Silly Boys

Silly Boys

Title: Silly Boys

Author: Smenzer

Rating: G

Pairing: None

Genre: Humor, poetry

Teaser: Hermione carries a message for Dumbledore to the Owlry during a winter storm and discovers a surprise. Set during 4th year. A story in poem format.

DISCLAIMER: The characters are not mine. They belong to Rowling or whoever owns the Rights to Harry Potter.

Author's Note: This was written in reply to a poetry challenge. The challenge was to use the words: Hermione, Victor Krum, Charms, Owlry, Chocolate flavored ice cream and centaur.

Hermione trudged through the snow

Oh how the wind did blow!

Her books heavy in her arms

Especially the extra thick one for Charms

A letter was clutched in one hand

About Dumbledore hiring a band

On a mission for the Headmaster was she now

Nor would she run afoul

The owlry came into sight

The wind chill giving her a nasty bite

Mindful of ice did she go

Hoping not to meet any Slytherin foes

The stairs were slick with ice

Careful or she'd tumble downward like dice!

Laughter drifted downward from up on high

The voice sounding low, like a guy.

Who could be up there in all this cold,

Someone stupid or someone bold?

Higher and higher did she climb,

The wind gusting harder all the time

Finally the doorway did she meet

As she numbly stomped her feet,

Snow and ice falling off her shoes

Surely her toes were turning blue!

And low and behold what did she see?

Victor Krum eating chocolate flavored ice cream!

How did he ever make a Quidditch team,

eating junk like that?

It will make him FAT!

Even odder was that Victor wasn't alone

There was a centaur holding a chocolate cone!

How a centaur climbed the icy stairs...

They didn't have claws like bears!

Boys, Hermione thought, had no brains

They are sure to have lots of pain

Eating ice cream in the freezing air

Was it all some lame dare?

"Get back to the castle, all of you!

Or eating that ice cream will be the last thing you will ever do!

Its sub zero out there

You don't have a thick fur coat like a bear!

Madam Pomphrey you better go see

Or you'll pay a really high fee!

I have a letter I must mail

And in that I must not fail.

Now go and watch your step as you move down

Or you'll crash at the bottom with a frown!"

Off the two males did go

Both moving extra slow

Chocolate was smeared on their faces and hands

The icy gale blowing powdered snow onto them like a fan.

Hermione shook her bushy hair,

The wind whistling through the freezing air.

Boys were incredibly stupid you know

Why didn't they drink hot cocoa?

Well, enough of that! She would not dawdle here

She had a report to write on the Golden Hind, which was part deer!

It wasn't due until next week

Now why did people think her a geek?

The letter was attached and the owl sent off

She best get back to Hogwarts less she start to cough!

Down the stairs went she

Moving as carefully as could be.

Why she lugged the textbooks there and back

She should have left them in her pack!

The snow crunched loudly under her frozen feet

She couldn't wait to get into the heat!

The castle doors were just ahead

And through them she rushed, right for her warm bed.