In order to understand this story you must read "A Phantom's Tears" by I.M.R . Duelist. So read it!!

While the trauma of the battle with Sanderson and Danny running away was waging outside, Sam was attempting to make small talk with that rather strange guy. What was his name, the Goth thought, Insane or something like that. Then she noticed something very odd.

"Hey, weren't you wearing a blue shirt that said "Perfect Stranger" on it?" She asked while pointing to Insane's now red shirt.

"No." He replied in a "what are you talking about are you crazy tone. "I never wear shirts with words on them! It's a pet peeve of mine." Sam looked rather puzzled but decided this wasn't worth figuring out. Just then the baby shower was interrupted by a bloody, half-unconscious, Jenner bursting through the door. "OH MY GOSH IT'S A ZOMBIE!" Insane yelled while pointing at the bloody werewolf halfa.

"I'm not a zombie you idiot-" Jenner began to say before Danni knocked him over the head with a vase.

"DIE ZOMBIE!" She yelled. That was the last thing Jenner heard before the world went blackā€¦

Just a short little prologue to let you know I am making this story. In the next chapter the real plot begins and stuff.