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"And the winner is Dazzle!" Soifong screamed into the microphone. Everyone had clapped for the winners, even if they were bitter about it.

After giving the trio their congratulations, the members of Bleach walked off the stage pretty angry, envious, and devastated. All that motivation and dedication went down the drain.

"Rukia I need to talk to you." said a monotonous voice.

The petite nodded at the ever so familiar voice of her elder sibling, the rest of the teens were about to leave because they understood it was meant to be a private conversation.

"Actually, I'd prefer to speak with all of you if it isn't much of a bother." Byakuya stated.

Shocked everyone stayed dead in their tracks silent. Ichigo, being on the rude side scracthed his head and asked, "Ya and what do you want."

"Watch you mouth boy, I'm deciding your faith here." a stern reply came from the more than pretentious mouth of the raven haired male.

"What! After all the shit you put us throu- fuck, Renji?" Ichigo asked after being kicked in the shin on the floor.

"Nope, but I sure wish it was me, I may be an idiot most of the time, but I know when and where and who it is I must be respectful to." Renji scoffed.

"It was me, you idiot," Kaien rolled his eyes, "Mr. Kuchiki, you can continue now that my brother is in a state of shock."

"Then I will proceed, you for a bunch of teenagers sure are intelligent, I can tell you have your heart in this and you mind set on it. No, I did not sign you because your still too young, I want Rukia to finish high school before the music career. Keep practicing and when you graduate we will work on the first album. I mean that's the least I can give you after everything I put you through. Trying to distract me, dressing up Rukia, lying to me, just to attempt at a chance in the music business. Do we have a deal?" Byakuya asked.

Everyone nodded, they didn't need to be told twice.

Before walking away from the adolescents dark haired man neared Ichigo, "You have a good voice, I just prefer if you don't use it anywhere but in music, at least around me." He smirked before turning. Ichigo was about to retaliate, but Renji and Uryuu grabbed him as Renji's hand covered Ichigo's mouth.

"I can't believe Byakuya made that deal with us, what have you and those Shinigamis been doing to him for the past years?" Miyako asked bewildered, her question obviously addressed to Rukia Kuchiki.

"I-I don't know. He sure is acting so different lately." Rukia said.

"AAwww, but you like it don't you, Rukia." Tatsuki poked her ribs.

"Ya, from what I gathered you guys didn't posses the normal sibling relationship. But now you guys remind me of Sora and my relationship," Orihime sang in her usual cheery demeanor.

Rukia let out a smile and a slight giggle. "There's only one thing that I hope never happens." Uryuu said with his hands in his pockets.

"What's that Uryuu?" Kaien asked.

The pale boy pushed up his glasses with a smirk, "Just that Mr. Kuchiki ever finds out that Rukia and Ichigo are dating each other."

"Funny," Ichigo spat sarcastically, he was sitting on the steps.

Rukia smiled and made her way next to the orange haired teenage boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek- in front of everyone making him turn a shade of pink, "You know I think Byakuya likes you, you are in reality a lot, and emphasis on a lot like him- atleast when he was younger."

"Ya right," Ichigo scoffed.

Miyako laughed, "You'd be surprised."

The four couples were there a couple of hours just talking about school, the future of the band, Ichigo and Rukia, and the next time they should get kicked out of McDonald's. In conclusion they were having useless casual conversation that is simply trivial for all adolescents. They were so focused on the conversation that they didn't realize that the club was almost completely the members of the Shinigamis entered from the back room to greet the teenagers.

"Hey Bleach kids what's up?" Senna jeered as she skipped to meet them.

"Oh hey Senna, guys," Rukia smiled, her head was resting on Ichigo's shoulder and he had a hand eneveloped around her tiny waist.

"So know were just known as 'guys'" Ikkaku joked.

Senna smiled, "Oh, that's 'cause I'm just that much more important."

Yumichka smirked, "Obviously not as much as Ichigo, look how lovey-dovey they are."

"WE ARE LOVELY DOVEY!!" Ichigo and Rukia said simultaneously with cherry colored blushes.

Shuuhei let out a laugh, "You guys aren't twins 'cause that'd be incest."

Tatsuki let out a sigh, "Does anyone else think it's odd that we can have a casual conversation with the famous Shinigamis?"

Miyako and Orihime nodded in agreement, "Now that you mention it!" THe two hooked there arms around Shuuhei's on either side, "We love you Shuuhei!" The brunette and red head cheered in infatuation as they nuzzled there heads into his shoulders.

Senna's cheeks puffed at this, "Shuuhei!"

"Aww, Senna they're just fans you know I love you. But being a rockstar and all, you know the ladies love me." The dark haired man attempted to reassure Senna only making her grow angrier.

"Fine I knew you never loved me," She turned around and folded her arms across her chest. Orihime and Miyako let go of Shuuehei and he ran over to Senna and spun her around so that she'd be facing him.

"Hey are you okay," He asked, his voice laced with absolute concern.

Senna looked up and smirked, "Gotcha!" she stuck out her tongue.

"Dumbass." Shuuhei narrowed his eyes.

"That makes you the dumbass doesn't it?" Senna raised an eyebrow.

The rest of the night followed that pattern. The next day the adolescents took their rode trip back to the great small suburb that was Karakura. Rukia went to high school for the remaining two years, fitting in perfectly with the students. Then there were kids like Keigo that just bothered her- but hey what can you really do in high school. She grew close to her friends and of course her boyfriend. Life was great it was everything Rukia ever wanted, ever desired, ever yearned for- she had the best friends, the best brother, the best band, the best record deal, and of course the best boyfriend ever. The summer following senior year Bleach recorded their very first album with Kuchiki records. What happened to the other bands? Well Dazzle became a major success and the Shinigamis as good as ever. Turned out the Sailor Scouts and the Vizards got signed with another record company- Squad 4 ran by Ms. Unohana- well let's say the future Ms. Kuchiki. She and Byakuya had been dating shortly after the competition and are now engaged. Turned out Mr. Aizen who ran the club was so moved by the Arrancars that they inspired him to start his own label Hueco Mundo Records and signed the band. After all that time they were still together- Kaien and Miyako, Orihime and Uryuu, Tatsuki and Renji, but most importantly Ichigo and Rukia. But I know you don't really care do you? What you really want to know is how are eight some are doing aren't you?

Well, after getting signed the band was a major success. Where are they now? Well, they just finished their world tour. Right now they are relaxing in the Kuchiki mansion in Karakura town. It was a sunny day, absolutely beautiful.

"So,who thought that we would actually make it this far? I didn't think so," Uryuu said holding a glass of coke in one hand while his right arm was around Orihime's shoulders.

"Damn Ishida, you are so freaking pessimistic. I knew we were going to be big and bad one day," Ichigo scoffed.

"Coming from the person who had no confidence in himself to sing again until til he was sixteen." Miyako, now at the age of nineteen with the position she always wanted- manager.

"It still all happened so fast," Rukia let out a smile she appeared to be reminiscing.

"And thank god, now I can afford to get fat because I already made it big." Renji jeered stuffing his face with shrimp.

Tatsuki rolled her eyes and grabbed a shrimp from his mouth, "You know this is only the beginning Renji- life as a rockstar won't become any easier. Soon the media will be everywhere, and they'll try to publicize everything you desire to keep private." she told him before biting the shrimp.

"Thanks, now I'm sure I can be optimistic about the future." Uryuu sighed.

"Hey as long as we have the hottest manager in all of the music business what is there to complain about?" Kaien asked winking at Miyako.

Ichigo smiled a sincere smile- ever since three years ago he couldn't stop smiling, obviously he blamed it on a certain raven haired girl with the most enticing irisis known to man, "I don't see it."

"Huh?" Orihime tilted her head in confusion.

"I don't see what there is to complain about," Ichigo ran his large hand into his orange mane, "I mean it finally hit and I can't believe how estatic I am. I mean we made it guys, against all odds, we made. Can you believe it? We're famous, we're playing music for a living. This is all we ever wanted- this was our dreams guys- and no matter how cheesy or corny it may sound, our dreams have finally come true. And I'm so stunned, shocked, jubilant, and just plain dazed about it all I can do is act so calm."

"Hey Ichigo, that was pretty gay," Renji said after a long moment of silence. Tatsuki jabbed him in the ribs as to say 'idiot,' but it was too late.

A vein popped on Ichigo's head, "Just because I can articulate and you can't doesn't mean that I'm 'gay' I'm dating Rukia!" Ichigo screamed into Renji's face.

"Like that even matters- you almost ruined our chance of fame three years ago when you almost dissed Byakuya Kuchiki!" the red haired man defended himself.

"Stop bringing up old shit!" the orange haired male yelled. Soon both of them we in yet another fist fight cause, well they are idiots.

Orihime smiled, "But then again some things never change do they?"

Everyone else laughed. "You know I really feel like getting kicked out McDonald's." Kaien laughed.

"Ya right, everybody's going to attack you for autographs." Miyako laughed.

"I know like Yuzu and Karin's friends. Man I can't believe they are seniors already." Kaien replied.

Uryuu smirked, "I can't believe we made it big by the time that they became seniors."

Rukia looked around at the life she had and couldn't help but be contempt. Like what Ichigo said, all their dreams had come true and that was all that really mattered. She never could dream that she would be such a lucky girl. She wanted it to always be like this, as long as she had everyone and Ichigo she would be happy for the rest of her life. Now she had what she always wanted a happy ever after- even if it did involve violence with orange haired and red haired men.

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