Porthos' Impulse, 1/1, [ENT] [Porthos][G]

Title: Porthos' "Impulse" Log

Contact: kelhapam@metrocast.net

Series: ENT

Rating: G

Code: Porthos

Part: 1/1 NEW

Date: October 2003

Summary: What is a puppy to do on an away mission?

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Impulse Log 10/03

I know I haven't written in a long while, but Papa caught me last time, and then he put the computer thing up higher so I couldn't reach it. I don't know if he wasn't happy because I can write a better log than he can, or that I left doggie bone crumbies all over the keyboard...maybe both.

Well Papa went out on another mission, but this time forgot and left a storage box next to his chair and I was finally able to reach the keyboard again. Did you miss me? I know I've missed you, but I'm going to be really really careful this time. I don't want to get caught again. I haven't even touched the doggie biscuit Papa left for me. I've licked all my paws clean and I'm saving my treat for after I'm done.

First I should tell you that since I last wrote we went home for a bit...back to Earth. It was fun finding all my old trees and rocks in the dog park, but I was a little upset that the bush that I used to pee was gone. And they didn't even ask me if they could do it! I loved that bush! Every time I had to -- as Papa calls it "bleed the beagle" -- I'd do it behind that bush. It was nice and private. But not any more. Now with the bush gone, I have to go do my business out in the open near the ditch. It's just not the same. But just when I was getting used to all the changes, we had to get back on that tin can again! Then we went some place that was really strange. I don't like it when my doggie toys fly up into the air or when the water in my bowl splashes me in the face. Also when I goferwalks sometimes the floor moves up and down and sideways. Figures, just when I got my four space legs back, I have to worry about my four sea legs....It ain't fair! But it is kinda fun watching all my human friends falling over. Malcolm does pretty good though. Papa says he was born with sea legs Maybe I'll go see Malcolm and see if he can give me some tips for walking when the decks rolling.

Regarding the search for the Bitch...I'm still looking, but I don't even know if she's on the ship any more. I don't hear her name much. But I do know Phloxie has more animules in his place. I can't wait to terrorize the tribble and the bat!

Right now, I think I better get down and see if Papa has a pair of slippers I can chew on until he gets back, it might help quiet my tummy.

End Log.

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Since the previous log was written in early 2002, "Remi" my inspiration (our black lab), contracted lymphoma and was put to sleep the end of last year. In August, on the way back from a vacation in North Carolina, we brought back a puppy my daughter (who attends college in Virginia) rescued from a local pound. The puppy's name is Tucker (the daughter named him, and didn't name him after Enterprise's Chief Engineer). I added the middle name of Remus after the werewolf in the Harry Potter books. He's 6- 1/2 months old now, is about 23 lbs., and appears to have a lot of terrier in him. I won't make any promises as to any more logs...it all depends on my muse and inspiration. Thanks to all in the past (and hopefully future) who have left reviews.