Last Day, First Day Pt1

It was a sunny June day, that adolescents would love to enjoy by the pool, but they spent the first half of the day in school and the last part was just as boring.

"Why the hell do we have to be in this damn basement on the last day of school, its summer we should be going to Rangiku's party or something" red head with the torn jeans and plain black shirt yelled.

The tall girl in the yellow white polka dot dress and dark brown hair answered his question in a calm but confident manner, "It may the last day of summer, but it is going to be the first day you guys take the band seriously, I'm not even in it and I am more serious than you Renji"

"Look Miyako I get what you're saying but why should we take it so seriously we don't even have a singer, and the only person who can sing refuses to do so" said the black haired boy with glasses wearing a baby blue polo and fitted jeans.The person who he was referring to was Miyako calling her out.

"Hey she's the manager how much do you expect from her" The tall black hair boy with blue eyes, loose blue jeans, and a red polo protected his girlfriend.

"Yay your only saying that cause she's dating you Kaien. I don't understand why you believe you care about the band if you won't become our singer when you know you can sing!" Kaien's twin answered wearing black pants with a grey shirt striped with a darker grey. He and Kaien looked just alike except he had orange hair and hazel eyes.

"What is wrong with you people! Gosh just calm down who argues about who cares more about the band you guys sound like five-year-olds. I brought chocolate chip cookies and only Orihime is eating them." The spiky hair girl with loose cargo pants and a white wifebeater stated. She always cooked whenever the band practiced. It was mostly for her boyfriend Renji, he could never concentrate on an empty stomach, but it was also for the well-being of the band if she didn't cook Orihime would cook up something weird like tuna and cheese sugar cookies.

The oranged hair with the pink tank and light blue skinny jeans girl blushed she had two cookies in her mouth as she sat own her boyfriend (Uryuu)'s lap. "Umm... well, they were delicious and they look lonely."

Ichigo hated the fact that all his friends paired up with each other when high school began. It was now the end of sophomore year and he was single. He did have girlfriends in the past but never as long or as serious as his friends. Tatsuki and Renji were the "badass couple" so the students at the school said. They were both hot headed and tough, no one messed with them. Orihime and Uryuu were "the beauty and the geek". People just couldn't believe how Uryuu ended up with such a bombshell like Oriime. His twin brother, Kaien and his girlfriend Miyako were the "perfect couple". They were compared to fairy tales Kaien was the prince tall dark and handsome. Miyako was a beautiful princess in the eyes of their classmates. All of this just made Ichigo gag.

"Well, since we are all here why don't we just start practicing" Ichigo announced while grabbing his guitar. Uryuu grabbed his guitar while Kaien grabbed his bass. Renji stuffed three cookies in his mouth while grabbing his drumsticks and sitting in position.

After a few hours of practice they all sat and talked about the school year. Miyako was on Kaien's lap, Orihime was next to Uryuu snuggling on his chest, and Tatsuki was on the floor between Rengi's legs while he rubbed her shoulders. Ichigo felt awkward and leaned against the wall.

"So, Ichigo I always wondered" Renji started

" What Renji?" Ichigo asked sharply.

"Damn I try using a nice tone with you and you snap."

"What is Renji?!"

"Well, what kind of girl are you interested in because it seems like no one in our school wait unless your gay are you gay Ichigo or mayb you can't really love anyone cause your a eunuch or something. Did someone chop off your tes-"

"No!! I'm not gay and I most definetly not a fucking eunuch!!"

" Yay what is your ideal girl?" Orihime wondered out loud it wasn't suppose to be outloud. It wasn't as if she liked him she used to but figure that would never work quite quickly but she always wonder what was his type.

"Well… I guess my perfect girl would be petite, with raven hair, like the night sky and just below the shoulders, big navy blue like the glittering ocean, beautiful soft porcelain skin.."

"Damn you didn't have to sound so gay" Renji barked. Ichigo threw a the last cookie at him. Renji picked it out his hair and stuffed it in his mouth. "Okay well tell me about her personality"

"Well I definitely would like a rocker, someone who would enjoy our music not be bored with our practices. She would have to be rudely blunt, have a big appetite, but would know how to act civilized at the appropriate moments."

"Weird… I guess whatever you like, but good luck finding someone like that" Tatsuki said. Not many people fit tha description especially since it was so specific

Then someone's phone went off 'well we got no choice all the girls and boys making all that noise' Miyako answered her phone.

"School's out by Alice Cooper? I thought someone liked school said something like 'my biggest goal is to further my education' in your essay for english class. I knew you were just butt kissing to get an 'A' on the assignment." Renji smirked.

Miyako rolled her eyes and ignored him "Hello… who is this? ...Your kidding I can't believe that we haven't talked in forever… What? … No way! …. I can't believe that, that's awesome… No I'll pick you up… You want to come right away… no it's not a big deal… Awesome so tomorrow… Can't wait bye"

"Who was that?" Kaien asked.


"Who's Rukia?" Orihime asked confused

"She was my best friend until we were seven. We met when we were four at our singing class. Then when she was seven she moved to New York with her brother but now their moving back. I'm so excited" Miyako looked so happy.

"Can she sing?" Ichigo asked

"Your worst than Miyako, Ichigo, all you care about is the band" Uryuu commented

"Well she was good.. but Ichigo that's like way before puberty so a person's voice changes and maybe she lost interest in the whole singing thing ya know kids explore their interests when their young searching for their talent and passion.",Miyako answered looking at him he always knew how to give a person that scary look that made them intimidated…,"we'll see if she's up to the challenge, but don't expect anything"


Everyone left Miyako's basement at 7:30. Kaien and Ichigo arrived to their house at 8:00. They were greeted by their dad's foot in the air which they both dogged. Isshin Kurosaki ended up slamming into the wall and had a giant bruise on his head. "Very good my sons!!" Isshin Kurosaki answered while rubbing his foot. "Your reflexes are incredible maybe I should begin to get even more sneakier."

"Dad if you even think about!" Ichio yelled. He knew his dad was crazy what if he walked on him while he was in the bathroom his dad was just crazy enough to do that.

"Kaien, Ichigo your late for dinner extremely late. Karin almost ate your food!" Yuzu said. She was wearing a lavender hoody dress. Karin just smirked; she had on black basketball shorts and a white shirt on which read 'I'm with stupid' with an arrow pointing to the left. She was standing just right of their father.

Ichigo and Kaien at their dinner rapidly. They went to their room which they shared and talked about this Rukia chick.

"so you want to see if she can sing" Kaien asked

"Of course dumbass or I wouldn't have asked." Ichigo replied rudely, he did that a lot/

"Okay, but like Miyako promised don't expect anything from the girl." Kaien answered. It was weird how Kaien was only eight minutes older than Ichigo but felt like he was eight years older.

"So are you ever going to tell them you can sing" Kaien asked

"I don't sing anymore and you that" Ichigo barked.

"Ya but don't be a hypocrite you know about Miyako. I understand Uryuu and Renji with that even though they should back off Miyako does a lot for the band she just doesn't like to sing rock ya know and she said something about if we ever made it big she wouldn't want such a crazy life. She thinks managment is a calmer and less crazy career. However, you won't sing for because mom died, but that doesn't make sense cause you know mom would want you to sing."

"Anyway its 11:30 I'm tired I don't know about you so goodnight" Kaien said with a yawn and slept.

"Ichigo had a dream about a girl, not just any girl his dream girl. He heard her singing. It was a beautiful strong voice… not like those high pitched annoying popstars… but a beautiful alto voice from such a petite girl. He loved it.


Last Day, First Day pt2

A petite girl with raven hair stared out the balcony of her penthouse lazily. Her name was Rukia Kuchiki. Her family runs the ever so successful record label cleverly named "Kuchiki Records"

She looked down at the busy streets that were her home for the past nine years. She thought that New York City was such an ugly place. Not just by its appearance, full of cars, pollution, and trash. It was an ugly place which crushed so many dreams the dreams of adults, adolescents, and even children. It was a place that was surrounded by drugs, sex, and violence.

She reminisced about her childhood. She remembered the small town in Japan where she was born and partly raised, Karakura. She thought of her first day in the singing class she begged her parents to attend. She loved to sing, she sang for her mother, her dad, and her older brother, Byakuya. So many good memories she had while singing and her brother denied her the right to pursue it as a career. He told her that the music business was bad for the artist and that being the head of a record label was a much safer position, and that is what he wanted her to do. She hated his reasoning she sang all the time and still did when no one was around. She remembered singing with Miyako, her best friend the only best friend she ever had. Rukia thought she would give her a call later… hopefully her number didn't change in the nine years that past.

"Rukia I bought you something to eat" Byakuya said, "You'll need to eat before the going away party tonight"

"Hi Byakuya" Rukia stared at the fruit salad dumbly. She really wanted a chocolate muffin; her brother was always trying to make her eat "healthy". Honestly Rukia thought, my metabolism is so high, people already think I'm anorexic a chocolate muffin wasn't going to kill her.

"Are you going to miss New York?" Byakuya asked while eating his fruit salad.

"Umm… actually I was looking forward to going back to Karakura town."

There was a long pause, "Get ready for the party, I don't want to be late" Byakuya asked.

She scampered off to her bedroom to get dressed. Rukia put on her strapless red plaid dress on. It was just above the knees. She wore combat boots and a studded belt. She thought it was a good time to call her friend. She called the number she received more than twelve years ago.


"Hi this is Rukia uh Miya-"

"Of course I remember you're Miyako's friend from so many years ago do you want her cell number?" asked Miyako's mother.

"Uh thanks" Miyako's mother gave Rukia the number and she thanked her"

She looked at the number now in her phone, sighed and called it.

"Hi…this is Rukia… I know, listen I have something to tell you… I moving back to Karakura…no I'm pretty serious and so happy…umm if its not too much trouble, I wondered if you could come to the airport and-…cool can I come over to your place?... oh it's okay if you don't want me to…cool well I guess tomorrow at 9:45 a.m… I can't wait…bye."

She was overjoyed as she hopped into the limo next to her elder brother. He was stiff as usual. When the Kuchiki's arrived to the party it was packed. It was packed with secretaries, managers, artists, etc. that were apart of Kuchiki Records. Rukia spotted her "friends" or the only people she talked to but were never close to; they were the members of the only Japanese band apart of the label, Shinigami, though all their songs were in English. The members included Shuuhei, Senna, Ikkaku, and Yumichika.

"Hey, Rukia do ya think it's gonna be weird going back to a small Japanese town after being in a gigantic American city for so long?" Shuuhei asked. He always seemed to be like an older brother to Rukia more so than Byakuya because Byakuya was so distant from her and never showed any affection towards her.

"Ya but I'm excited, I have a friend there, it would be nice getting away from a place like this. And you know what else? I'll be able to see a cherry blossom tree again te first time in nine years" she smiled

"Oh wow I've never seen one before!" Senna said in her normal bubbly and preppy voice. Her parents were Japanese but Senna was born in America and never lived in Japan.

"It is really is quite beautiful, the most beautiful thing in this town well is me" Yumichika said. Rukia always wondered what the guy's sexual orientation. He was either a homosexual or a eunuch and therefore couldn't make anyone happy so decided to love himself.

Ikkaku pat Rukia on the back, actually it would have been a pat if it wasn't done with so much force, Ikkaku treated everyone like a body builder. "Hey try to have fun without us"

"Okay" Rukia said with a smile she was happy Ikkaku's 'pat' on the back didn't cause her to drop her shrimp cocktail.

The rest of the evening went through exactly as Rukia predicted. Women constantly flirting with her brother, though she always wondered why. Many people who she barely remembered said goodbye to her and many others didn't recognize her, most of them only knew Byakuya. Shuuhei and Senna making out. Yumichika looking in the mirror. Ikkaku constantly yelling at Yumichika for being a faggot. She laughed when appropriate and felt extremely bored.

After the party the two Kuchiki's arrived to their penthouse. " Did you enjoy your last day?" Byakuya asked with no emotion in his voice at all

"It seems almost like my first day than my last" Rukia asked as she rushed into her room. She left Byakuya with a confused look on his face, luckily no one was there to witness this very non Byakuya demeanor.