STORY SUMMERY: It had been only weeks since the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, where Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, had bravely stood against the Dark Lord, and failed to protect the world from the sinister creature's return. However, the Death Eaters and their master moved fast, locating an appropriate location to continue their plotting and plans. One of which would not only complicate the lives of the Order of the Phoenix, but of several others as well…

STORY WARNINGS: Drama, Violence, Angst, Swearing, Romance (Shonen-ai and Het)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thanks for stopping and check this out. A few weeks ago I started to read HPYGO fanfics, and fell in love with them. Thus, this came into being. My first attempt at a crossover. Please, tell me if I got something wrong- I've done research on these guys (a lot of research, in fact) and I hope to have everything square and set for both universes. Heck, I looked up the time changes for the areas! XD

This will mostly focus on the Yu-Gi-Oh cast, and within that mostly on Ryou. There will be shonen-ai pairings, as well as het pairings, so just warning you all. Will there be cross-verse pairings? Dunno yet. Maybe. I'm not so into getting the characters together as I am telling the story, so don't expect large amounts of fluff and hugging and kissing, and more action and plot-stuff. And drama. Oh Gods, the drama. Sorry in advance for that. Let me put it like this: this story isn't going to shit rainbows and butterflies.

Oh, and yami-hikari speech is always / Like this. /

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm not making money off of this. Insert something witty and original here. Erm… blah.



The voice hissed through the darkness of the room, and a pair of crimson eyes twitched over to the side, where a man in long black robes and a strange, pale mask stood. The masked man straightened, stepping forward, his pale grey eyes staring at the one who spoke.

"Yes, my Lord?"

The red-eyed man allowed his left arm to fall to his side, stroking a large green snake at his side. The snake responded by flattening her neck into a hood, which the pale, skeletal hand stroked upon the invitation. "Did you gather the information?"

"Of course, my Lord," the blonde-haired man replied, nodding slightly. The Dark Lord looked pleased, smiling to himself.

"Good. And the Minister…?"

Lucius chuckled softly behind the mask. "Believes all that I tell him."

"Wonderful. Then you may go- have your fun. Do be careful not to get anyone killed during your little strike, Lucius. That Weasely boy won't die without a fight. And when he does, those Order members will be there soon after."

The masked man bowed and started to turn away when the red-eyed man leaned forward, a sinister grin on his pale, snake-like face. "Oh, and Lucius?"

The cloaked man paused, turning swiftly to face Voldemort once more. "My Lord?"

The grin didn't fade. "Please bring me back a trinket of sorts. Egypt is such an interesting place…"

"Ah, July twenty-fifth! Two weeks since we arrived back at home! Well, home for me, but since your dad's here, I suppose it must feel like home to you, too. Hey, are you even listening to me?!"

The sun was low on the horizon, making the shadows long across the desert sands. Tents stood still on the landscape, and two teenage boys wandered through them. There was a silence between them before one of them- adorned in multiple golden trinkets- pushed the second, more downtrodden boy slightly. When this did not rouse the albino boy from his silent musings, the tanned one flicked the teen's ear and whined in Egyptian.

"Lighten up, Ryou! I swear, you're gloomier than most of the tombs we go into!"

The white-haired teen merely smiled at his blonde friend, but the dark look to his doe-brown eyes didn't vanish. He rubbed his ear ruefully.

"I'm sorry, Marik," the teen began, also in Egyptian, "but I've got this feeling that something horrible is going to happen…"

"Ryou, you always think something horrible is going to happen." The lavender-eyed boy pointed out, tapping the boy's forehead with end of a map in his hand. Ryou flinched at the contact, but Marik didn't appear to notice, as he continued with what he'd been saying.

"We've got that one guy from England here- what's his name, erm… Bob, I think- and he's been able to get past most of the curses that would have crushed and/or poisoned us."

Ryou looked unconvinced. The red-haired man who'd come was impressive, true, but when he had appeared, so had the horrible darkness the clutched his soul, and painted his soul room a harrowing black and red…

"I know, but-"

"But nothing! C'mon- your father will be opening the next room soon. I don't want to miss what they find, so we're going now." This was all Marik said before grabbing Ryou's left arm and pulled him firmly through the 'street' of tents and supplies. Unconsciously, Ryou's right hand darted into his pocket, clutching the only Millennium Item he had left- the Eye.

As Ryou held the cold, hard metal in his hand, he felt a familiar sadness ooze through him. It annoyed him, it bothered him, and it frightened him that he could feel sadness for giving that Ra-Damned Ring to Yugi only a few weeks ago. His yami had done nothing but use him, hurt his friends, and harm strangers ever since Ryou had touched that Ring.

…And yet…

"Ryou, snap out of it! We're at the entrance and I don't want to drag you through here."

Ryou blinked a few times, and the doorway to the underground chambers met his unclouded eyes. He smiled sheepishly at Marik, murmuring an apology as they slipped inside the darkened corridor. There was very little light, save for the few torches that glowed, lighting their path. They stepped into a larger chamber, and were surprised to find that the whole team had gather there, talking amongst themselves and laughing quietly, as if the stone statues that guarded there would leap to life at any loud noise. Ryou's eyes swept through the crowd before he realized something.

"Father!" Ryou called in English (much to Marik's annoyance), and the blue-haired man with dark green eyes poked his head above the crowd, sunglasses hooked on the corner of his shirt. He smiled at the white-haired boy before turning to one of the men and finishing what he'd began to say.

"Hello, Ryou," the man said finally, also in English (and earning an irritated snort from the blonde Egyptian behind Ryou), weeding his way through the group of people to stop in front of his son. Ryou smiled up at the man before looking around quietly.

"Where's B…B…Bob?"

"Bill Weasely, Ryou. And he had to get back to London- family emergency or something like that," Ryou's father said with a shake of his head and a small frown. However, his forest green eyes snapped over to Ryou's face, a smile on his lips moments later. "However, no worries! He left us with a replacement. Reggie Baggs, also from London."

The crowd moved around again, and someone new came forward. A tall man with grey-brown hair and grey eyes looked down at Ryou and Marik, smiling softly. "Hello, Ryou. Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure, sir," Ryou responded shyly. He turned around, gripping Marik's arm and pulling him forward, "This is Marik Ishtar. He's a friend from near by."

Upon hearing his name, Marik realized he was being introduced, and nodded to the man stiffly, lavender eyes watching him. Reggie and Ryou's father returned to the crowd (Ryou now realized they were meeting and greeting their newest arrival), while Marik and Ryou moved off to a corner, furthest from the group and doorway.

"Who was that?" Marik hissed in Egyptian, raising an eyebrow and glaring at the newcomer from the corner of his eye. Ryou rolled his brown eyes before responding likewise in Egyptian.

"That was Reggie Baggs. He's replacing Bill- not Bob- Weasely. Something happened to his family, so he had to leave immediately," Ryou said.

Marik was silent for a moment, turning his lavender gaze upon the tall man in the crowd. Then: "Huh. Sucks for him."

Ryou sniffed at Marik's callousness before eyeing the ground beside him. "Indeed," was all the pale boy uttered before turning back to him.

It took several minutes of chattering between the adults before they had to halt their small gathering, for the native workers had arrived and were awaiting orders. The researchers broke apart and started toward their respective 'stations':

The energetic Thomas was rushing back to the outside to man the radio- the only means of communication between the camp and the outside world.

Grissom was solemnly reading several tablets that were piled in front of him in the middle of the floor, occasionally turning look at the walls behind him.

Mathews and Badger were standing guard at the entrance, although the likelihood that any would attack them was slim to none (Marik's sect had already said that this tomb was free for the group to wander, so there was no worry of that happening).

The short Amborne, the muscular Smith, and the lanky Collins were in a separate section- a small chamber connected to the first large chamber- that had already been opened by Mister Bakura and Mister Weasely a week or so ago.

The new-guy Baggs, Ryou's father, and the bumbling Franks were currently at the next doorway, trying to decipher how to make it work. Baggs would prod the stones around it gently, while mister Bakura would read the walls. Franks studied the doorway itself.

The rest of those that were in the tomb- about ten or so- were workers from the surrounding towns. The researchers did most of the real work, while the workers did the grunt work- moving cases, blocks, rocks, the sort. Ryou and Marik were observers, but Marik couldn't help himself but reread some of what the others had translated, and clicked his tongue in distaste at their mistakes from time to time. (He made no effort to help, however- it was an ego booster for him.)

Ryou and Marik had finally sat down, and were playing a simple game using a regular deck of cards (there was too much sand to use their duel decks- they didn't want to damage their cards, after all). Ryou lifted up the top card and looked at it. A five of hearts. He looked over at Marik, smirking.

"A seven."


Ryou gaped at his smug friend, throwing the card at his face. "By Ra! How do you keep doing that?!"

Marik smirked at him, chuckling. "I have my secrets." He placed Ryou's card in a small, face-up pile next to the deck and drew a card himself. He blinked at it before looking up, lavender eyes bright.

"A queen," he said smugly, grinning at the teen before him.

Ryou paused, eyes narrowing at the card before him. While his first inclination was to go with 'higher'- why else go with such a high card? However, as a small voice in the back of his mind assured him that this was Marik, and that was exactly what he wanted Ryou to think, he fought momentarily with himself, before turning to Marik.

"Lower," Ryou said with a smirk. Marik's smug grin fell, flipping the card around so that the seven of spades was clearly visible.

"Bah- lucky guess," he murmured, turning away in a huff. Ryou chuckled at his antics, and turned back to the deck.

"Is this necessary, Yami? I mean, it's two in the morning! Why would you want to duel Kaiba this early in the morning?!"

Yugi Mouto, resident of Domino, Japan, was affixing his duel deck to his belt, grumbling angrily as his incorporeal yami leaned against a nearby wall, smirking. "Because, Yugi, there aren't any people up this early in the morning, so we will have no issues making it there and back." Yami's face turned slightly red as he turned away, grumbling, "Unlike last time."

Yugi both winced and chuckled at the memory of their last attempt at dueling Seto Kaiba. It had been last week- only two weeks after Battle City had ended. The fanboys and fangirls were out in full storm, and when word had gotten around- via, Kaiba suspected (as did Yami, but he was less noisy about it), Joey's big mouth- that the top two duelists were going to go head-to-head again, they flocked to the meeting place- Kaiba's house. When Kaiba found out that Mokuba couldn't get back into the house because of the group, he called the whole thing off and had Yami practically thrown from the house. Yami barely managed to get away from the crowd with all limbs attached, although he was missing all of his buckles save for the one around his neck and several strands of hair.

"Yeah- that had been an interesting day," Yugi snickered, but rubbed his head, as if he could still feel the pain. Yami turned back around, face still slightly tinged pink.

"That is why we are going this early in the morning," Yami said with a glare, before fading back into the puzzle in a huff.

Yugi smiled down at the gold up-side-down pyramid, and with a sigh threw a leather jacket over his black outfit. He paused for a moment, violet eyes blinking as he looked over himself, feeling as though he was forgetting something. His eyes fell upon the Millennium Puzzle, and he jolted, running to his bed and ducking underneath it. After several moments, he lugged a small black backpack to his side, unzipping the top and peering into it. There, softly reflecting the moonlight off their gold surfaces, were three of the Millennium Items- the Necklace, the Rod, and the Ring. They were each in their own plastic baggies, but the Ring was also tied to the keychain clip, as if to ensure it wouldn't disappear. Not that Yugi was worried about that so much- Yami had assured him that the Thief was safely in the Shadow Realm, and wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

Bag slipped over his shoulders, Yugi stormed down the stairs as fast he could, heading into the kitchen to grab a piece of leftover pizza from the night before. There was no need to silently sneak around the house- Grandpa had left earlier the day before for England, and would be there for two days. The flight itself took eleven hours to complete; Grandpa was still in the air. Yugi had somehow convinced the man to let him remain in Domino, although he was sure it was more to do with his friends coming into the Game Shop at all hours, moping- loudly- about how two days without Yugi would be torture.

The streets of Domino were quiet at this time of day, and it made Yugi feel calm as he made his way towards the residence of Seto Kaiba. He could feel Yami's excitement through their link, and smiled quietly to himself, happy for his other half. The darker side of his soul had been bored ever since the danger and Shadows had passed. It was out of sheer desperation that Yami had almost pled with Kaiba to make room in his schedule to duel with him. Almost- Kaiba had actually come to him with the arrangement before it had come to that. Yugi was sure Mokuba had something to do with it, but the King of Games was only glad that Kaiba had agreed to do it.

/ Yugi, return to the world of the living… you're about to walk past it, / an amused voice called from the back of his mind. The crazy-haired teen jolted out of his musings.

/ Huh… what?! /

Yugi halted in his steps, blinking rapidly at the sight in front of him. The tall gates of the Kaiba property were visible only a few feet in front of him, and beyond that a winding walkway towards the towering Kaiba mansion. He smiled weakly, turning his eyes to the side, where his yami had taken his spirit form.

"Thanks for that," he murmured aloud. Yami nodded eagerly, eyes glued to the giant building ahead of him. Yugi laughed out loud, gently nudging him with a shoulder, not that it would affect the spirit anyway. "You want to take over now? It feels like you've had twelve cups of coffee…"

Yami smiled at his other half, scratching the back of his spiky-haired head. "Sorry about that, Yugi. I've been looking forward to this all week…"

Yugi chuckled at his darker half's antics, but held the puzzle lightly in his hands. With a warm smile, the shorter boy straightened, and the puzzles let off a soft flash of light, as if it had caught a stray light from the lamppost or the moon. When the flash died away, Yami had taken Yugi's place, taller and with more blonde in the tri-colored hair. Once purple eyes were now a slightly redder hue- almost maroon in color. The most noticeable difference, however, was the change in height- Yami towered at least a foot over the spirit form of his hikari, who merely smiled up at him.

"Alright, Yami. I hope you're ready. Kaiba won't be holding back. Like always."

"Good," the spirit replied, starting towards the gate, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Seto Kaiba stood in the middle of his living room and absentmindedly shuffled his deck of cards, turning his dark blue eyes to the side. It wasn't unusual for the teenage CEO to be up so early- it was, however, unusual for Mokuba to approve of such an hour. Also unusual was the fact that the eleven-year-old was also up at that hour, and peering out the window.

"Well… I think I see Yugi… but he's just standing there," the younger brother finally said, turning his grey-blue eyes to the elder Kaiba brother. Kaiba paused in his shuffling for a moment, turning to look at his brother. After a moment, he turned away and resumed shuffling.

"He's probably just trying to prepare for his inevitable defeat. Either that or he's 'talking' to his other personality," Kaiba reasoned, a smirk played upon his face. Mokuba hid the roll of his eyes behind his dark bangs and continued to stare out the window. He blinked a few times before snickering to himself.

"Well, the 'other' Yugi is the one coming to the door. Heh, he looks excited Seto. And… yup: they made it through the gate o-kay."

Kaiba grumbled under his breath, knowing full well that his younger brother believed the 'Pharaoh' nonsense that Yugi's group of friends spewed any time they were together. The brunette turned around and walked out of the room, and into the main hallway, Mokuba following dutifully behind him. He stared at the front door, icy stare in place. Mokuba sighed quietly and placed himself next to the front door, looking somewhat annoyed at his brother's antics.

"You could try being civil, Seto," Mokuba pouted to him, sending his brother a watery-eyed look, but was interrupted by a firm knock on the door. The expression was cleared from his face while Kaiba grunted, leaning against a nearby wall. The shorter boy opened the door and smiled warmly at Yami, who was returning the smile.

"Hey Ya- er… Yugi!" Mokuba caught himself, glancing at Kaiba from the corner of his eye to catch his older brother twitch slightly. He hid a smirk by coughing slightly and ducking out of Yami's way.

"Come in! We've got popcorn and pizza and soda, so we won't go hungry, and the Game room is all set up for the duel!" Mokuba proclaimed excitedly, rushing from the hall and back towards the kitchens. Yami closed the door behind him, and turned to face Kaiba.

"Hello, Kaiba."

"Hello, Yugi."

Yami noticed the stress that Kaiba placed on his name, as if Kaiba was trying his hardest to ignore the truth before him. Yami merely gave him a small smirk and walked down the hallway after Mokuba. He didn't need to look behind him to know Kaiba was following.

"So, where did Mokuba say the sodas were?"

Edgar Thomas was leaning back against a post of wood sticking up from the ground, radio sitting next to him, buzzing softly with static. The radio station was further away from the rest of the camp; for some reason the radio had a hard time picking up a signal from anywhere near the dig site, especially while the team was working. Not that Edgar minded the distance- he loved the stillness of the desert and the quiet, away from all the tapping of tools against stone.

Edgar's hat was tilted backwards, almost cushioning his head on the hard wood. His black hair covered his eyes, and he snorted softly- asleep. However, the sound of footsteps approaching, crunching in the sand roused him from his light nap, and he blinked open a brown eye, peering through his hair at the approaching group of men.

"Erm… can I help you?" he called cautiously, eyeing the strangers who wore long, black cloaks that completely covered them. The one in the lead paused, and the others behind him do so as well. Edgar blinked at their silence and scrambled to his feet, not bothering to brush the sand from his robes. "This is a dig site- you can't just waltz in here without authorization."

The leader seemed to chuckle begin the dark hood. "I've enough 'authorization,' Muggle," he spoke with a British accent, and Edgar's mind snapped over to Ryou and his father. He gritted his teeth, trying to look fierce. However, the hairs on the back of his neck and arms prickled at the sight of this man.

"I'm giving you one last warning-" Edgar found himself cut off as the lead man whipped out a glossy black stick from his robes.

"And I'm giving you none. Avada Kedavra!"

A startled cry was the only noise Edgar made before the green lightning struck his body, and he crumpled to the ground, eyes blankly staring at the radio next to him. The radio next to him had gone dead.

And the robed men marched on toward the sea of tents in front of them.

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