So, Zakku has been sent to have 'Leave' time in Ganzaga. Their is rumors that Zenti is collaborating with the Coalition. Is this true? What happened to Kanani? What is 'Gaia'? Read to find out.

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SETTING: About a day or two has passed as the sun seems to shine brightly on the entire landscape, but heavy storm clouds seem to be coming closer from the sea. It is noon, and there seems to be a lot of activity on the road as people head toward a large port city. The city looks similar to the capital except it has a more people feel. The Capital of the Fire Nation is more for the rich noble class, with large amounts of military defense. The city scene is more port like, filled with life that is both military and civilian. Ganzaga is a large city that seems to have carved away at the cliff side making a high out look point above the city. There is a large marina that sticks out into the sea with smaller Fire Nation ships that remain by the coast with a few large warships in the distance. The small ships are meant for carrying supplies to the colonies as well as transportation from the colonies to the city. Governor Zenti had commanded for an always active military but discipline was the highest thing that was commanded. The soldiers never went around causing havoc and acted like the police force of the city. Any breach of protical called for immediant arrest and punishment for soldiers. Along the main path to the city guards keep a watchful eye out for any one who appeared to be strange or out of place. Zakku was walking threw the crowd, his sword at his side, his steps quick and in pace with the crowd. Ganzaga had no walls and looked like it had burst from the original idea of how large the city should be. Zakku walked into what appeared to be the main entrance to the city. A guard walked up to him, seeing the strange black colored uniform that he was wearing.
GUARD [Private] - Name?
ZAKKU - My name is Zakku…
GUARD [Private] - Where you from, Zakku?
ZAKKU - Well… you really want to know? (The guard nods as a second one comes over to see what is going on.) Ok, I am from New Agil, you know, the old region that is run-down, deserted place toward the Southwest? (The two guards stare at Zakku, their emotions unreadable for the mask that even hides their eyes behind what looks to be completely white.) But, for the most part I am from here, Ganzaga… You probably no know my foster father…
GUARD [Captain] (To Private)- What did he say his name was?
GUARD [Private] - Zakku, sir.
GUARD [Captain] (Cuffs the Private with his hand)- Sorry about that Zak, you looked different (Captain looks at Zakku's uniform)… Strange uniform… Interesting… but strange. What you doing back? Visiting?
ZAKKU - That's right… I'm back to talk with Zenti… (The captain waves the private to go)
GUARD [Captain] - Strange… you don't show up for almost a year and now you are back… By Agni, you're not in some sort of trouble…
ZAKKU - Of course not.
GUARD [Captain] - Hum… The trouble-maker Zak, is not in trouble… Weird… some older guy came here asking about you… I believe he is still in town.
ZAKKU (Surprised)- Really?! Did he say what his name was?
GUARD [Captain] - I don't know… He called you "Zakku, the Puppy"… What that means… I don't know… (Zakku's eyes opened wide as he stared at the captain.)
ZAKKU - Where is this man now?
GUARD [Captain]- Why, last I heard he was in the market place… (Zakku turns and walks towards the market.)… Zak! (Zakku turns for a moment) Say hi to Zenti for me! (Zakku nods as he continues for the market)
(A few minutes past as Zakku wanders around the main path of the Market place, looking at various thing as he does so. He turns for a moment seeing what he thought looked like a familiar face, but it quickly disappeared in the crowd. Zakku goes to follow only to feel someone bush against his arm.)
PUZUL - Nice city…(Zakku stops) My, you are a very easy person to call… (Zakku turns instantly, reaching for his own sword only to see Puzul shake his head.) Not here, no fighting here… truce?
ZAKKU - Puzul!
PUZUL - Don't try anything funny… my guards will kill you in a moment if you do.
ZAKKU (Nervous)- What do you want, traitor?
PUZUL - Just to talk…Enlighten you to the precarious situation that you seem to have found yourself in. (Puzul motions for Zakku to follow. Zakku is reluctant but follows do to curiosity) I'm not going to try and convert you to my ways… you are to far gone for that. But I feel that I must enlighten you, ignorant puppy…
ZAKKU - Where's Kanani…
PUZUL (Surprised)- So the rumor was true…The great war hero Kanani is gone? (Zakku says nothing as he looks away.) You are wondering something? (Puzul walks to a small outside restaurant area and sits in one of the chairs; following Zakku with his eye till the soldier sits.)
ZAKKU (Sitting down)- Why me?
PUZUL - Because you are Zerru's son… You can understand the ancient language, a language that not many understand. You can read Gaia's story, and understand it… You have the last original text in you procession. You might hide under the innocents of childish appearance, but truly you use it as a shield.
ZAKKU - So what… Many people act that way. I have the last passage, so? It's a book, nothing more.
PUZUL - Really? That is what you think? My, the apple does fall far from the tree.
ZAKKU - You seem to like to bring up my father and family… why?
PUZUL - I knew them…Waitress (A waitress looks over)…Water? (The waitress nods as she walks off to get some water.)
ZAKKU (Unbelieving)- You knew them?
PUZUL - That's right. (Laughs slightly) I remember when we would all go out together in Glavno… Xizzen, Zerru, Kanani, Uingu and I…
ZAKKU (Half-knowing; Slowly)- You…were all friends.
PUZUL - Yes… all of us, before Uingu embraced the ideas of destruction and chaos…
ZAKKU - Silent your lies.
PUZUL - Still think I am lying? Tell me… Did they tell you why Kanani left? Or why Zerru left? Or why even I left? Let me tell you, it wasn't to cause war. (Zakku is silent) …Because, kid, Uingu isn't a good person. He's about as evil as the Fire Lord, and his demon of a grandchild…oh what's her face…Truth is there is no rebellion just a bunch of people getting slaughtered because they don't agree with him… (Zakku says nothing as he has water placed in front of him.) Zak, I know you are not a bad person… Not like how my old friends are , but I am tell you the truth…(Zakku stares, as if judging Puzul's words.)… You know what an Echo is?
ZAKKU - Only what Kanani or Shara would tell me… why?
PUZUL - Because, that is exactly where you are in the heart of. Despite what you have been told or taught, you are not being taught how to serve your country, but how to become an Echo… A person without hope, dreams, remorse… anything, heartless monsters trying to cast the world in the flames and destroy all that stands in their ways… You have found yourself in the middle of this crisis. Uingu is using you to fuel his war against all of humanity, not a crisis limited to the Fire Nation, but to the world itself.
ZAKKU - You're saying that the Organization is at war with the world? I would say then, you are a fool to believe such. You are the one who started this war.
PUZUL - I started no war… Myself, and your father were trying to be no longer at war, to find peace. The Organization hunted us down, fearing we would add the Coalition against Uingu, the true protectors of the world as you know it. Uingu, is the leader of you, Organization of Monsters. He is interested only in the eradication of all sentient and non-sentient life. He is the ultimate monster, and you are his slaves to his work…
ZAKKU - I don't believe you…Uingu is my father's friend… your old friend… If he were always a monster, then he would destroy you rather then ever befriend you…
PUZUL - Did you ever think, that maybe he was using Zenti to get to you? Or that maybe our old friendship was to use us for his goals…'Crafty and sly, the darkness is… ever inviting, ever persuading, yet it strikes at the core of hearts, of souls. Rationalize as you will, but evil never sleeps and is patient as is deadly. It is the true enemy of man's mind and soul. Corrupting, ever corrupting till heart is dark as the voids of space…when all light has been covered…'
ZAKKU - I think…I…. (Looks at Puzul and shakes his head)… You are the crafty evil… you are trying to confuse me… (New Strength) You wanted to destroy the Fire Nation, not Uingu…
PUZUL - The destruction of the Fire Nation is the last any of the Coalition wants… Uingu's arrest or death is our goal… He is evil… ARE you already to blind to se-…(Puzul stops as he stares into Zakku's eyes noticing a dullness to them, though they are the same color he recalled Zakku's eyes of being yet there is a coldness in them)… What did they do?
(Zakku is silent as he thinks about it He doesn't recall what has been happening to him. His thoughts suddenly shift to everything he has done. Suddenly, he realizes he doesn't feel anything about it anymore. He looks likes he wants to say something but can't.)
PUZUL - Zak…Look at your heart… Can you honestly say that you are doing what is right? (A blade goes to Puzul's neck. He looks straight ahead as he feels the cold steel. He doesn't look nervous one bit as a Lupuz Soldier stands behind him. Zakku instantly recognizes her by her eyes. It's Shara.)
SHARA - You should have known better then to try this Puzul…
PUZUL - Shara… have you yet to see into what a heart is…(Puzul stands, but doesn't turn) You never knew how it feels to have one, do you. (Shara narrows her eyes but says nothing.)
ZAKKU - Are we going to all fight now? (Zakku glances around noticing several hidden rebel soldiers that stare at the events unfolding in front of them.)
PUZUL - Seems so… We could just all walk away… pretend nothing happened.
SHARA - You know that can't happen…
PUZUL - Kanani seemed to walk away just fine…Are you're legs' broken…
SHARA (Anger)- Kanani hasn't betrayed us… Not yet…
PUZUL (Nods slightly)- For once the Organization is correct… Kanani hasn't joined me… No, I don't think he will. Too much pride in that man, to much honor. (Turns to have an eye on Shara as well as on Zakku) So… are we going to fight; Right here right now in the market place? A clash of friends of old… (Looks back to Zakku) Do you know the words of the Great Duel?
ZAKKU (Unsheathes sword)- Do I care? (The Waitress and several city guards are eyeing the situation and proceed to move forward only to be stopped by what looks to be Royal Guards.)
PUZUL - 'Three men look to each other for aid against the growing struggle. Their hearts beating as one, and there souls filled with full knowledge of the fight to come. In pursuit of Gaia's greatest gift, they struggle to find its meaning. One falters, falls, and is consumed, the other turns to defend, while the last is divided between the two…' (Shara interrupts by putting the blade closer to his throat.)
SHARA - 'The one consumed turns, hissing, spitting, cursing the world, hating all. Then wages war against those who were favored… A terrible fight between the two friends' wages as blood is spilt from all and none. Death and hopelessness casts a shadow, infecting some who see the hopelessness as reason to join. Sacrifice and suffering will be shed to finally bring about a peace. Wither it the ones of Gaia or not, it is certain that the war will be waged. The war called Judgment Day'… Where the day will finally be the end of the war…
ZAKKU - …Would…Would that be the end of the world?
PUZUL (Laughs slightly)- There are many interpretations… The foolish and diluted believe it to be the end of the world…
SHARA - A new calm, where monsters and Echoes will not haunt the world, a new age, one where all will be freed from the struggle.
PUZUL - Rebirth of the world… Where all will be cleansed. The war would purge those who are feeble and evil from this world… I, and all like me, will die as payment to the price of the Rebirth. (Puzul slowly grins as he turns for a moment and looks over to Shara.) So…as you see, I will not allow you to destroy me before my destiny is fulfilled. (Puzul hits Shara's hand and stands up as Zakku stabs forward at Puzul, only missing by a fraction of an inch as he moves to follow Puzul along with Shara.)
(Puzul runs a few meters off, stopping to turn and fight as he moves his arms in a quick manner, bending blue flames to circle his own soldiers and the two Lupuz Soldiers. Puzul looks at Shara and Zakku, and then smiled as he holds one hand out holding blue flames in them. Shara does the shame gesture staring coldly at Puzul for a long moment as Zakku hold his sword out. The three soldiers seem to be frozen in time as they face of. Shara makes the first move sending blue flames at the former Elite Soldier as Zakku covers her back from the three Rebel Guards in Royal Guard armor. Quickly, Zakku strikes the first soldier's sword, then rolling out of the way of one of the rebels striking at him. Suddenly, a flash barely misses Zakku's head as a bolt of lightening strikes one of the tables, blowing it into shards of wood. The crack of thunder booms in Zakku's and the enemy's ears making them move to the side as they hold their ears after being so close. A loud ringing can be heard as Zakku looks up at the enemy as he still holds his ear. Zakku charges forward as the soldier does the same. Shing! Both swords hit, as the two soldiers seem to dance against each other, both trying to get the upper hand. After another moment, the other guard seemed to recover and attempted to attack Zakku while his guard was still preoccupied with the first Rebel. Zakku's eyes shifted to see the warrior making him react by trying to avoid the blade. The blade missed only to have the soldier he was fighting plunge the blade forward at Zakku's chest. Zakku was forced to drop his blade as he tried span around to stop the next blade. He grabbed the blade his palm on the dull side, and his fingers touching the blade. It was extremely painful as blood flowed from his fingers. Zakku's eyes twitched slightly as he pulled back, pulling the soldier's sword from his hands, then grabbed the hand guard. The blade had blood across the metal as Zakku held the blade, flipping it into his hand and then plunging it into the enemy's chest. With a shout the second soldier came at Zakku's rear. Pivoting on his left foot, Zakku pulled himself to the left of the charging soldier. He reinforced his hand by placing his free hand against the way which the blade jolted back do to the enemy running himself into the blade. It stopped haft way in as the enemy stopped to try and pull himself off of the blade. He did after Zakku pulled away showing that he had disemboweled the enemy. Zakku looked up to see Shara and Puzul fighting still bending blue flames at each others heads. Zakku threw the blade he had been using to the ground as he picked up his, careful to avoid any stray flames from the two high benders' fight. Zakku showed not a single shred of remorse after he had just brutally killed two rebels. Shara sent blue flames flying at the other bender. However, Puzul easily avoided, allowing the blue flames to burn a way into the building he was standing in front of.)
PUZUL - Why are you trying to stop me? I will end the dirge that is the Organization…. We can not live in a world dictated by them… They will destroy all that stands in their way… You can not stop me… (Puzul jumped back as Shara bended a strike of lightening at him. Puzul stared for a moment shaking his head.) Please… Shara… I taught you how the Lightening Bend…DON'T TEST ME!
(Puzul moves faster as he, in a fraction of a second, moved his hands to the starting position of Lightening Bending. Then, Puzul seemingly jumped forward, bringing his arms forward, sending a bolt of electricity at the female bender. She up her fingers out, careful not to touch the lightening and spun around, redirecting the lightening without having to endanger herself by touching it. Puzul did the same move, adding more power into the lightening as he sent it at her again. Zakku was watching the flash of lightening his eyes wide with a look of amazement and even perhaps admiration. Then he turned to see the buildings in a blaze, and the corpses that lay on the ground. For the first time, he could see them. The Firebender was silent ass he turned to see a large crackle and flash as Shara sent the lightening into the building behind Puzul, causing the wood to fly off in shards. Zakku ran forward, disregarding the sight he had seen, putting it into the back of his mind. Puzul stared at Shara, ignoring everything around him as the two Firebenders stared at each other. A smile came on Shara's face as she side stepped revealing Zakku charging straight for Puzul, blade pointed forward, straight for the chest. Puzul's eyes opened wide as he attempted to avoid the attack and draw his sword. Puzul managed to get his sword half-way out as Zakku swung at the man's head. Crash. Zakku's sword met Puzul's, however, the force behind Zakku's attack knocked Puzul back as well as allowed Zakku to barely cut him with the tip of the sword. Puzul drew his sword all the way and raised it as Zakku's blade came at the head. Puzul kept his blade height, trying to keep Zakku from killing him. Then, Shara seemingly swerved around Zakku, throwing three darts at Puzul's side. The Firebender yelled out in pain as he recoiled away from the two soldiers attacking him.)
PUZUL - Lucky hit… (Puzul limped back showing the darts pointing out of his leg. He backed off more as Zakku raised his sword again, and Shara showing blue colored flames in her hand.)… You think you have won?! Never… Nothing shall forestall my destiny… No monster… No creature… (Puzul shakes his head vigorously showing that on the darts were poisoned.) …Monsters… Demons…. You two are nothing more then demons…
(Zakku says nothing as he charges forward while Shara bends blue flames to engulf Zakku's sword in order to add more power in his attack as he swings down at Puzul. The rebel leader raises his sword to block the sword, but the blue flames seemingly explode into the enemy's face. Zakku grins evilly for a moment only to see that the blue fire is redirected at Shara. She is not fast enough and with a yell, she is hit in the arms by blue fire. She crouches down to hold the burned areas closing her eyes shut from the scorching pain. Puzul jumps back away from Zakku as Zakku tried to gut the man. Puzul looks a Zakku for a moment then to the wounded High bender. With a sudden move , the enemy moves to perform a Lightening bending move, showing blue colored light moving from the tips of the fingers. BOOM! CRACK! The lightening missed the injured Firebender as her eyes opened. Puzul looked shocked as Zakku's hand around his lightening casting finger loosened and fell as the young man shook, hitting the ground without another motion. Shara looked horrified knowing what had happened. Zakku had moved in the way and had pushed Puzul's finger away from her. Suddenly she screamed with uncontained anger, sending dangerous flames straight at the other Firebender. Zakku watched as he lay on the ground shaking, barely able to keep any focus, and losing any control he had over his heart or even his expression. Slowly his eyes closed as Shara seemingly beat back Puzul to go to Zakku's side, pushing him. His heart was racing from pain.)
SHARA - ZAKKU! DON'T DIE ON ME!!! (She shook him more as his passed out) ZAK!!!!