-

"We're not together," Wilson corrected the little old lady, and rolled his eyes at House's, "But honey-"

42. Explode-

Everyone tiptoed around House like he was a ticking time bomb until the doctor finally got Wilson stabilized.

43. Glass-

Wilson secretly thought the rims perched on House's nose looked adorable.

44. Balance-

"You've been kinda tilty since Wilson left for his conference," Cuddy informed House, and it sorta made sense.

45. Flash-

Suddenly they were pushing sixty, and it was okay that everything was still the same.

46. Sorry-

Even when Wilson played Judas, House couldn't hate him.

47. Pillow-

Wilson stayed awake all night because the pillow smelled like House.

48. Moon-

It didn't matter what Wilson said, House still saw faces in the moon- sometimes it was Wilson's.

49. Whistle-

Just to see what the look on House's face would be, Wilson catcalled as House approached the podium in his new suit and tie.

50. Life-

Wilson would never forgive me, House thought, and heaved the pill bottle into the flames.