Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Ziva never expected to see her long lost sister. She never expected to hear from her brother that he'd found the sister that had been kidnapped almost twenty years earlier. A year after she was born. Ziva never expected to see her younger sister again, though they were only a couple only a year apart. But now her sister is caught up in a case. Can Ziva help her out in time? Or is she doomed to lose her sister a second time?

The Call:

Special Agent Ziva David was not an only child. Her older brother lived back in Europe, and her younger, though only a year younger, had been kidnapped over twenty years ago. There is only one picture of all three of them together. It was taken shortly before she was taken. Back then Ziva knew her sister to be named Allison David. But she was about to come face to face with her beloved sister once more.

The Elevator:

"Ring! Ring!" Ziva's cell phone went off on her way to work.

"Hello, Ziva David speaking."

"Ziva, it's me David."

"David, how are you doing?"

"I'm good, but we need to talk. When's the best time we can get together?"

"Umm...come by my work around two o'clock and tell the desk your related to me. They should let you up. I'll be at my desk."

"Thanks Ziva. I'll see you around two. Talk to you later."

"Bye David." Ziva walked into work right as she said goodbye. Tony and McGee looked up as she hung up the phone.


"New guy you're going out with Ziva?" Tony asked.

"Nope; that was my brother, David. He's in town and wants to talk. He's coming in around two. So do we have a new case or what?"

"We have a new case. Boss is with the Director at the moment so we're just waiting for him to tell us what the case is. So I noticed the picture of three kids on your desk. Would you like to enlighten us on who they are?"

"It's me, my brother David and our younger sister Allison. Allison was kidnapped over twenty years ago. We were only a year apart so I didn't know what was going on until I was older. David told me what happened when I could understand better. We've been trying to find her ever since. I was going to see Abby and see if she could have the photo Digitally Enhanced to what Allison would look like now, but I had to get the photo first. It just hasn't been the right time yet. I might do it when David gets here."

"So what made your parents name your brother David? Seeing as your last name is spelled the same way as David is spelled."

"You would've had to ask them. They died in a car crash a couple years ago."

AN-I don't really know if this is correct or if she has a brother or sister. I've just made up her brother and sister. I also wrote this before I knew that Ziva killed her brother and that she never really had a sister or that her parents are really dead. Her father is Prime Minister or something in Israel. I don't know about her mother.