Okay. So, maybe some call my life weird. And they're right. But I am going to be in big trouble for something I did.

I've known Annabeth, for like, ever, and I never thought that it would come to this. Oh yeah, I'm 16. And because of me, Annabeth is pregnant.

We were at our cabins in celebration after my defeat of Kronos and Dionysus allowed us all to drink wine. And by that, I mean a lot of wine. We all were drunk and stuff, and Grover dared Annabeth to break the rules and stay a night in my cabin. You know what happened next, and I don't exactly want to talk about it.

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. I thought she would be smarter. I, being the son of Poseidon, should probably also been smarter, but I wasn't exactly thinking straight. What can I do now? I'm probably in so much trouble...

-5 days later-

So, I've been summoned to Olympus with Annabeth. I think the gods know. Mr. D was pretty much ecstatic about the whole thing when he told us to go up. I think he knows what's coming.

-After a couple of hours-

Okay, they did know. They all reacted differently. Poseidon, or Dad, as I call him, was basically bursting with happiness. Aphrodite was tearing up with gladness. Ares laughed in my face like Clarisse had done so many, many times. Zeus, for once, gave me the thumbs-up. Hera lectured us. Hephaestus gave a noncommital grunt. Demeter scowled. Hades, who was there for some reason (?), shrugged about young people dying that way and the overly-crowded Underworld. Apollo patted my back. Hermes gave a mischievous grin. Artemis lectured Annabeth on "what would only have happened if she had joined the Hunters." Hestia was absent for no particular reason. Mr. D, who had accompanied us, whispered behind our backs so that we could hear him about punishments. And then there was Athena, who blamed me for everything. Annabeth did her best to protect me, but even she couldn't stop her (crazy) mom.

By the time we had gotten back to camp (that night), everyone knew and congratulated us or scowled. Grover was frequenly apologizing, you know the typical, "Percy-Jackson-I-am-so-sorry-I-didn't-mean-for-this-to-happen-I'm-sorry-really-sorry-we-were-all -out-of-it-did-I-mention-I'm-sorry?"

My mom was ecstatic and happy when I saw her and seemed to forget that we were 16. Clarisse did what her dad, Ares, had done.

Tyson said, "Cool."

Nico was surprised at first, but said, "Hey, I threw Ares's shield at my dad... I guess it's cool... We were all acting weird... Did you ever notice how pretty Silena Beauregard is?" I ran back to my cabin.