Mysterious Darkness

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I don't wanna give too much away but this is the prologue. Not much is gonna happen really, just some explaining and some other stuff. It's weird how these types of stories usually start off with prologues. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.

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Halloween 1708

A cool crisp breeze danced around the grand twelve bedroom mansion. The lawn was deserted, as was the walk though garden and the sitting area around the marble angel water fountain. The mansion stood in the center of it all, but it was full of life and laughter and the farthest thing from deserted within twenty miles. It'd been overrun with guest since six that evening and it was going on ten thirty.

Mr. and Mrs. West were having their annual All Hallows Eve Masquerade. Everyone who was anyone was invited and it lasted until the last person standing had either fallen out from exhaustion or passed out from intoxication. Lords and Ladies and a few Dukes and Duchesses, all of them in costume, all of them becoming so drunk they wouldn't remember what happened in the morning.

Children ranging from five to sixteen ran amuck in the backyard. The sixteen year olds wishing they were old enough to be inside with the adults and the rest of them running around without a care in the world. They older ones kept the younger ones in line and stopped the fighting if they ever broke out. But if a fight happened between the older ones then it was usually carried out and ended in tears and sometimes blood.

Inside the mansion they'd just sent around the tenth round of drinks. They sent around more rum, wine and gin than anything. The only person who did not accept theirs was a girl at the top of the marble staircase. She'd not finished her first one yet. Granted it was difficult to drink anything with a full faced mask on. It was a mask of a hag, it had grubby skin and a rather large nose with two black moles and quite a few hairs on it. The lips were crushed and ash white while the hair was stringy and dirty looking.

"I'm beginning to see why you picked that mask."

Spinning around so fast that her ruby red dress shimmered, the girl caught sight of her twin brother and pushed the mask up off her face. The face under the mask was so beautiful that often people had to do a double take just to make sure their eyes weren't playing tricks on them.

Her face was round and as smooth as the silk dress she wore. Her brown hair was curly and shiny, it reached the middle of her back but her bangs framed her face behind the mask. Chocolate orbs sparkled and held the mischief of a five year old while the fire of a rebel sometimes broke the mold. Her thin lips were drawn up in a smirk as she gazed at her brother.

"You notice how no one has asked me to dance."

Her voice had always been his favorite part about his twin. Other than her personality. It was low and raspy and it made many men shiver after she returned their greetings.

"So you're going to spend the rest of the evening up here are you?"

He moved to stand next to her so he too could look over the balcony at all the people.

"Robert, at the moment there are 240 people in this house and the only one I have anything in common with is standing right next to me."

She glanced at him sideways after a few moments of silence before smiling.

"What?" Robert asked frowning.

"I think you've got some friends who want your attention."

He followed her gaze to the bottom of the staircase. A group of seventeen and eighteen year old girls stood giggling and looking up at him. Some of them were gazing lustfully while others stared lovingly.

Smiling widely at her twin, the girl took a sip of her wine. She couldn't blame the poor girls. Her twin was as handsome as she was beautiful. They had just turned nineteen in June but both could have passed for fifteen year olds.

Robert was wearing a mask but it made no difference. All the girls could easily tell who he was. His large brown eyes had their own unique shine about them and nothing could ever hide it. Not to mention he was the only man there with his long curly hair not pulled back into a ponytail. It was as all over his head like usual.

"Don't make fun Andrea." Robert countered bumping shoulders with her. "If you weren't wearing that hideous mask I'd have to fight to be near you."

Andrea wrinkled her nose.

"Other than you, the men at these things bore me." She said shrugging. "You know that."

Robert sighed, if his sister had her way she'd probably never marry. And their parents would be furious. They were already having kittens because Andrea refused every man that even considered courting her.

"Oh dear," Andrea said suddenly.

"What?" Robert asked coming out of his thoughts.

"Here comes another one."

Andrea nodded to a fairly handsome young man who was coming up the staircase. His eyes set on her.

"You want me to leave?" Robert asked.

Andrea's hand shot out to grab Robert firmly around the wrist.

"Don't you dare leave me alone with him!" She hissed slipping the mask over her face.

"Alright." Robert took hold of her hand to get the blood flowing back through his skinny wrist. "I'll stay."

Andrea turned and hid her hand that was clasped with her brothers' behind her back. Robert himself pretended to be looking down at all the people,

"Madam," The man had finally reached them. "Adam Jones."

He held out his hand. He was tall, at least six two and quite handsome. With sharp features and long golden hair. His blue eyes held Andie's behind her mask and his lips which were thinner than hers were pulled back to show his white teeth.

Andrea placed her hand in his hesitantly. Adam kissed the back of it before bowing slightly to her.


"Andrea West," He sent her a charming smile. "What man within twenty miles of this town does not know your name?"

Andrea shrugged and felt Robert squeeze her hand.

"Did you want something?"

Adam's smile never faltered,

"Would you like to dance with me?" He asked. "I haven't seen you move from this spot all night."

"I like this spot." Andrea replied flatly. "This spot is calm and partly quiet, this is my spot."

Robert snorted.

"They said you were a tough one." Adam chuckled.

"They?" Andrea frowned. "Who's they?"

"Oh, just a few of the gentlemen who've tried to talk to you at past balls." Adam replied waving his hand. "But I told them I wouldn't leave your side until you dance with me."

Andrea raised an eyebrow.

"Well be prepared to stand Mr. Jones." She said turning so that she was side to side with Robert. "Because I'm not dancing."

Adam opened his mouth before closing it. He did it three more times, as if searching for something to say that would make her walk down the marble staircase and onto the dance floor with him.

"You'll catch a fly doing that." Andrea informed him. "You keep your mouth open like that, who knows you might enough catch a spider, it's wide enough."

Robert choked on his whine.

"Now if you'll excuse us," Andrea said gripping Robert's hand even tighter. "We've got somewhere to be."

"We do?" Robert asked.

Andrea shot him a look through her mask.

"Yes Robert, we do." She yanked on his arm. "Come on."

Leaving a still shocked Adam on the staircase, Andrea pulled her younger brother down the steps and out the French doors on the side of the house. They ended up in the walk through garden and the twins let out content sighs.

"You do know you just insulted a Duke right?" Robert asked as they walked side by side through the flowers.

Andrea shrugged,

"Maybe now Mom and Dad will finally snap and send me away."

Robert's eyes widened.

"You'd leave me here?" He asked. "To go and travel the world."

"Calm down little brother I wouldn't leave you." Andrea said smirking. "I'd pack you into my suitcase and steal you away."

"Just because you're older than me by two minutes—."

"—does not give you the right to call me little brother." Andrea reciting grinning. "You've told me this before."

Robert huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Don't sulk." Andrea teased taking off her mask and tossing it into the nearby bushes. "You know I mean well."

Robert didn't reply so Andrea did the only thing that would make him talk to her, she tackled him to the cold ground.

"Andrea!" Robert nearly yelled as they rolled and his mask was lost to the shrubs.

"Can you pin me little brother?" Andrea asked giggling as they rolled two more times.

"Don't call me little!" Robert exclaimed.

"Little," Andrea giggled as she sat on his back. "Little, little, little!"

Robert let out a cross between a yell and a laugh as he flipped the both of them and they rolled down a steep hill. Andrea laughed as she heard part of her dress rip, she loved destroying her dresses. When they got to the bottom of the hill they landed in a heap but Andrea rolled them two more times before she pent Robert to the ground with a low grunt.

"Ha!" She cheered. "Pinned you."

Robert looked around confused before groaning.

"Look at us." He said. "Mother is going to kill us."

Andrea rolled her eyes and laid down next to him, both of them on their backs and gazing up at the stairs.

"When did you become so grown up?" She asked suddenly.

"What?" Robert asked turning to look at her.

Andrea sighed and pushed her hair away from her face while pulling bits of leaves out of it.

"When did you start acting like such an adult?" She asked. "Why'd you change?"

"Because we got older Andrea." Robert sighed. "People change when they get older."

"But we use to have fun you and I." Andrea said propping her head up on her hand and staring at him. "Back when we were children."

"Yes but we're not children anymore." Robert said. "You know you're going to have to grow up sometime."

Andrea sighed, something in the woods nearby moved and her eyes darted over to try and see what it was.

"I know." Andrea returned her gaze to Robert. "But until then, the only thing I want to do is boast about how you can't pin me."

Andrea laughed and rolled away from Robert before jumping to her feet.

"These damn shoes." She muttered pulling off the high heels. "Now catch me."

Robert rolled his eyes before jumping to his feet as well and taking off after his twin.

The shadow that had caught Andrea's attentions just second before grinned. Sharp teeth were bared and his low chuckle could have been easily mistaken for the growl of a tiger.

"She saw you." A deep voice from the dark said. "Don't you think that's bad?"

"She did not see me." The shadow countered. "The human just thinks her eyes are playing tricks on her."

"Tell me about though, why are we watching them?" Another shadow moved. "The mansion is full of others that we could take."

"We're not going to take them." Sharp teeth were bared again. "We're going to make them a part of our family."

Andrea laughed as she pushed her way through the thick vines of the woods. She wouldn't let Robert catch her, not tonight.

"Slow down!" Robert yelled when Andrea disappeared from his sight. "Seriously Andrea I can't see you anymore."

She didn't reply and Robert sighed.

"Could you get anymore bloody difficult?" He muttered as he began to push the vines away as well.

Andrea wasn't sure exactly where she was going but a voice in the back of her head was telling her to keep going the way she was. She had to be careful though, she was bare footed and it'd be hell getting back to the mansion if she got something sharp stuck in her foot. Not to mention she'd lost Robert a ways back.

When she came to a clearing in the woods, Andrea slowed her pace. It was quiet here, a little too quiet for her liking.

"Hello?" She called.

Something right across from her, on the other side of the clearing moved. Or at least, Andrea thought it moved.

"I saw you move." She said quietly. "Come out so I can see you."

After a moment or two of Andrea holding her breath and looking around, two men came from the trees. One of them was tall and handsome, the other short and fat. However he walked with as much graze and quietness as his friend and they both seemed to slink around like cats.

"Who're you?" Andrea asked.

"Lorcan." The tall one answered.


"And you are?" Lorcan asked.

Andrea squinted in the darkness, they had come out of the woods, out of the darkness and yet she still couldn't see their faces.

"Andrea," She paused. "How come I can't see your face."

Lorcan did not answer at first and Andrea watch Vulker glance up at him.

"Would you like to?" He finally asked.

"Very much so." Andrea nodded.

Lorcan tilted his faceless head to the right as if surveying her with eyes Andrea couldn't see. Vulker rubbed his hands together and smiled. Andrea gasped when she saw the white pointed teeth, the only thing she could see in his face cloaked by the night.

"Very well then."

Lorcan stepped forward a little bit more and tilted his face up. Andrea's eyes widened and she took a few steps back. His eyes were pitch black and his features so sharp they could have cut through stone. Lorcan smiled at her and Andrea noticed that he too had the pointed fangs.

It was then Andrea realized what she was looking at. Her mother had told her and Robert stories about them. When they were young and she wanted to scare them into staying in bed. She told them the stories of the night creatures and how they'd kill you if you left the house after the sun went down.

"Are you not surprised?" Vulker asked.

Andrea opened her mouth and the only sound that came out, was a scream.

Robert jumped a foot in the air when he heard Andrea's scream ring through the quiet night. His head hit a low branch and he let out a string of curses while cradling it.

"Andrea!" He called into the trees and vines. "Andrea!"

Forgetting about his aching head, Robert began to run through the vines. He had to get to her, Andrea never screamed.

When Robert got the clearing he skidded to a halt and his already large eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Two men, a tall one and a short one were huddled around his twin. The tall one had his face buried in her neck while the short one had hold of her head. Andrea's long slender arm was stretched out toward Robert and her eyes were wide with both fear and excitement.

"What the hell are you doing to her?" Robert yelled. "Get off of her!"

The tall one let out a low growl and the short one was suddenly standing in front of Robert.

"Sorry about this." He said.

Robert didn't even get a chance to ask what he was sorry for because he had just opened his mouth when everything went black.

Andrea watched her twin fall to the ground in a heap helplessly. Lorcan was strong and although he may not have been holding her tightly, it seemed impossible for her to break away. His fangs were in her neck and Andrea could feel his tongue gliding across her neck as he pulled mouthfuls of blood from her.

Things were starting to fade and Andrea noticed that Vulker was leaning over Robert just like Lorcan was leaning over her.

'Great, we're going to die together.' Andrea thought dryly and she swore Lorcan chuckled.

Lorcan drank from the girls' neck deeply until she was almost out of blood. Then he quickly rolled up his own sleeve and sunk his fangs into his skin. When he could taste his own blood, Lorcan sat on the ground and pulled the girl close.

"If you want to live you'll drink." He told her in a voice much deeper than his own. "If you want to have powers beyond your imagination and live forever then you'll do as I say and drink."

Pressing his bleeding wrist to her mouth, Lorcan closed his eyes. He smiled slightly when he felt her take a mouthful of his blood.

'Yes,' He thought happily. 'These two will make perfect new additions to our family.'

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