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Summary: Sakura Haruno, a 750 year old vampire, a damphir no less, has been sent to high school, her biggest problem? She hate humans with a passion, and at her new school, she'll find that there is one she hates above the rest. YURI InoxSaku and maybe others.

M for: language, vulgarity, abuse and lemons.

Key: "Normal Speech" 'Thought/Emphisis'

Damphir, a special type of vampire that can stalk both the night and the day, this is what I am. My name is Sakura, Sakura Haruno; I was once a wealthy baroness, the youngest of the court. I was betrayed to death by the man I thought I loved at the age of seventeen, left in the woods with nothing, no food, no water, no knowledge of how to live off the land, only to be found by a vampire. I have been alive for more than 750 years; I yearn for death, I pray for it's sweet embrace, but it never comes. I wish for it even more so now that the Japanese government is sending everyone under the age of 19 to school, or should I say, everyone who looks under 19. Oh how I hate humans.


"Ino! Wake up or you'll be late!"

"I'm already up, Mom!" Ino called from the bathroom as she stepped into the shower to ready herself for school. Ino Yamanaka was the pinnacle of perfection, she was class president at Konoha High (1) captain of the debate team, captain of the cheerleading squad, was a straight A student and won every singe talent and beauty pageant Konoha ever held, and then there was the fan club she could do without. Perfection indeed.

She got out of the shower and brushed her long platinum blonde hair and teeth before throwing on her uniform which consisted of a white and blue sailor shirt and blue skirt that went down to about mid-thigh, and tying her hair back into a high pony-tail. She grabbed her bookbag and darted out the door shouting, "Bye, Mom, Bye, Dad!"

"Ino! What about breakfast?" her father called, 'Oh snap!' she ran back in and grabbed a slice of toast before departing once more, "I swear, that girl'd lose her head if it wasn't attached to her neck."


'Goddamn motherfucking government,' Sakura Haruno made her way to the school the government had assigned her to. Wearing tight black jeans and a white shirt instead of the ridiculous uniform they had given her, and a pair of dark sunglasses shielding her bright emerald eyes, 'if they were smart they'd keep a file on me and know that I've graduated high school ten times since 1960. At least if they came after me I'd have a reason to kill them.'

The pink haired damphir had been around long enough to know that if a government official was killed, a very in depth investigation would ensue. Hence the reason she left America after an incident with the FBI and a couple of homesteaders.

She rounded a corner into the school yard and grimaced as she watched the last of the students pour through the doors as the bell rang, 'Simpletons.'

She made her way to the principal's office, but not before getting knocked over by a speeding blonde boy, "Sorry!" he called back, 'You're number one on my list, asshole.' She stood up and dusted herself off and resumed her course. Outside of the office was a blonde girl sitting on a bench, she looked at the pinkette before standing up and straightening her uniform.

"Hi," she said, a little bit too perky for Sakura's liking, "I'm Ino Yamanaka, your class president," she extended her hand but Sakura just glared at her, "Uh, Tsunade-sama (2) is out on business at the moment, so she charged me with showing you around the school, Sakura-san. And we do have a dress code." Ino eyed the girl's outfit.

"I don't do skirts, and get something straight, blondie, I am not your friend, and by that logic, not on a first name basis." Sakura growled staring into Ino's azure eyes, "V-very well then, Haruno-san," Ino regained her composure, "If you'll follow me, we shall begin the tour."

"I believe this is your first-period class," Ino looked at a copy of Sakura's schedule, "Introduction to Geometry, right?" Sakura nodded, "Alright, well the teacher is the best, if not a little…off."

Sakura cocked an eyebrow, "Don't get me wrong, Kakashi-sensei is the best, he just has a small porn addiction…Moving on."

Ino led her to the other side of the building, "Here's the Sex-ed room, Anko-sensei teaches here, just beware of Jiraiya-sama…"


"Oh, my apologies. Jiraiya-sama is the vice principal, and somewhat of a peeping tom. But don't worry, he's relatively harmless." Ino opened the door, "Anko-sensei teaches second period and up, so she isn't here now." The blonde led Sakura in, "Anko-sensei can get a little extreme though…once she brought in several varieties of pornography to 'demonstrate various sexual scenarios.'"

"So is every teacher here some kind of perv?" Sakura asked as she looked around the room, "No, no, not at all, most of the teachers are normal in that sense." Ino explained as she led her out of the main building to the gym, "And in what sense aren't they normal?"

Ino didn't answer, but opened the door to the gym, "Come on, Lee! Three hundred more laps before we start our workout!" Sakura looked inside and saw a man in a green unitard and leg warmers, with his black hair cut into an old bowl style and thick bushy eyebrows shout at what looked like a clone of him sprinting around the gym, "Yes, Gai-sensei!"

The clone stopped dead when he saw the two, or more exact, when he saw Sakura. He ran up to her and stated, "Hello! You must be the new student! I am Rock Lee, and I would like you to be my girlfriend!"

"Go get her, Lee!" the original shouted while holding a thumbs up, "If you don't back off right now, I'm going to rip your balls off with my bare hands." Sakura growled at him, "Very well then! But I shall not give up until you are mine!" and with that he went back to his laps.

"That was kinda harsh." Ino remarked as she led Sakura to her fourth period classroom, "All men want one thing, and once they get it, they feed you to the wolves."

"Not all men, my Shika-kun loves me for me." Ino produced a locket and smiled at the picture inside, "I highly doubt that."

"Well who asked you!" Ino shot back, "Just show me the goddamn classroom so I can get you out of my face." Ino huffed at the pinkette's dismissal of her love, "Fine, here," The blonde opened a door, "Kurenai-sensei's history class." Sakura nodded to the red-eyed teacher before turning on her hell to return to her second period class as the bell rang.


Sakura entered the classroom a good ten minuets after the bell rang, "You're late," a dark haired woman stated bluntly, who Sakura assumed was Anko, "Name?"

"Haruno." Sakura said as she took the first available seat next to a shy looking girl with long lavender hair, "Haruno, Haruno… new meat, eh?" Anko quirked a smile, "Welcome to the hell of my doghouse."

"Whatever." Sakura rested her head on her arms, 'God I hate the daytime'

"H-Hello, Haruno-san." Sakura heard something that sounded like the coo of a dove, she looked to her right and saw the lavender haired girl poking her fingers together, "I-I'm Hinata Hyuuga, I-I hope we can be friends." she extended a milk white hand,

"I have no intention of making friends, Hyuuga-san." Sakura said curtly, "Oh." The Hyuuga went back to listening to Anko rant on about anal penetration until the door opened, "Sorry I'm late, Anko-sensei!" Sakura shot up as the blonde she'd spent the morning with entered the room, "Ino, take a seat, and welcome to the doghouse."

"Anko-sensei, can I take Ino-sama's detention for her?" another blonde in the class, who looked remarkably like Ino, stood up, "No, siddown!"

"Ino-sama! I love you!" the girl shouted as she sat back down, 'I hate this place already.'


"Alright, go to luch you lil sluts! And try to find yourselves some nice cock-meat sandwitches!" Anko shouted as the class left the room.

Sakura grabbed her lunch bag out of her locker and made he way to the lunchroom, "Haruno-san! Over here!" Hinata was calling to her, 'I swear, if she tries the buddy stuff again, I'm going to snap her in half.'

Sakura sat opposite the Hyuuga, "Haruno-san, this is Temrai-chan," she gestured to a tanned blonde, "Tenten-chan," a bookish looking brunette, "and here comes Ino-sama."

Sakura looked behind her and grimaced as the perky blonde made her way over to the table, 'Why is it that every time I turn around, there she is!' "Hey everyone!" the blonde sat next to Sakura, "Enjoy Sex-ed, Haruno-san?"

"About as much as I enjoy seeing you everywhere." Sakura muttered as she opened her lunch bag and pulled out a small plate, a fork, and a plastic bag with a pink substance in it. She opened the bag and dumped the mound onto the plate, "Ugh! What is that?" Temari choked and covered her nose, everyone else following suit, "God that smells like raw meat!" Tenten gagged,

"It is raw meat brainiac." Sakura stated as she took a bite, causing everyone to gag, "That can't be sanitary!" Ino exclaimed, "Like I give a rat's ass." Sakura replied as she took another bite from the mass.

"What died?" two boys came up to the table, one with dark hair and a cool expression on his face, the other a stupid looking blonde, "Several cows." Sakura turned to face the newcomers and dropped her fork when she saw the blonde, "It's you!" she shot up, "Hey, aren't you that chick I ran over this morning, sorry 'bout that."

He scratched his head, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki," he extended his hand, 'Calm down, Sakura, just calm down.'

"Just watch your ass, moron." The pinkette went back to her lunch, "Who's the new broad? I like her." The raven haired male smirked, "Sasuke Uchiha." He too extended his hand, Sakura eyed him up and down, "Sakura Haruno." She shook his hand,

"Oh dear god!" Temari smirked, "Ice Queen was just civil to someone!"

Sakura glared at the blonde from behind her glasses, "Oh leave her alone, Temari-chan, I'm sure she's just nervous about being in a new environment." Ino mumbled from behind her clamped hands, "Happens to all of us."

"What gave you the impression I was nervous?" Sakura resumed her meal, she happened to glance at Hinata, who was pushing her index fingers together and stealing the occasional glance at the blonde moron, "H-hello N-Naruto-kun"

"Hey, Sasuke, I got some cherry bombs from Jiraiya's desk, and I think there's a toilet with our name on it."

"I'm game." The Uchiha shrugged before the two left the table, "S-Sakura-san, that's a nice name." Hinata once again tried small talk with the damphir, "Yeah, but I don't recall giving you permission to use it." Sakura said coolly as she packed up her trash and left the table,

"God, what a bitch."

(1) I know, Konoha High has been used a billion times, but it's all i could come up with without looking at an atlas of Japanese schools.

(2) I decided to try out the suffixes in this one.

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