Part Twelve

Mary hates con artists personally, Leo dying wasn't a big loss to society in her opinion. So she flew to the undisclosed location and opened the door to find Leo in bed with Greenlee and then bullets flew, everyone got down. In the last week, Danny didn't hear from Mary because she was trying like to hell to re-hide Leo and now Greenlee. So Danny went on with the kidnapping of Sam, little did he know that the people who shot that location up, who almost killed Greenlee and Leo spotted him with Sam. As expected Carly was half-hearty comforting Jason about this, Dixie was breathing down his neck and Kendall was there to comfort him as well, she knew the plan, she agreed to keep up the charade. Carly then encourage Kendall to go the extra mile and as Kendall was on her way to tell Jason, Zach was right in front of her. Danny and Sam were getting to know each other, no spark or chemistry but a friend and Danny had this feeling, they were being watched. Sonny was with the children; all four of them with Brenda and Jason came in with them. Brenda gave him a report, Danny had a call from Mary, the U.S Marshall, she told him about what happened and Danny knew that his feelings were confirmed.