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Sixteen Years Later

"I don't care what you're friends are doing, you're not going to that party Kaitlynn and that's final," Don's aged voice boomed from the living room and Madalynn sighed quietly from the upstairs bedroom of the small home they had bought ten years earlier. She was tucking the youngest of their five children, five year old Damien, into his bed.

"It's a school function! Everyone will be there," came Kaitlynn's raised voice and Madalynn shook her head. Kaitlynn having Don wrapped around her finger ended about four years earlier when Kaitlynn started taking an interest in boys.

Now, Don did all but dust her for prints and shine an UV light on her when she got home. The price of having one of New York's finest for a father, and she knew the feeling. However, unlike Madalynn had been when she was a teen Kaitlynn was one of the more popular girls in her class. She'd grown into a beautiful young woman, and she'd caught the eye of many young men. Don of course noticed and barred her from dating until she was eighteen. Unfortunately she'd gotten Don's temper and stubbornness and fought him about it just about every weekend.

"Now, you get to sleep, Damien, and don't let their arguing bother you," Madalynn said softly before she kissed his forehead. Blue eyes that matched her husband's stared up at her, shining thanks to the light next to the bed and she smiled down at him.

"Katie makes daddy angry sometimes," Damien said. "I know daddy isn't mad at me so it's okay." Madalynn laughed quietly and shook her head as she clicked on the nightlight and turned off the light on the bed stand. "Night mommy."

"Good night, sweetheart," she said before she checked on nine year old Isabelle and eleven year old Kelsey, who were already asleep in the room they shared. Jeffrey was in his room and smiled at his mother as she paused at the open door. Just like she had been expecting Jeffrey had grown up to look just like Don, except his nose was more like Madalynn's and his jaw was more square like Madalynn's brothers. He was into heavily into music and the posters of his favorite bands littered the walls. His guitars, acoustic and bass, were settled on their stands. The acoustic guitar had been a gift from his Grandpa and Grandma Flack while the bass had been a gift from Madalynn's parents.

"So, how come you're not arguing with your father about going to that party?" Jeffrey tossed his long black hair out of his face and shrugged. The thick strands went slightly past his shoulders and no matter what Don said to him about, Jeffrey refused to cut it.

"I'd rather just hang at home tonight," Jeffrey said.

"Casey told me you brought Emma home today from school," Madalynn said with a small smile. "That was very nice of you." Emma was Casey and Emily's daughter, who was born six months after Don and Madalynn's wedding. Emily had kept her bundle a secret because she didn't want Madalynn's focus to slip from her pending wedding.

"They give her a hard time," Jeffrey said with a shrug and Madalynn noticed his slight blush. "I got tired of hearing it." Emma was on the heavier side and unlike Kaitlynn wasn't as socially inclined. However, Jeffrey's interest in the sixteen year old girl though missed by everyone did slip past his mother.

"Emma's a great girl, they just don't know what they're missing do they?" Madalynn asked as she stood up and smiled at her son as he tucked his hair behind his ears, a small smile on his face. He looked at her and in her son's eyes she saw the same look Don still gave her when they were alone.

"Yeah, they don't," he said and she winked at him.

"Good night, Jeffrey," she said and he chuckled.

"Night mom," he said back and Madalynn quickly made her way downstairs to intervene in the argument between her husband and their daughter.

"Do you know what kind of things can happen at these 'school functions'?" Don asked and Madalynn rolled her eyes as she walked over to him and put her left hand on his right shoulder and looked at her daughter, whose red faced matched her husband's.

"I don't know dad, maybe dancing, socializing, and fun!" Kaitlynn exclaimed.

"Hold on a second you two," Madalynn said. "I just got everyone tucked into bed upstairs, it's nearly nine o'clock, and this argument is getting old."

"Mom, dad is being ridiculous," Kaitlynn said as she turned her hazel eyes to Madalynn's. "He acts like I'm out having sex with every guy I've ever met and I haven't even had sex!" Madalynn felt Don's body tense under her hand and she gave Kaitlynn a reassuring smile.

"What time does the party at the school end?" Madalynn asked and Kaitlynn's eyes lit up.

"Midnight," Kaitlynn said honestly and Madalynn looked at Don only to see his heated blue eyes bearing down on her.

"It does get over at midnight, Don, Mrs. Kellan told me the same thing when I talked to her at the PTA meeting on Tuesday," Madalynn said before she looked at Kaitlynn who was all but smiling as she looked at her mother hopefully. "So long as you walk through that door no later than 12:15, Kaitlynn, you can go," Madalynn said as she let go of Don and faced her daughter. Kaitlynn smiled and hugged her mother quickly.

"Thank you! I'll be home by 12:15, I swear," Kaitlynn said before she grabbed her jacket, her bag, and left.

"Madalynn, why did you do that?" Don demanded after the door closed. In truth, Madalynn was surprised he hadn't pitched a fit when she told Kaitlynn she could go.

"Because I trust our daughter," Madalynn said simply and Don raised his eyebrows as grin slowly made its way across her face. "And because Danny and Casey are two of the chaperones tonight. They promised that they'd keep an eye on her and phone us if she leaves the party." Don laughed before he shook his head, suddenly much more at ease with the thought of his daughter at the school party.

"You're too smart for your own good," he said. "I knew there was a reason I married you."

"My intelligence turns you on Detective?" she asked teasingly and he chuckled before he raised his hands to Madalynn's face and pulled her to meet his lips in a searing kiss. "You know this always gets us in trouble," Madalynn whispered, breathless as she pulled back and looked up at him. "If we're not careful we'll end up in the middle of the floor and Jeffrey's still up."

"Well, our room's about twenty feet away," Don said just as breathlessly as Madalynn. They had taken the bedroom on the main floor of the house, and had given the upstairs rooms to their children. There bedroom was the only refuge the pair had, and they'd taken to it on several occasions over the years. "Do you think we could make it?"

"Possibly," she said grinning. "Feel like keeping busy while we wait for Kaitlynn to get home?" she asked in a whisper and Don chuckled.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you never have to ask?" he asked and she shrugged before he wrapped his arms around her, hoisting her from the floor. Madalynn laughed as she pressed a kiss to his lips and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Life was definitely good.

The End