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New story! Ok the down low is this, I call this Holy Water, after the song mentioned above. Bella moved to Forks as an 8th grader and met Jacob Black, they became friends. But after a while Jake wanted more then her friendship.

One night he is staying over at her house and he rapes her. She of course is traumatized for life, then the Cullen's move to town. Will Edward be able to help put the light back in her eyes? (Listen to the song to know what I mean if you don't understand or ask in a review!?(She winks ;) )).

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Chapter One


I was so lifeless. Dead inside, ever sense that night…the thought made me cringe as the flashback roared up showing itself…

Flashback- Bella is a freshman and Jake is staying the night

I was sitting with Jake in the living room, I didn't like that he was staying over tonight; but Charlie had invited him. Jake had been acting weird around me lately; touching me in uncomfortable ways, looking at me funny, and getting a little awkward around me.

The movie we were watching was ending and Charlie was still out fishing, him being gone was making me nervous, I was scared to be alone with Jake. I had been getting weird vibes from him all through the movie.

The credits came over the screen and I stretched. Jake did the same but was staring at me in a way that made me stop immediately. I repositioned my self on the armchair and crossed my arms over my chest.

"What do you want to do now?" I asked him.

"I don't know, what'd you want to do?" he asked me. I hated it when people asked me what I wanted; I preferred to do what others wanted.

I thought for a second, "I have board games in my room," I said.

His eyes lit up with to much enthusiasm, "cool," he said getting up. I got out of the chair and lead the way to my room. I could feel his stare at my ass, so I went quickly up the stairs, going right to my closet; I grabbed whatever my hand had touched first.

I tensed as I heard my door close…and lock. I turned slowly, Jake was admiring me openly, staring at me in inappropriate areas. He cocked his head to the side, "Jake, why did you lock the door?" I asked.

He shook his head, "really Bella, can't you guess?" he asked in an evil tone.

Sure I could…but I was hoping I was 100 percent wrong. He took a step forward and reached out for my chest. I jerked back falling into my closet.

He made a frustrated sound, "this can be pleasure, Bella, or painful. It's up to you either way."

I knew then I was right to an unknown degree. I didn't want what he did. I stayed on the floor wide-eyed and slowly moving back against the wall under my window. His hand grabbed the back of my neck and I cried out, he jerked me off the floor throwing me on the bed.

"I guess you want painful Bella. Well, that's your choice. Then he was on top of me, completely naked, I closed my eyes as he ripped my Pj's from me along with my undergarments.

He ran his hands down my body and I tried to get away, he grabbed my throat, "the more you move Bells the more it will hurt."

Then I felt searing pain in every fiber of my being. It took all I could not to scream.

I folded my arms on my table in study hall and started to cry. I felt the teacher tap my shoulder. I jerked from the sudden touch, still in the flashback. Mr. Repp was looking at me with concern, "Bella, are you ok?" he asked.

I was far from it. I wanted to run far away from here, but I managed to choke out through my tears, "Yes…Mr. Repp…I'm ok."

He pursed his lips then looked over at the other study hall teacher. She nodded and came over sitting across from me. Mrs. Wittrock was my favorite teacher in the school. She was the only one I ever shared my terrifying past with. She acted like Renée when I moved here to be with Charlie.

"Another flashback?" she whispered. I wiped my eyes on my sleeves and nodded. She had a sad look in her eyes, "do you want to be excused?" she asked and I shook my head no, she looked over her small glasses, "are you sure? You could go home," she suggested.

Back to the scene of the crime? That was the last thing I wanted, and the thing I wanted most. I shook my head, "I'll be fine, thank you, Ann," Mrs. Wittrock let me call her by her first name Antoinette, but I called her Ann for short. She gave me a smile and got up, whispering to Mr. Repp that I was ok.

I sighed and put my iPod on, pressing play and it played a song called 'Life is a Highway,' by Rascal Flatts.

Later after school

I walked out to the parking lot not seeing the other people around me. I unlocked my trucks driver door and got in, taking a deep breath as I started it and drove away.

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