Hey guys, I know I promised an epilogue to this story but now I'm thinking I should just start the sequel.

I kept trying to write the epilogue all week, it was basically just Vivian and Gabriel getting married and all the loose ends being tied up. But I think for the most part the last chapter did that and writing an epilogue would unnaturally prolong the story. I'm ready for the next adventure and so is Vivian, so I will not be posting an epilogue. Imagine the Vivian/Gabriel wedding however you believe it should go, those are the best endings anyway, the ones you get to choose for yourself : )

So Tomorrow I will post a new story (the sequel) and I hope you will put me on author alert or be on the look out for it on the BaC page so you get to continue to share the story with us (Vivian and I).

Thanks again to everyone who has read this story and loved it. The last time I checked there was almost as many favorites and alerts as there were on the hit list for each chapter and that's amazing considering how many hits this thing got! So thanks for reading this thing I worked hard on, it means a lot. And thanks to the people who reviewed. Those reviews light up my day when its blue, and I want you to know I appreciate you! (I rhymed again, now you know its come full circle, lol) I gained so many friends from this story and that means a lot too!

Thank you, :D melissaturkey