Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of their human character friends…I only wish to pay tribute to their greatness

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of their human character friends…I only wish to pay tribute to their greatness

A/N: Just a series of short chapters telling of a few young suitors who try to get sweet with Annabelle Lennox and Ironhide's method of dealing with them.

Boys, Meet my Truck

"Age 16: Daniel"

By Leah Wood

Outside Annabelle's school…

Ironhide waited patiently in the school parking lot, his timer synchronized with the closing bell. Though it was boring and often miserable, Ironhide would wait for Annabelle everyday to take her home from school no matter what the weather. During certain seasons he'd wait for Annabelle even longer to complete her after school activities. Still, he didn't mind. He once waited a decade for a ship to pick him up off a deserted asteroid belt—a few hours was no time at all.

There were times when "Uncle Hide" would "drive" Annabelle to school and then he was free to roam around the town, stretching his metal until the bell rang. That way he could avoid suspicion. Though, few of Annabelle's schoolmates had ever seen the young girl's elusive, mysterious "Uncle" who drove the biggest black truck ever spawned from an American auto factory—or rather, sparked and assembled on the Western Hemisphere of Cybertron during the Battle of Tyger Pax. All they got were brief glimpses of Ironhide's hologram when the occasion warranted an appearance. But, as Annabelle grew up he slowly began to recede his hologram's already minimal appearances so Annabelle could appear to have the independence every young human wanted during High School, as well as the idea that she could drive "Uncle Hide's" monster truck.

He felt rather awkward in the school parking lot since he was almost a whole car taller than most of the vehicles, even shading the biggest diesel pickups belonging to the resident cowboy students—even they dropped their jaws when he rolled into the lot and let Annabelle out. Never had a truck stirred so much attention. He remembered Annabelle receiving instant popularity when she jumped out on the first day of High School, which made him feel good since it seemed to help his charge. Though, it began drawing attention from the young boys as well—something Ironhide was not at all pleased with. He wasn't sure why but when any young male made advances on Annabelle he got very uncomfortable and when Ironhide got uncomfortable his Energon started to boil. He just didn't trust these hormonally charged boys around his youngling.

The bell rang shrilly and minutes later students began pouring out of the building. Only Annabelle's wavy blonde hair caught his attention as she made her way out. She was just about to set foot in the parking lot when someone called her name. Annabelle turned to see Daniel, the short-stop for the school's baseball team. Daniel was, as the young human females would say, hot. His hair was dark and always spiked in the front, his skin was tan from being out playing his sport, his eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and baseball had given him a very muscular, lean physique. Ironhide could already detect the joy in Annabelle upon seeing the good looking young male and he could also detect the hormones surging. He intensified his audio sensors to listen in.

"Hey, Anna. What's going on?" the young man asked flashing a smile.

Shyly, Annabelle clenched her books and looked down with a smile of her own, "Hi, Daniel. Oh…just going home."

"Cool. Cool. Say, I was wondering if maybe later we could hang out after my baseball practice?" he offered.

"No, she won't. Annabelle has to be home before dark and that sport practice ends around sunset."Ironhide thought to himself.

"Really? Where?" Annabelle's voice sounded excited.


Daniel shouldered his baseball cleats, "Meet me at second base. Maybe we could go grab some burgers or something."

"Sure!" Annabelle quickly harnessed her excitement, "Oh, I mean…sure."

The boy smiled and trotted off toward the baseball diamond.

Ironhide's sensors followed him and trained on Annabelle at the same time. She was definitely happy—much happier than before. Grinning broadly, Annabelle climbed into the awaiting Topkick and plopped down in the driver's seat.

"And just WHAT was that?" Ironhide inquired with great suspicion.


Her guardian's leather interior shifted just slightly, "Meeting a boy after dark when you clearly don't have clearance for such an activity."

Annabelle's blue eyes rolled upward and she growled with irritation, "YOU were listening in on my conversations again!"

"Can I help it if my auditory sensors are so acute?" the Topkick grated.

"Yes," Annabelle threw up her hands, "I know you can hear very well, but I also know you purposely aim them at my conversations."

The Autobot's voice lowered slightly, "Why did you agree to meet him?"

"Uh, duh, he's a total hottie." she answered.

"Don't you find it a little suspicious?"

Annabelle curtly put her books down on the arm rest, "What's so suspicious about it? Boys ask girls out. It's not that weird."

"After dark, ALONE?" Ironhide's voice rose with protective volume.

"We're just going out to eat." Annabelle argued.

The black Autobot was clearly perturbed, "Then WHY doesn't he have you meet him there? Why does he want you to meet him at the baseball diamond?"

"What difference does that make?"

Ironhide's audios, still focused on Daniel suddenly heard precisely what he'd suspected. "Listen to this then."

Through the radio, Ironhide projected Daniels voice straight from his audio receptors. He sounded like he was talking to another guy.

"No way! You really got Annabelle to meet you?" the other boy's voice sounded surprised and impressed.

Daniel's voice then replied, "Told you I could."

The second boy laughed, "Yeah, but you don't win the bet unless you get to 'second base' with her."

"Have I ever lost a bet when it comes to girls?" was Daniel's cocky reply. "Remember Jackie? I got her to go 'second base' on the first date. Annabelle will be no different."

Annabelle's mouth dropped open, her happy demeanor flittering into nothingness. She heavily leaned back in the driver's seat, the cruel words ringing in her head. Ironhide disengaged his radio. He didn't enjoy seeing Annabelle so unhappy but she needed to know the truth.

"How did you know?" the girl asked, that distant look plastered on her face.

Rolling out of the parking lot, Ironhide sighed, "I just know a set up when I hear one."

Annabelle's blue eyes were wet with hurt tears, "I can't believe I thought he actually liked me." She shook with anger, "Stupid asshole."

The weapons specialist gently slid a seat belt across his charge as he pulled onto the street, heading for home.


Later that night at the baseball diamond…

Daniel strode out onto the field, his hair slick from his after-practice shower. The night lights had switched on, lighting the field. He glanced around but didn't see Annabelle anywhere.

"Probably getting ready to see me." he thought smugly to himself.

In his mind he tried to plan out what he would say to woo his prospective date. He'd have to play his cards just right if he was to steal a kiss from her and then work his way up to something more. Girls were usually more than eager to make out with him, and judging from Annabelle's excitement she was probably ready to throw her panties at him.

"Yeah…she's probably got hot tits." he mused whimsically, already psyching himself up.

Just then a deep rumble of a truck engine sounded on the outskirts of the field and Daniel turned to see that big, black, tank of a truck Annabelle drove slowly squeezing through the gate that let the equipment truck onto the field. How such a small girl could drive such a huge truck was beyond him. The headlights burned brightly, practically blinding the teen. Rumbling gently as it idled down the truck stopped just short of coming onto the playing field. Daniel held up his hand, shielding his eyes as he approached the monstrous vehicle.

Friendly-like he waved and moved out of the light, "Hey, sweetness! Glad you could make it."

The door opened and instead of a small delicate foot, a large black boot stepped out. Daniel stopped his approach as a large man, probably 6'4 and easily 220 lbs shut the truck door. The hulking figure strode out into the headlights toward Daniel, unhurried. It was only when he came within a few feet did Daniel get a good look at him. He had blue eyes, strikingly bright blue eyes with a faint scar marring the edge of the right eye and a black Hogan-style mustache and short cut black and silver hair. Daniel guessed the guy was probably in his forties…maybe late thirties. Wearing a black tank top, a chain with a strange face-like insignia charm, a set of black cowboy boots, and dark pants, he barely showed up in the dimming light.

At last the big man spoke in a deep resonating bass, laced with a faint drawl, "Hello, Daniel."

"Who are you?" the teen asked nervously.

A thin smile cracked the weathered face, "They call me Hide."

Realization suddenly dawned on Daniel, "Hey…aren't you Annabelle's uncle or something?"

"Just a family friend." the man said, "Why are you out here? Ain't baseball practice over?"

"Yeah…yeah, it's over. I'm just waiting for some friends." Daniel lied. "Why are you here?"

Shrugging the man absently glanced skyward, "Needed some fresh air." He thoughtfully pointed a finger at the youth, "Say, don't you play second base?"

"Uh, short stop actually." the teen admitted.

The icy blue eyes narrowed, another smile forming; this one considerably more dark, "That's not what I've heard."

Daniel's eyes darted around, "Huh?"

Moving in a slow methodical circle around the boy the big man sounded introspective, "See, I've heard you play second base. I heard you LIKE second base."

From his odd tone the teen started feeling very nervous. Quite suddenly a large hand rested on his shoulder and squeezed.

"I also heard you like to get girls to GO to second base." The man's voice lowered an octave, his grip tightening, "You want to know what else I heard, boy?"

Daniel swallowed, shaking his head.

The voice became a menacing whisper, "I heard you wanted to take Annabelle Lennox to second base."

"No I…I…" the teen jerked away from him, holding up his hands defensively.

Mr. Hide moved toward Daniel, swinging his broad shoulders, "I don't LIKE to hear those things boy. When I hear things like that I just get…irritated." he tipped his head, "You don't want to irritate me, do you boy?"

"No! No sir. No."Daniel stammered.

Cracking his beefy knuckles, Mr. Hide pointed across the field, "Tell you what boy, since you like second base so much why don't you run to it?"

Casually, Mr. Hide opened his truck door and before getting in he uttered menacingly, "But if I were you…I'd run home—ALL the way home."

Daniel backed up a step. Suddenly the huge black truck revved its engine and surged forward. Running like the devil himself was after him, Daniel ran to second base and then to the outfield and then over the fence.