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Author's Notes/Summary: This is a story idea that has been bouncing around in my head ever since I read a story where Naruto gets kidnapped and becomes a master thief. So I decided to use that concept of Naruto being kidnapped, but unlike that story, where it seems Naruto is taken to a place he likes, here Naruto is taken to a horrible place that changes him. This is an AU story where all the Genin are 15 when they graduate the academy, so in terms of strength they are somewhere between their cannon twelve year old self's and 15 year old self's. I will make some other changes that you will have to find out about later.

Chapter One – The Return

A blonde man in his mid twenties, wearing a Jounin uniform of Konohagakure no Sato, blue hitat-ate on his head, walked through a white hallway that smelled of antiseptic clearly identifying that the hallway was in a hospital. Over his uniform he wore a white cloak that had the Kanji for Yellow Flash on the back and flames running along its bottom. This man was Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage and hero of the Third Great Shinobi War, nicknamed "Konoha's Yellow Flash" for his famed Hiraishin technique. But, even though the Hiraishin made him virtually invincible on the battle field of war, against the challenges he now faced it was worthless.

Minato caught glimpses of the first challenge each time he passed by a window, the sight of a giant fox with nine massive tails being hard to miss. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful of the nine Bijuu, was for some reason attacking Konoha and just about every technique Minato had was useless. It was the 'just about' that had Minato walking through the halls of the Konoha Hospital instead of out there with his shinobi fighting the great beast. And, it was here in the hospital where he had to face his second challenge…fatherhood.

A few hours before the Kyuubi began its assault, his wife Kushina had gone into labor. At her last sonogram they had found out that she would be giving birth to twins, one boy and one girl. Several hours of labor, and one nearly broken hand for Minato, had led to the birth of the twins Namikaze Naruto and Namikaze Ayaka. These two represented the best hope for the survival of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Among the numerous jutsu Minato knew, there was only one that had a chance of defeating a demon. It had been a difficult decision to make, considering the price needed to pay to use it, but there was really no other choice. He had to use the Shiki Fuujin to seal the Kyuubi into one of his newborn children, at the cost of his own life.

As he reached his wife's room, he found two men waiting for him outside it. The fist was a man of moderate height who wore a set of long, primarily white robes. His head was bald and had a liver spot that showed his advancing age. Smoking on his pipe was the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi. Next to him was tall man that stood several inches above 6 feet. His clothing, which consisted of simple green trousers and shirt with a red vest and clogs were designed to help him blend into a crowd no matter where he went, even with the few pieces of shinobi equipment he visibly wore. The three most distinguishing features about the man was his long spiky mane of white hair, the red marks that created teardrop trails down from his eye, and the large scroll he kept strapped to his back. This was Jiraiya of the Sannin, student of the Sandaime and teacher of the Yondaime.

"Hello Minato-kun." Greeted the Sandaime.

"Yo gaki." Said Jiraiya.

"Sandaime-sama, Ero-sennin." Minato greeted. He noted how his sensei didn't even so much as scowl at his hated nickname. That meant there was something very serious on the Sannin's mind, and it probably had something to do with what Minato was about to do. "Is there reason why you two are here?"

"We could ask the same of you." Replied Jiraiya. "You're not even a Kage for a year and you already have a problem the size the Hokage Mountain breathing down your neck. Literally in this case."

Puffing on his pipe the Sandaime continued. "But there is a reason for us being here. We heard that Kushina-chan just gave birth to two healthy and happy babies. That and we had a feeling that we would find you here."

Minato glanced at Jiraiya and said. "So you figured it out, eh sensei?"

Giving his student one of his rare serious looks, the old pervert said. "Of course I figured it out. I did help you design the seal after all. And, I must say that I am disappointed that you are thinking about using it."

"What choice do I have sensei? In case you haven't noticed, there's a giant fox threatening to destroy the village that none of our techniques have any effect on. The only chance we have is if I use the Shiki Fuujin to seal it. And you know better than anyone sensei that to seal a Bijuu that there has to be two human components. One to provide a soul to bind the beast and another sacrificed to seal it." Minato said in a stern voice that carried his full authority as village leader. He tried marching past the two older shinobi, but Jiraiya and Sarutobi managed to get a good grip on his shoulders to prevent him from walking in the hospital room.

"Listen gaki, we know that the Shiki Fuujin has to be used." Said Jiraiya getting his student to stop his struggling. "The problem we have is how you obviously planned to do this yourself."

Narrowing his eyes Minato said. "What are you talking about Ero-sennin? Of course I'm going to do this myself. I'm the Hokage and it's my duty to be willing to give my life in exchange for this village."

"That may be true Minato-kun, but don't forget that I myself was Hokage and that the same duty falls to me." Said the Sandaime as he continued to restrain his successor. "And, if you die without naming a successor then I must be reinstated as village leader. I am no longer a young man and don't have many years left. It would be much wiser for me to do this task in you place."

"Listen to the old man." Urged Jiraiya as the two finally let go of the Yondaime. "As much as I hate the idea letting anyone die, I have to be practical and agree with sensei. You're young; you have a new family to take care of. Let those who already have a foot in the grave take the suicide mission." He said, getting slapped in the back of the head by the Sandaime who was muttering about not being that old.

Giving a sigh Minato said. "Everything you two said makes sense, but my mind is made up. As the Hokage and the creator of the Shiki Fuujin it is my responsibility to use it."

"I was afraid that you would say that." Sighed the Sandaime, who moved behind Minato. A second later the Yondaime collapsed on the floor, knocked out thanks to a chop to the back of his neck.

Shaking his head, Jiraiya muttered while lifting Minato onto his shoulder. "The kid's an incredible shinobi, but sometimes he is too damn noble for his own good." Sighing, the Toad Sannin turned to his teacher and asked. "Are you sure you've got the jutsu down sensei?"

"Hai, just be sure to be ready to summon Gamabunta and to apply the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki and Shishou Fuuin at a moment's notice. As hard as defeating the Kyuubi will be, this will be much harder."

"Yeah, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and that pales in comparison to a mother's righteous wrath." Agreed the Sannin.

Despite their misgivings at how difficult it would be to convince Kushina to hand over one of her children to have a demon sealed in them, it was surprisingly easy. Jiraiya was able to walk away with a broken nose, a cracked rib, several bruises, and a few non-lethal stab wounds from a kunai that Kushina managed to keep on her person. Sarutobi just walked away with the elder Naruto in his arms. Jiraiya made a good shield from angry women.

Riding atop Gamabunta, it didn't take long before the two reached the giant fox, with the preparations for the sealing complete. From the perspective of the on lookers it just appeared as if that the Toad Boss simply hopped in front of the Kyuubi and waited a few seconds before the great demon bellowed in rage and its body disintegrated into ash.

After that night the Sandaime, Yondaime, and Jiraiya were all hailed as heroes. Jiraiya for summoning Gamabunta to help and for applying the proper seals to the babe. The Yondaime for coming up with the plan and seals needed to stop the fox and for sacrificing his son to be the beast's host. But the Sandaime was considered the greatest for sacrificing his life to seal the Kyuubi and to allow Konoha to keep its Yondaime Hokage.

Unfortunately, while those three were held in the spotlight as the greatest Konoha had to offer, young Naruto, who made the true sacrifice with the Sandaime despite not having a choice in the 

matter, was not so well received. No one was crazy enough to speak out directly the boy, or suicidal enough since Kushina made it clear that she was ready to gut anyone who spoke ill of her child; there was still a dark presence in the air when the subject of Naruto came up. Just about everyone old enough to understand what had happened to the baby clearly showed distrust and displeasure. This is why shortly after the Kyuubi's defeat Minato made it a law that no one was to discuss the true fate of the Kyuubi and Naruto's part in it, unless extenuating circumstances required it.

Sadly that law was only needed for a few years even through it was still enforced afterwards.

(Time Skip – 4 years)

In the office of the Hokage, Minato was busy with paperwork. Well, not that busy as he had two Kage Bunshin helping him. After signing the last piece of work, Minato dispelled his Kage Bunshin to retrieve their memories. The only paper they worked on that interested him was the list of active ninja in the village. Every time he saw that he could not help but be reminded of all the shinobi lost during the last war and the Kyuubi incident, and whenever he thought of Kyuubi his thoughts turned to his son.

Sighing, Minato stood up and walked to the wall that was all windows that provided an excellent view of the village and Hokage Mountain. No one in four years had dared speak of the truth of that night, both out of fear of the law and respect for the Hokage. But, that doesn't mean the villagers were willing to accept his son.

Whenever his family went out in public, the people would be willing to give Naruto a polite greeting, but after that avoid interacting with him in favor of his sisters. There were only a handful of families that either didn't seem to care that he was a Jinchuuriki, or held the Yondaime in too high of regard to disrespect any member of his family.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Minato turned to see who was visiting him. When the door fully opened it reveled to be Kushina who was carrying their youngest daughter, Rei. Rei was only a year old but it was apparent that she would look a lot like her mother with her red hair and green eyes. Minato thought that it was interesting how his eldest looked a lot like his father, while his middle child took after both her parents with blonde hair and green eyes, and his youngest took after her mother.

"Hello Kushina-chan." He said has he walked up to her and gave her a hug and kiss in greeting. Looking around he noted how Naruto and Ayaka were nowhere in sight. "Where are the twins?"

"I left them at home. I got Kurenai-chan to watch over them." Kushina answered.

Minato nodded being aware how the Chuunin Kurenai would let nothing happen to the children, but it helped to ease his mind knowing that there were two ANBU watching over the house.

"So what brings you here?"

"I thought that we could spend lunch together over at that ramen stand you like so much."

Minato grinned has he went to get his cloak so they could head out, but was stopped by the appearance of one the ANBU that watched his home. His heavy breathing was unusual for a ninja of his caliber and was not a good sign.

"Huff huff…Hokage-sama…huff…it's terrible…huff…there's been an attack on your home. Your son has been kidnapped."

"WHAT!!" Shouted the two parents, upsetting Rei.

"How!? Why didn't the ABNU stop them!?" Questioned Minato.

"I'm sorry sir, but the enemy had some kind of jutsu that rendered everyone immobile." Answered the ANBU. "It was as if we were being crushed by an incredible weight."

Once those words were out of the ANBU's mouth, both Minato and Kushina leapt out of the tower and went as fast as they could to their home. There they found a distraught Kurenai, who was incredibly upset over letting the enemy get away with Naruto while she was lying helpless on the ground. Ayaka was bawling over the fact that her brother was gone, whom she had been rather close to.

Before the day was out Minato had all available teams of Konoha hunter-nins along with every available Inuzuka, Hyuuga, Aburame, and any other ninja that excelled at tracking like his student Kakashi. Minato even sent word to his sensei Jiraiya to use his spy network to find the boy.

Some might have thought that he was abusing his power as Hokage, using all these resources to find his son, but the fact that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki for the most powerful demon had created a cloud of fear that he could be turned into a weapon to destroy Konoha.

Minato sent his ninja searching high and low all over the elemental countries, but after two years and not having a single clue turn up about Naruto's whereabouts was enough for most of the village to give the boy up as dead. Minato still sent out teams searching for Naruto, and each time he received a report from Jiraiya hoped that it would provide some clue. But, it was all for naught. It was as if the boy no longer existed.

The Namikaze family was never quite the same. The once tomboyish Kushina became more like a mother hen, rarely letting her two daughters out of her sight. Minato lost a little of his well known cheery attitude. Although he seemed to be fine, it was only the fact that he had the entire village and a family to take care of that kept him going. Rei grew up as a quite child because of her family's depression. Ayaka was the most affected since she was close to her brother. She withdrew into herself with only her family and a few close friends that she met at the Academy being able to bring her out of her shell. After becoming a student she threw herself into her studies. Her goal was to become a strong kunoichi so that she would get numerous missions outside the village. This would give her the chance she needed to search for Naruto on her own.

It was a long shot considering how long her father had searched for Naruto, and she knew it. But it seemed that Lady Luck was smiling on Ayaka.

(Time Skip – 11 years)

A new day began and as the dawns light spread out across the vast ocean it revealed a small ship designed for speed rather than comfort, cutting its way through the waves of the open ocean. Ahead of the vessel was a small island that was next to a much larger land mass. The ship's destination was the Elemental Countries, its point of origin, Japan.

Upon the bow stood a figure whose entire body was enshrouded by the large cloak he wore, with a circular bamboo hat shading his head from view except for his mouth and chin. He stood at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. In his left hand he held a sheathed nodachi, the blade of which was five shaku (1) in length with another half shaku for the hilt. At a first glance it seemed like an ordinary sword whose only unusual feature was its length, but if a person were to take a closer look at the hilt they would find that the guard shined as if it had been made of silver. At the sound of foot steps behind him, the figure turned to see one of the sailors of the ship walking towards him. "Is that our destination?" Asked the passenger to the sailor. The timber of his voice indicated that while he was well out of childhood he was far from fully grown.

"Hai Customer-san. The captain sent me to tell you that we will be making landfall in a few hours." Answered the sailor. "That island is called the Land of Waves. Its small with few people on it. Over all there's really nothing there that would be of interest to anyone. We would have taken you straight to the mainland but almost all of the trade routes around here are controlled by some local called Gato. Its costly enough to sail to these lands from Japan, but with that man forcing any vessels to pay a toll in these waters it simply is not worth traveling any further then that island. Even then if someone wants to travel farther or trade they have to use one of his boats."

"It doesn't matter. I have enough money to afford it." Replied the figure.

"Speaking of which, the captain asked me to get the rest of our fee."

"Of course." Said the figure as he tossed a small pouch to the sailor.

Opening the pouch the sailor found it full of gold coins.

"20 ryo. That should be sufficient payment."

The sailor walked away looking satisfied. As the figure turned back to the land he felt a pulse from his sword. He looked down to his blade with a quizzical look upon his unseen face. "Do you have something to say Ginryu?"

On the other side of the island, a small group of people disembarked from a small row boat.

The first to get off and who took a lead position was a 15 year old boy with dark hair that framed his face. His pale complexion was brought out by the dark blue shirt and black pants he wore. His most stunning feature is his onyx black eyes. His name is Uchiha Sasuke

The next person in the group was an old heavy set man wearing construction worker clothing complete with a towel around his shoulders. He reeked of sake, which was explained by the sake bottle he had in his hand. This was Tazuna.

To his left walked a 15 girl with long pink hair, green eyes, and a red top with black biker shorts covered by a white skirt that had pockets to carry supplies. Her name is Haruno Sakura.

On the old man's right was another girl who had smooth shoulder length blond hair, and green eyes like her companion. Her attire consisted of tan shorts, and an orange kimono style shirt over which she wore a long trench coat that went all the way to her heels. She is the eldest daughter of the Namikaze family, Ayaka.

Taking up the rear of the group was a tall 29 year old man with spiky silver hair. He wore a blue shinobi shirt and pants with a Jounin vest. His face was impossible to see as it was covered by a face mask. He is the well known Jounin Hatake Kakashi.

Everyone save the old man were wearing Konoha hitat-ates on their foreheads, the one on the man being tilted to cover the left side of his face.

This was Konoha's Genin team 7 out on their first C-ranked mission escorting Tazuna the bridge builder and protect him from bandits. However with the appearance of two C-ranked missing-nins that went by the name of the Demon Brothers. After being attacked by the Chuunin, Kakashi interrogated their client and found that the Land of Waves was in a dire situation. A wealthy business man by the name of Gato had used his money to buy up and gain control of all the shipping and fishing companies in the small country, effectively controlling all income coming into and out of the country. The poverty stricken people had in their desperation had spent what money they had left to get a bridge built that would allow trade not controlled by Gato back into the country. While Tazuna was out of the country Gato had set a price on his head knowing that without Tazuna the bridge could not be completed. That was why he requested help from Konoha, and the only reason he said it was a C-ranked mission was because that was all he could afford to pay.

Kakashi had presented the question to his team about whether they should continue, making sure they were aware that the appearance of enemy Chuunin made the mission B-ranked and that there was a good chance of encountering a Jounin which would up the mission to A-ranked. Ayaka had immediately said yes to continuing. Sasuke grunted his affirmative to the mission. Sakura was hesitant for a few seconds but she too eventually agreed to continue.

Everything was quite as the group continued on the path towards Tazuna's home. Or it was until Ayaka threw a kunai at a bunch of bushes.

Sasuke moved over to the bush and parted it revealing a dead white rabbit pinned to a tree. "You must be getting nervous if your jumpy enough to start attacking rabbits Ayaka." He commented with a small smirk.

"I thought I heard something." The blond girl retorted.

"Yeah, the rabbit."

While his students were bickering, Kakashi noted something odd about the rabbit. 'That's a snow hare. Their fur changes color with the seasons, yet its summer and the furs white. That can't happen in the wild. Which means…' "Get down!" He shouted while grabbing the client and throwing him to the ground while the Genin ducked.

What they were ducking from became apparent as a buzzing sound was heard. A second later a large spinning zanbato zoomed over their heads, at a level that would have cut off their heads 

had they not ducked. After flying above them the giant sword dug itself deep into one of the trees in the forest around them, where a man appeared on the hilt.

"The missing-nin Momochi Zabuza from Kirigakure no Sato." Said Kakashi. "Everyone stay back this guy is on a completely level from the last two."

"So Sharingan Kakashi wishes to fight me eh? As much as I would love to test myself against such an opponent, I have a job to finish. So just hand over the old man and I'll let you live." Stated Zabuza.

"Sorry Zabuza but the only one who will be dying here today is you." Proclaimed Kakashi as he lifted up his hitat-ate, revealing his Sharingan eye.

"The Sharingan already? I'm honored. But you'll need more than that to stop me." Said Zabuza has he used Shunshin to appear on the surface of a nearby lake. Running through a set of seals he used one of his best jutsu. "Ninpo: Kirigakure no Jutsu." This jutsu created a massive bank of mist that obscured vision.

Team 7 moved into a triangle pattern around Tazuna to protect him while Kakashi scanned the area with his eyes. Then they heard the voice of Zabuza projected from the mist in a loud voice that echoed around the area making it impossible to track him by it. "There are eight places I could strike to end your life. Heart, brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, spine, clavicle vein, or the jugular. Which should I choose?"

With these words came a massive amount of killing intent. It was so intense that the Genin were suffocating under it. All three were contemplating suicide when Kakashi spoke. "Don't worry guys. I'll make sure nothing happens to you." His calm voice was enough to dispel the tension. Until Zabuza spoke again.

"We'll see about that." He said as he appeared right behind Ayaka, ready to cleave through both her and Tazuna with his zanbato.

As fast as lighting Kakashi appeared and pushed the Genin and client out of the way as he struck out with a kunai right into Zabuza's gut. The Zabuza he stabbed melted into water revealing itself to be a water clone. Another Zabuza then appeared behind Kakashi and slashed through him only for the Konoha Jounin to disperse into water.

'What? He copied my Mizu Bunshin in this mist?' Zabuza then felt the cold press of a kunai against his neck.

"It's over." Stated Kakashi.

"Heh heh…Don't think you can beat me by imitating me like a monkey." Said Zabuza as he dispersed into water as he was another water clone. The true Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi and swung his Zanbato. This time Kakashi ducked. Zabuza used the momentum his large blade built up to continue the swing as he spun and drove the sword into the dirt. Using the hilt as a pivot, Zabuza increased his speed and delivered a nasty kick to Kakashi that sent him flying into the lake.

As Kakashi surfaced he wondered why the water felt heavy.

"I have you now." Said Zabuza as he appeared behind Kakashi while standing on the surface of the water and making a string of seals. "Suirou no Jutsu." Sticking out his hand a large bubble formed around Kakashi and connected to Zabuza. "I hope you realize that trying to escape on the water was a foolish plan. Now I have you in an inescapable prison."

"That may be true, but the down side of this jutsu is that you have to remain in contact with the water. So you can't get to my team." Replied Kakashi, his voice not betraying any of his worry.

Zabuza chuckled as he said. "Oh I could get to them if I wanted to, but that would be waste of chakra. Instead I'll let my new associates handle them."


"Yeah, my employer is making me work with a bunch of his own men. Don't know what village they're from. All I know is that each one is strong enough to beat the Demon Brothers."

"What! Guys, get out of here!!" Shouted Kakashi.

"It's too late." Chuckled Zabuza.

As if acting on some unspoken command 10 ninja burst from the ground and surrounded the Genin, constantly moving so that a single ninja was never in one spot for more than a second. Their clothing consisted of black pants, sash, hooded shirts, slippers for stealth, and a white mask with a single eye hole to cover their face. The only thing that set them apart was the different swirl markings on each mask that the enemy shinobi wore, and their daggers, each of which has a wicked curve or extension to distinguish them. Acting in unison, they split into three groups and started attacking the Genin.

Two of the ninja attacked Sasuke from the sides, swinging their daggers. Sasuke blocked with two kunai, but his arms started buckling under the pressure being exerted on them. 'Shit, these guys have a lot more strength then the Chuunin we faced earlier.' Sasuke thought. Those thoughts were cut short as another two appeared in front of and behind him. Using their speed they started slashing at the distracted Uchiha. All four backed away as their opponent fell to his knees, numerous cuts on his chest and back. The cuts were shallow and not life threatening, but the sheer number made it so that he was losing a lot of blood.

Another two assaulted Sakura, forgoing their blades and using their fists and legs. She used her training to try and dodge her opponents, but the two's coordination soon had Sakura dodging one attack only to step into another. Going on the offensive, Sakura tried punching the enemy in front of her only for the ninja to grab her fist in mid-punch. Immediately she felt the second one grab her from behind as the first pulled, dislocating her arm. "AAAAAHHHHH!!" She screamed in pain has she too dropped to the ground, holding her shoulder in an effort to stop the pain.

The group of four that attacked Ayaka started their assault by running around the girl in an attempt to confuse and frighten the girl. Fortunately for the kunoichi she always had more determination then fear. Using the seconds they gave her to her advantage she ran through a set of seals and with a cry of, "Sen'eijashu," two snakes erupted from both her trench coat sleeves, going in opposite directions in attempt to hit multiple targets. Her plan worked in that two of her targets were stopped as they each had two snakes biting into their bodies. Ayaka then tried to use those two as bludgeons against their comrades by pulling on the snakes that held them and spinning. But when she pulled, they pulled back and it was obvious that they had the greater strength. Left defenseless, Ayaka was assaulted by the remaining two who lacerated her arms and legs to the point that her muscles gave out.

Kakashi watched as his students were attacked and brought down one by one by the masked shinobi. Sasuke, Sakura, and Ayaka were top of their class and were considered strong for their age, but it was clear that their opponents were not only strong but also professional killers. Their speed and coordination was something that could only be achieved through years of true combat, giving them experience that could not be replicated by any training method. But there was something nagging at him in the back of his mind. Something that was wrong with this picture.

Although they did it differently, each group of ninja did the same thing. First they would find a way to immobilize their target, and then they would render injuries that would force the Genin to stop fighting. Why did they do that? It would have been easier to deliver a killing blow while the Genin were immobilized, yet they chose to disable. What were they planning? Kakashi's questions were unknowingly answered by his captor.

"What are those imbeciles doing? We're on a job. This is no time for their dumb test."

Kakashi had a feeling that pass or fail he would not like the results of this test.

Back on land Tazuna had backed himself into a tree waiting to be killed. Yet the attack never came. Instead the masked ninja were gathered around their fallen foes, seemingly examining them. Eventually one that was slightly larger than the others stepped before Ayaka and said in a guttural voice. "This one has shown the skill to create snakes. She is useful. We'll take her back to the masters. Kill the others." At his command several of the masked ninja moved towards Sasuke and Sakura readying their weapons. As they did this, their leader pulled out a smaller dagger, that when unsheathed dropped a bit of green liquid on the ground. Clearly some kind of poison to knock Ayaka out.

Closing her eyes Ayaka expected two things to happen. One was to hear the cries of her teammates as their lives were ended. The second was to feel a sharp stab of pain as the blade plunged into her skin. She felt a deep sense of disappointment and disgust with herself. She had trained for so many years in the hopes of getting as many missions outside of Konoha as she could get, in the hopes of finding her missing brother. Yet here on her very first mission, she gets her ass handed to her and now her life was essentially over even if she didn't get killed. Even with her eyes closed she could feel the enemy ninja draw closer, poised to strike her. Ayaka mentally started crying out for someone to help her. As if someone on a higher plane answered, she heard a thud indicating that something heavy hit the ground. Peeking open an eye, she saw something that caused her eyes to widen in shock.

The leader of the masked ninja was lying on the ground before her, only there was something drastically different about him. It was the fact that everything below his waist was no longer attacked to his torso. Looking up she found an imposing figure standing over the body and herself. The figure wore a bamboo hat that hid his face except for his mouth and chin. The cloak he wore was parted and revealed the dark blue samurai robes he wore that had a sheath tucked into a golden belt that looked to be made of fur. His feet were adorned with simple woven sandals. Upon the left breast of his robe, right above his heart was a pentagram with nine markings that looked like tails surrounding it. In his right hand was a nodachi that had the blood of the deceased ninja running down it. Yet despite the blood the sword possessed a luster that was comparable only to the purest of silver. There was something about this sword wielder that felt familiar to Ayaka.

Sakura herself was so shocked and focused at what she had seen that the pain in her shoulder could no longer be felt. "Sasuke-kun," she said in a somewhat hushed voice, "did you see that?"

Sasuke grunted an affirmative even though he was having a hard time trying to wrap his mind around what he saw. Somehow this swordsman had just appeared amongst the enemy ninja and sliced clean through the one about to poison Ayaka. It all happened so fast that Sasuke was almost certain that it had been an illusion.

"So," said the figure, drawing everyone's attention, "the Mibu are active in this land. Guess that means I'll be staying awhile. Now how many are there." He said while turning and counting the remaining ninja that surrounded him because of the position he took to kill the leader. "9 left. That's good." A feral grin spread across what was visible of his face, elongated canines poking out from under the lip. "I missed my morning workout and need a little exercise to wake up." The figure lifted his hand and tossed aside his hat.

'Exercise!? Is this guy nuts?' Thought Sasuke. 'He may have taken one of them down, but he had the element of surprise. Now he's right in the middle of their formation. He's as good as dead.' Then Sasuke saw the figure's face and gasped along with the rest of the Konoha shinobi.

Standing before them was a carbon copy of their Yondaime Hokage. There were a few differences that separated the two. The figure before them had the same spiky blonde hair of Minato that completely covered his ears and was tied into a small tail in the back. His eyes were a cerulean blue but they had an animalistic slit for the pupil that was similar to a cat or fox. But unlike Minato whose eyes became shards of ice at the prospect of battle, the figure's eyes seemed to burn with a fire that was eager for it. But it was his cheeks that drew Ayaka's eyes. Adorning each of his cheeks were three horizontal birthmarks that looked like scars. Almost in a trance Ayaka muttered a word that caused her teammates' and sensei's eyes to go wide.


The masked ninja moved to take care of this new threat. Running around their new target they attacked with their high coordination. Three of the ninja took the first charge from the swordsman's front. A single quick slash was enough to rip open the bellies of two, their intestinal organs all minced up and falling out with waves of blood. The third was luckier as his death was quicker since his head had been removed from his shoulders. Continuing the movement of his long sword the figure moved the blade so it stuck out behind him on his left, stabbing the ninja that had been trying to sneak behind him while he was distracted from the front. Freeing his sword from its new fleshy sheath the Yondaime look alike stepped forward to attack. One swing of his nodachi vertically cleaved one ninja in two. Another sliced off the top part of one's head. A thrust was used to stab and rip out another's heart. A fourth ninja had his left arm and leg cut off, along with a substantial portion of his lung, heart, and liver. The last of the enemy ninja attempted a desperate charge trying to kill the swordsman, but he met with no luck as he was cut in half like his leader. The whole battle had lasted but a few seconds from start to finish.

Everyone left alive was astonished at what they had seen, or hadn't seen as some of it had happened at a speed that could only be tracked by Kakashi's Sharingan.

Eventually the blonde swordsman lowered his sword, flicking it clean of blood. He turned his gaze to the surrounding forest, his grin gone and his eyes icy cold. "That little bit of exercise woke me up, but now I want a challenge. Since No Brows is busy keeping the other stuck, guess I'll just have to kill the one in the forest." The swordsman took two steps before lifting his blade with both hands and blocked the descending Kubikiri Houcho. The swordsman turned his head to look at the Demon of the Mist, who was doing his best to crush the blonde under his cleaver, feral grin returned. "Oh, it seems No Brows wants to fight first. And, he's a swordsman too. This should be fun." Throwing Zabuza off, the two began a dance of blades.

Kakashi raised himself out of the water. Zabuza had taken off so suddenly that he fell in when the water prison dissolved. Looking out on the shore he was almost not surprised at what he was seeing, almost. Zabuza and the swordsman battle was currently tied, but that was because the swordsman had made no move beyond defense. Every swing, thrust, and slash Zabuza made with his giant was parried and countered by the swordsman's much smaller nodachi. What was more, Zabuza was also throwing in punches and kicks in an attempt to throw the other of balance from the sudden style changes, but the swordsman merely dodged those and blocked the next sword strike. Overall, it appeared that the blonde was merely toying with the Jounin. 'If that's you Naruto, then what have you gone through?' The copy-nin thought.

Zabuza swung down with all his might bringing his full strength, backed by his sword's weight down upon his young foe. Yet once again the annoying brat brought up his nodachi and held back Kubikiri Houcho as if it was a stick. And through their whole fight, not once has the brat's grin wavered. Zabuza was throwing everything he had and the blonde was treating it like a game. A game where he killed the losers.

As the blonde pushed Zabuza off he spoke up again. "Well No Brows, this has been fun, but I'm afraid that your starting to bore me. You have great with your sword, which is saying something since it's a zanbato. And you are the first to have the strength to put those skills to good use. But your moves are getting repetitive, and you lack the speed to get past my guard. So unless you have something new I'm going to finish this."

"You want to something new eh? Then how about this." As the words left Zabuza's mouth, three water clones that he had made during the fight appeared behind the swordsman, each ready to strike. It was over in a second. One moment the clones were swinging their swords. The next, each had burst back into the element that created them.

Putting the blade of his nodachi to rest on his shoulder his grin turned to a scowl, the swordsman said. "That little duplication trick won't work. If that's all you have then it's time to finish this."

Jumping to the edge of the lake Zabuza ran through a long series of 42 seals. "If you didn't like that, then try this! Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" He cried as he ended the seals on Bird. Immediately a large mass of water rose up and formed into a dragon that shot at the swordsman at tremendous speed.

Feral grin returning once more, the swordsman could feel his excitement rise at seeing such an interesting technique. "Now that's more like it! I think it's time to show you what I can really do!" Lifting his sword high into the air the swordsman called out his technique. "Mumyo Jin Ryu Satsujin Ken Mizuchi!" As he swung his blade, everyone could feel the harsh cold wind that came off it. The wind passed around the water dragon and headed straight to Zabuza.

Zabuza felt the wind that moved faster than his dragon fly towards him and his hackles rose, instinct telling him to avoid it at all costs. He moved to dodged, but was not fast enough as he felt the wind brush his right side. But that was all he felt. The wind did not have the cutting properties of many Fuuton jutsu, nor did it have the power to move him. Smirking he turned back to his opponent, who was about to be hit by several hundred gallons of rushing water. The fool didn't even move when he saw that his technique failed.

That's when it happened. Zabuza's dragon burst into a formless mass that splashed against the ground. At the same time Zabuza felt something wrong with his limbs. Then both his right arm and leg exploded in blood. The limbs were still intact, but the skin had been lacerated, his muscles were shredded, and his ligaments were cut. "AAAAHHHH!!" Screamed the feared Jounin as he collapsed into a tree on his left. Unable to support his own weight he slid to the ground. A shadow fell across him and he looked up to see the swordsman, nodachi resting against his shoulder, staring at him with an expressionless face. "Are you going to finish me off?" Zabuza managed to gasp through the pain.

The swordsman shook his head and said. "If I wanted you dead, you would be dead. I'll finish you later. Right now I need some information."

"And what makes you think I have this information?" Asked Zabuza as he raised an eyebrow.

"Those ninja I killed earlier, they were Mibu soldiers. What are they doing here?"

"Well, I don't know anything about these Mibu you're talking about. But, those ninja you killed were hired by my employer for the same job as me. To kill the old man over there." Zabuza answered, pointing to Tazuna with his left hand.

The swordsman gave the old man a glance before turning back to Zabuza, frown etched onto his face. This was not the answer he wanted. If anything it left him confused. Eventually he spoke again. "If that's all you know, than I guess I have no reason to keep you alive. Good Bye."

The swordsman lifted his sword to deliver the final blow. But before he could swing, several senbon needles shot out of the tree line and pierced Zabuza's neck. The Jounin gave a grunt of pain as he slumped over dead. Jumping down next to the fallen Jounin was a petit figure wearing blue and sea green robes, had long black hair tied in a bun with two large locks coming over the shoulders. The ensemble was completed by the Kiri hunter-nin mask the figure wore.

"I thank you for your help samurai-san. I was not sure how I would kill Zabuza. You have made my job much easier." Said the hunter-nin, the voice seemed male but was difficult to tell since it was muffled by the mask.

Pointing his blade at the unknown person, the swordsman asked. "Who are you, and why did you interfere?"

"Whoa, hold up there." Said Kakashi as he walked up, hitat-ate covering his Sharingan once again. "This is a hunter-nin from Kirigakure. It's his job to find and track missing-nin like Zabuza, execute them, and destroy their body to preserve any village secrets."

The swordsman glanced at Kakashi, noting something familiar about him, then back to the hunter-nin and said. "Odd choice for a killing weapon." Kakashi raised an eyebrow as he noted how right the swordsman was. "Unless those little needles are coated in poison it's doubtful they could kill a mouse, and I never did trust poison. So I'll just rid myself of any doubt by slicing him open."

Before he could move the hunter-nin grabbed Zabuza and disappeared in a swirl of leaves and wind.

"Damn." Said the swordsman as he watched his prey disappear. He turned around and noted how the man with silver hair was eyeing him. "I need to know why you and No Brows are enemies." He said suddenly.

Kakashi had regained his normal lazy seeming demeanor and answered. "Zabuza was hired to kill a man we were hired to protect."

Nodding the swordsman looked behind the taller man as he noted what the others who looked to be his age were doing. The pink haired girl had realigned her shoulder and was now kneeling over the dark haired boy, her hands glowing green. 'A Shaman?' He wondered. Then he noticed the girl who had blonde hair like himself walking over to him. She stopped less than a foot away and the two examined each other. The swordsman couldn't help but feel a powerful sense of familiarity with the girl, something much stronger then what the he felt from the one eyed man. After several seconds the girl raised her hands and placed them on his cheeks rubbing over his birthmarks. He felt annoyed at this but let her do it. Many of the women he met had done that and he found it was best for them to get it out of their system or else they would drive him mad from their attempts to touch the whiskers. It was what she did next that surprised him. She stopped rubbing and just stared into his eyes. Then a huge grin broke out on her face as she glomped him shouting, "Naruto Nii-san!!"

Now that was something he would not stand for. Grabbing the girl by her shoulders he pulled her away and held her at arm's length. Vaguely aware that all eyes were now on them he asked in a low dangerous voice that promised death if he did not like the answers. "Who are you, and how do you know my name?"

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