Title: Portho's "Enterprise Premier" Log - A Day in a Dog's Life
Contact: kelhapam@worldpath.net.
Series: ENT
Rating: G
Code: Porthos
Part: 1/1
Date: September 2001
Summary: What is a puppy to do?

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc. I'm just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.
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Special thanks to Danae who's Delta Dog stories inspired me.

A Day in a Dog's Life

Who knew? Papa said "goferride" and just like I always do I got
very excited. I howled and jumped up and down. Goferride has
always been better than goferwalk or goferrun. I never did like
goferswim too much. Beagles don't like swimming as much as other

Anyway the other day he said "goferride" and I happily went a
long. How was I to know that this ride was gonna last this long?
So here I am stuck in this tin can. Couldn't Papa at least have
brought along a tree? Heck, I'd settle for a bush or a potted
palm! All these years of being a good puppy and not doing *it*
inside and now he expects me to? Does he have any idea what
constipation is?

Well things aren't all that bad. Papa keeps on talking about ths

End log.

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