Full Summary:

As the only daughter of a Texas Ranger, sixteen-year-old Maniya has always had to act like a grown up. But now that her father is dead, she's taken over the family business. She's been pursuing a band of Outlaws for ten days when she rides into Harmonville. Will they help her catch these men?


Hi, my name is Maniya and I am sixteen-years-old. My father was a Texas Ranger and my mother was of the Cheyenne tribe. They married and my father quit being a Texas Ranger for awhile and stayed with my mother's tribe. But when the white men started encroaching on the Cheyenne land, he decided to take up being a Texas Ranger again to keep his family safe. Shortly after trying to keep his family safe, the white soldiers attacked the village, killing nearly everyone.

The Chief, my mother's father, never blamed my father for the attack. He had tried to prevent it. But in trying to prevent an attack from happening, one was issued on the village all the same. My father couldn't get back in time to save those in the village, but he told my grandfather that he would enact a revenge that the Cheyenne had never seen before. And in doing so, I was left with my grandfather. All those that were killed in the village attack, including that of my mother Snow Bird, were buried in the tradition of our people.

Shortly after enacting revenge on the soldiers that had attacked the village, my father was captured and hung for his crimes against the white people. I, being only young thing at the time, promised my father's spirit that I would take up reins and be just like him, a Texas Ranger. Life was constantly filled with hardships from that moment on and I knew that I would not be looked upon as a normal child anymore.

When I turned sixteen, I left my people on the Reservation we had been ordered onto and journeyed to Texas to look for the leader of the Texas Rangers. When I found him, he was looking at me like he knew me or something. When I told him who I was and who I was related to, he said that I could have the job for fifty dollars a month if I wanted it. I took the job, along with my father's horse, which had been given back to the Texas Rangers after my father was killed.

Thus began the journey to take down the worst criminals the 1800's had seen in a long time. For the next two years, I rode all over Texas and the surrounding properties and caught the criminals and took them back for my pay. Most of the men I took in were mad that a girl had been able to capture them in the first place.

The fact that I was part white, part Cheyenne meant that I had my mother's blood in me as well as my father's. I kept my medicine bag around my next under my shirt so that no one was able to steal it. The bag also carried most of my money as I did not want people knowing where I kept it. My whole life revolved around the two horses I owned and my being a Texas Ranger and all.

Two years is a long time to harbor feelings most people wouldn't want to harbor or had already let go. But as I rode into town for the first time since starting out after the Dooley Gang, I knew that most people probably wouldn't understand why I chose the profession that I did and I really didn't care. I was there for one thing and one thing only. The Dooley Gang was known to hang around Harmonville and I was going to be arresting them one way or another.