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It Takes Two

Scent of a Woman...or Two

I wonder what's bothering him…

Kagome watched and wondered silently as InuYasha paced up and down the edge of the river, right outside of the village, looking more restless than she had seen him in a long while. Walking back and forth, Inuyasha's face was turned down in a slight scowl, looking down at the ground. Kagome was surprised to hear that it seemed he was actually talking to—no, arguing with—himself. Although her hearing wasn't perfect, she managed to catch a few words.

"What is this…stupid, damn… it won't… dammit…" He growled, putting his arms in the sleeves of his haori.

"Why is he so stressed?" Kagome wondered aloud, peeking from over the log she was crouching by. "Ever since we finally beat Naraku, the only things that have made him act this strange are the times when Koga or Sesshomaru are around. And even then, he never talks to himself." She sighed in confusion before hearing the light, yet firm, footsteps of someone approaching her.

"What are you sighing about Kagome?" Said miko turned as Sango walked over to her, running her hands through her hair to smooth it after having changed out of her slayer's outfit while training.

"Sango, what are you doing out of bed?" Kagome asked gently. "I thought you'd need a bit more time to deal with—"

"Forget about it," replied the slayer pointedly. "Really, I'm ok Kagome," she added, seeing the worried look on her friend's face. Though perhaps Kagome's concern was to be expected, Sango mused. After all, it had only been a few days ago that that monk—her fiance—had left the village. Miroku had explained to her that he was simply unable to fully commit himself to one woman, no matter how much he tried.

For everybody's sake, Sango, I cannot stay in the village. No matter how much I may care for you, in the end, I just can't change who I am. And to avoid causing tension among the others, I must leave. I am sorry…

Those had been his words to her before he turned and walked out of the village, and out of their lives. Out of her life.

"Don't worry Kagome," Sango said again. "I think I always knew that it would have to end this way, so maybe I was able to prepare myself for when the time came." Her eyes turned downwards, a small smile coming to her lips. "I was more upset at first, but now I feel a little better. Thank you Kagome," she finished, looking back up at her friend as she said it.

"Thank me? For what?"

"For being there of course." Sango smiled at her, though she turned her head to the side as a gust of wind brushed over her skin. Kagome, too, turned away from the wind until it died down, before looking back at Sango.

"Um, Sango," she said, running a hand through her raven-dark hair and pointing at her friend's kimono, the top of which had been slightly blown to the side by the wind, revealing more of Sango's delicate skin than she perhaps cared to show. But strangely, Kagome found herself unable to look away as she told Sango. Her eyes remained fixed on the soft mound of flesh that had been partially revealed. If the wind had blown any harder, Kagome thought nervously, she might have even seen her best friend's ni—

"Oh! T-thanks," stammered the slayer as she quickly shifted the cloth back over her exposed breast. She looked back to Kagome, and was surprised to see an intense blush come across the miko's pretty face.

Was she… Did she just… and she likes it? Sango wondered, although the thought that Kagome had been blushing because of her turned her own cheeks red. She was even more shocked to find a small, warm sensation flicker on and off deep within her core. The two girls stared at each other for a moment, before Kagome turned back towards the river in embarassment.

Wh-what was that I just felt?!" Kagome asked herself in astonishment. Did I just peep at Sango? No, I couldn't have…but I did! And I liked it…?! Oh, no…" She panicked further when she felt the tiniest bit of dampness form on her panties, thinking of what else lay beneath Sango's thin layer of clothing.

"Kagome?" Sango's voice broke Kagome's thoughts and calmed her down somewhat, as she took a deep breath to try to compose herself. Sango moved next to her friend, somehow suppressing the heat she felt between them, and stared in the same direction, over at the obviously disgruntled Inuyasha. Though he was no longer pacing, as Kagome noted, he was now hopping from one branch to the next in a circle of trees, just as restless as before.

"What's with InuYasha?" Sango turned and asked Kagome, who looked at her in return. Kagome sighed again, both she and Sango crouching beside the log.

"Oh, I don't know… He's been moody the past few days, but he only started acting like this earlier today."

Sango turned and looked at the frustrated InuYasha. "You're really worried about him, aren't you?" she asked the miko, who nodded slightly in response. Sango smiled weakly.

Be happy that you have someone to worry about Kagome, she thought to herself as she watched the hanyou who Kagome obviously wanted to be more than friends with. She watched him leaping through the hair, and couldn't help but notice how graceful he looked, gliding across the trees, the sun reflecting off his white hair as it flowed behind him. Sango swallowed as she realized that this was InuYasha she was thinking about! This was the half-demon that her best friend loved! Sure, Sango admitted to herself, she had always found InuYasha attractive, but Kagome obviously loved him, even if she would never admit it. So, why was she looking at InuYasha this way now, Sango wondered.

Kagome turned her back to the river and pulled her knees to her chest. "And you know him. Asking Inuyasha what's wrong won't get any answers, he'll only get angry and say—"

"What the hell are you two looking at?!"

InuYasha had pounced silently right besides the two girls, making them yelp in surprise and jump onto their feet.

"InuYasha! Don't startle us like that!" Kagome yelled and put her hands on her hips. "Sit boy!"


InuYasha fell flat on his face in front of them.

"Dammit, Kagome…" he growled, spitting dirt out of his mouth as he tilted his head up. But as he did, his eyes slowly widened in what seemed to be awe. The miko raised her eyebrow. "What is it InuYasha?"

"Um, Kagome," Sango poked her friend and traced a line in the air with her finger. A line that started at InuYasha's wide eyes and curved upwards, going right up into Kagome's…

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! SIT BOY!" Kagome screamed as she pushed her legs together firmly, turning away as InuYasha's body left a deeper hole in the ground. She let out a huff and walked back to the village.

First with Sango, now with Inuyasha. Kagome felt the wetness beneath her skirt increase, felt her body get hot at the two people who had made her feel this way. If only they had cold showers in this time, she lamented.

"What the hell was that for?" InuYasha asked Sango as he slowly rose to his feet. The slayer narrowed her eyes at him.

"You're more of a lech than I thought InuYasha."

The hanyou's face turned red. "W-what? I wasn't looking at anything!"

"Of course you weren't," she replied, turning to follow Kagome back into the village.

"Wait, Sango."

The demon slayer looked back at Inuyasha, who had a confused look on his face as he walked over to her, tilting his head slightly.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Before, when you two were talking… There was a good smell on the wind. It was hot, had kind of a salty feel. Did you smell it too? Do you know what is was?"

Out of all the faces that had turned red today, Sango's blush topped them all, feeling a slightly more powerful throb between her legs at the memory of what had happened between her and Kagome before.

"InuYasha…" she said softly, then glared at him coldly. "Mention that again, and you're a dead dog." She turned again and stormed off back to the hut, leaving a scared hanyou in the wake of her wrath. As she walked back though, she realized that the tingling sensation inside her wasn't going away this time.

Is this feeling...because of Kagome? She asked herself, feeling an unbidden arousal as she thought over what had happened.

Watching her leave, that same scent wafted through InuYasha's nose, and a thought came to his head.

"Could that be the reason why I've been feeling this way?" He wondered aloud.

You know it is

InuYasha growled lowly as his inner youkai spoke what he had just been thinking. "I thought I got control over you," he said angrily.

How can you expect to control me, when you can't even control yourself? His youkai asked.

And, as if on cue, InuYasha felt his body get hot at the scents he had smelled, and where he knew they must have come from. Then something twitched beneath his hakama.


To be continued...


Next time:

Has InuYasha realized what the reason is for his recent restlessness? Kagome and Sango have also become restless, and perhaps a chance encounter will get them even more so.

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