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Birth of a Hero


Subline: A young man trying to find his place in the world and is absorbed into a conflict between his morals and loyalty to his nation.

Plot: Taking place 5-3 years before the discovery of the Avatar, Legacy is the story about the hidden war between the Organization of Lupuz, a society devoted to suppress the people who speak against the Fire Nation, and the Resistance, a large coalition that are fighting to destroy the Organization, and end the hundred year war. Lead by the former Elite soldier, Puzul, the Coalition has become a far more deadly threat to Lupuz. With growing numbers, including members of the Organization itself, the Coalition's goal seems to be coming to pass. Blood has been spelt on both sides and even those that haven't taken a side. In the middle of the chaos is a soldier with a single wish and dream. His only wish is to find where he belongs in the world, and his dream to become a hero. With the aid of his mentor Kanani Yuki, Zakku has began his first steps on his long, hard journey. However slowly, Zakku realizes that this isn't like any war he has read or learned about, that the enemy isn't as black and white as taught. This is the first installment of Zakku's story and his quest to find where he belongs; threw his trials of honor, duty, betrayal, despair and hope, as he learns what it means to become a hero.



-Unit I Chosen-

-Unit II Inheritance-

-Unit III Soldier's Heart-

-Unit IV Blood Oath-

-Unit V Echo-

-Unit VI The Truth-

-Unit VII Deserter-



Main Character:

Zakku Fenir (1314-16 16-19 24-26)- All three stories follow threw the amber colored eyes of Zakku Fenir, and as his split personality Fenrir. The story begins when the Organization Lupuz first approached Zakku. Zakku has black hair and bright amber eyes which change to a dull amber during heated combat. It is notable this changes to being the opposite in the events of the years before Sever Years Future.

Prominent Secondary Character:

Kanani Yuki (33-35 45-47)- One of several major characters (In the Trilogy) that have influenced Zakku's life. Kanani (Lupus) is Zakku's mentor, and a figure that Zakku looks up to. The soldier has black hair and strange green eyes. He carries a two-handed sword with him that bares the symbol of his family insignia and that of another family. He as been in service of the Organization since the beginning and is a figure that many members look to as a teacher and mentor.

Shara 14-16 Mention Memory)- Shara was a close friend to Zakku. She is one of the top benders in the Organization and has been the teacher for Zakku to learn his Firebending. She has brown hair and golden eyes and normally wears Elite soldier clothing.

Azil (16-18 Mention 26-28)- Zakku's apprentice, Azil looked up to Zakku, and was a good friend to Zakku. He is a loyal soldier that views Zakku as a symbol to how the soldiers should do to try and preserve the Fire Nation society. However, his past is that of a mystery to most.

Puzul (30-32 Mention 40-42)- Zakku's first enemy that he learned to respect over time of the war, despite being on the opposite affiliation, for his skills and as a worth adversary. Puzul has black hair and amber eyes.

Kinseu- Warrior Class Captain, and best friend of Zakku, Kinseu is the most skilled soldier in the Organization when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He is generally a joker and is easy going. He has black hair and gold eyes.

Prominent Enemy Characters:

Uingu Tenma- Even though at first Uingu appears as an ally to Zakku, it is apparent that the Fire Nation General has his own agenda. He is a heartless leader that wishes to take control over the entire Fire Nation threw means that are extremely treasonous. He has black hair and amber eyes and has traits that show he has strong Fire Nation background

Rukuretsia (15-17 Mention 25-27)- Kanani's and Saki's daughter. Appearing more prominently between seven years, as the leader of a group of radical soldiers that wish the destruction of the world.

Notible Rivels:

Zeel/ Barguest- One of the older members of the Warrior class that has black hair and amber eyes and possess a sword the size of a man...maybe two. He has no family history and possesses similar coldness as many members of the Organization have.

Xizzen/ Cerberus- One of the founding members of the Organization. Himself, Uingu, Kanani, and Puzul are the first members to ever create the organization, and was the first to employ civilian massacres as a way to control the population. He has black hair and bright gold like eyes. As well as deep scarring all over his face.

Limited Appearing Characters:

Tira- Zakku's Mother: Long black hair with amber eyes

Zerru- Zakku's Father: Short black hair with golden-like eyes

Zenti- Zakku's adopted Father: Short Black Hair, dusty-gray eyes

Omzal- Zakku's adopted Mother: Long Brown haired woman with blue eyes.

Saki- Kanani's Wife: White haired with deep green eyes.

Zer- Fire Nation General: Black hair, bright amber eyes Near gold

Limited mention in the story; Other words, for about two or less Acts.

Subject to change

.:Before Reading:.

This story is in the time of Avatar, however, it doesn't have any of the notable characters, except for the cameo of a few minor characters. Major characters are not mentioned. This parallels the Prologue of the Avatar series.


Now that we are done with the opening act, let the story begin…