-20 Years Later-

I never did tell you about my triplets, did I? Well, Alexander William, AKA Alex, became the god of sports and Apollo's best friend, despite the age difference. Amelia Anne, also known as Mia, became the goddess of art. She gets along with her grandmother Athena well. I don't see what she sees in my mother-in-law. Lucy Marie became the goddess of language and science. She helped cure deadly diseases starting when she was eight!

Carrie is in love with a son of Hades and Persephone named Travis, the god of darkness. He likes her too. I'm not exactly happy about it, but they have a one year old named Miranda.

Annabeth and I decided to put three kids each in our cabins and then go from there, based on how we felt about it. We decided against ever putting kids in the Annabeth and Percy cabins again. My new demigod kids are all girls, named Michelle, Danielle, and Isabelle. I did not pick out the names, might I add. Annabeth's demigod kids are two girls named Aurora and Ella and a son named Arthur.

Zeus recently had quintuplets with Hera named Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cuatro, and Five. In order. I know, they're not very creative.

None of my kids have my hair color and I think that it's unfair. Mia looks just like Annabeth. Lucy Marie has auburn hair and my eyes. Alex also has blond hair, but with hazel eyes. Michelle, Danielle, and Isabelle all have strawberry blond hair. Why don't any of them have black hair?!

No other gods have faded yet, and I'm glad because for me, it's family dying.

I have a good, but still hectic, life.

Grover is getting old, which is weird for me because I still look and feel like I'm 20. His and Juniper's daughter, Taylor Andromeda, is a nymph like her mom. Tyson is doing well too. My mother, sadly, died a few years ago, but now and then I visit her in the Underworld. Hades doesn't hate me anymore.

Clarisse is still Clarisse, even though she's in her forties. She and Chris Rodriguez have a son named Sparky. I laughed when I heard that, because that is Tyson's dog's name.

Ever since I became a minor god, monsters haven't bothered demigods. I'm glad and now demigods can survive out of Camp Half-Blood.

Annabeth still holds annoying mind-conversations with me and everyone else that comes along.

I have no more enemies and neither does my family. Unless you count the family squabbles that happen especially at the winter solstice. Those are nothing, really. The most damage done is a few houses and thrones wrecked and maybe a hundred year grudge, but those are only temporary.

I find myself smiling and laughing a lot now, free of mortal worries. I may live forever, but I'll still live my life to the fullest. You never know when or if you'll fade away.

I found out that I love traveling the world and seeing for myself the ancient ruins that used to be the Western Civilization. However, I never stay in one place.

The sea does not like to be restrained, you know.

So that's the end! I had to end it, now that I have so many other stories to work on that I have been neglecting. I hope you liked it!

I owe everything to my loyal and awesome readers.

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Without further ado, good bye!