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When the sun finally rose in Baltimore, many people got up, got dressed and went to work. They didn't take notice to the fact that in a small article in the back of the paper about the grave robbing that had gone on in one of the oldest cemetery grounds around. They simply shook their heads, mumbled teenagers and went about their day.

However, the few vampires and other slight human creatures that read that tiny little article in the paper growled in frustrations and wondered which of their brothers or sisters had decided to go have some fun in the grave yard. Many of them wondered why would someone of their kind risk exposure of them all like that. Surely there was no one so important to them that they just had to go and open a few graves in a cemetery.

When Blake caught the morning paper before it could hit the front step, he unrolled it and glanced through it. But something in the back caught his attention. A small paragraph article, telling about how a group of grave robbers were seen leaving the cemetery with bodies. No clear pictures were taken to catch the thieves but police were sure that it wouldn't take long for them to find out who did it.

Blake thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he finished the article. Glancing at his watch he sighed as he stared at the empty drive way from the corner of his eye. Closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, Blake let out a frustrated groan.



Getting from the graveyard to Miles's house had not been an easy task. Andie had sent Chase ahead with the unconscious Alex while she and Fox looked for Moose and Nora. It'd taken them so long that they only had an hour before the sun was to rise. Nora was badly burned but still alive and awake when Andie got to her. Moose however, Andie was fearing for the worst. When she'd gotten to her twin, he'd been wrapped in a cocoon of vines. Slimy blue gel covered Andie's hands as she ripped and tore at the vines to free her twin and after twenty minutes of struggle she was finally able to pull him free.

Nora was able to fly back to Miles's place on her on and she carried Moose while Andie carried Shane. Miles was up waiting for them, apparently Chase had fallen out the moment he'd walked in the front door and Miles had laid him and Alex down in one of the guest rooms.

"Are they both okay though?" Andie asked the moment she was told.

"Alex I think has a concussion but Chase should be fine, he's just really tired." Miles said.

"Now Shane and Moose." Andie said hurrying over to the couch to lay down the shaking Shane.

"What are we going to do about her mouth?" Missy asked looking down at her friend.

"The stitches have to come out." Miles said. "They're infecting her gums, that's the reason for all the blood and pus."

Shane shook her head furiously.

"Yes Shane." Andie said firmly. "It's going to hurt and I know you don't want to but we've got to take them out."

Andie watched as tears filled her ex girlfriends eyes and Andie closed her own. She didn't know if she could watch this.

"Andie you're going to have to hold her down." Miles murmured.

"How fast can you get this over with?" Andie asked climbing and sitting on Shane's stomach.

"I'll go as quickly as possible I swear." Miles said. "Missy I'm going to need you help."

"With what?" Missy asked hesitantly.

"This bucket I'm going to need you to hold for me to put the string in and I want you to hold this rang under her chin to catch the blood and pus."

Andie kept her eyes closed as she listened to Missy move around.

"Okay Shane, I'm going to start now, I need you to be as still as possible." Miles said.

Squeezing her eyes closed, Andie tightened her grip on Shane. Everything seemed to be going fine as Andie heard the tweezers that Miles had come together, but then Shane started to scream as Miles pulled the string from her swollen gums.

And Andie almost started to cry.


Ten minutes later, Andie climbed off a sobbing Shane. Rubbing her stomach and legs, Andie had Missy go into the kitchen and bring her a cup of ice. When she returned, Andie took the cup and sat on the edge of the couch.

"Shane, baby I need you to eat some ice for me love." Andie said gently. "Please eat some ice, it'll make you feel better I promise."

Taking a chip of ice into her fingers, Andie waited patiently for Shane to open her bloody mouth and when she did Andie slipped the chip into it. The vampire hissed painfully but ate the ice gratefully.

"Missy, continue to feed her." Andie said standing. "Miles and I have to heal Moose."

Missy nodded and took the cup from Andie before sitting down on the edge of the couch.

"Andie, Moose needs to be taken to the lab." Miles said. "I'm entirely sure what's wrong with him or how to fix him."

Andie nodded and easily picked up her little brother and carried him downstairs. She laid him on a stretcher and gently placed his hands on his sides.

"Miles, the blue stuff got into his mouth." Andie said fearfully.

"Yes and I think we're going to have to get the blue slim out of him somehow." Miles said.

"We could suck it out." Andie said.

"That's it." Miles said.

He ran over to another part of his lab and opened a drawer, pulling out a long IV he hooked it into Moose's arm. Then he the other end up to a large pump and after a few moments, bright blue slim could been seen stringing through the tube.

"Are you alright Andie?" Miles said.

"I'm fine." Andie replied, her voice hoarser than normal. "I'm just tired. Once my family is okay then I'll be great."

"We should get you cleaned up." Miles said patting a seat on a stool.

Andie reluctantly sat down and looked up at Miles. He washed her face first with a wash cloth before cleaning her lip and putting some ointment on her cuts and scraps. Then he rubbed some stuff on her black eye and patted her shoulder.

"When you take a shower make sure to wash this stuff off, it'll help." He said.

Andie nodded. Closing her eyes and sighing, she could feel the energy completely draining from her body. She was so tired, she wanted nothing more than to fall asleep and never wake up again.


Snapping her eyes open, Andie sat up and turned to face her twin. He looking at her with hazy eyes, they were dazed with confusion and pain.

"Robert!" She said standing up.

He tried to sit up but the IV stopped him.

"Don't move Moose." Miles said. "All the slime isn't out of you yet."

Andie kissed her brothers forehead and rested their heads together.

"You scared me there for a moment little brother." Andie said.

"I'm sorry." Moose said. "They snuck up on me and I couldn't stop them."

Andie smiled and had just opened her mouth to say something when suddenly there was a shriek from upstairs.

Letting her head snap up, Andie was standing straight before whoever it was had finished their scream. She was halfway up the stairs as Moose ripped out his IV and by the time she got to the living room, both Moose and Miles were by her side.

"Who screamed?" She demanded.

"Andie you've gotta help her." Missy said coming up to Andie in a panic.

"Help who?" Andie asked.

"Nora." Miles whispered.

Looking past Missy, Andie's eyes widened at the sight of Nora sitting in the middle of the room. Her right arm was blackened and shriveled, slowly it was started to crumble away.

"But she's not in the sun." Moose said frowning. "That can't be possible."

Running toward Nora, Andie held her still as she stared at her arm.

"Miles, what am I supposed to do?" Andie asked.

"Call Tyler." Shane whispered. "Hurry and get him here."

"Why?" Andie asked.

"Just do it." Shane said. "Nora's dying."


Tyler thought he was going to cry his eyes out. Nora couldn't be dying, she just couldn't. He sat in Mile's living room, holding her close and rocking the both of them back and forth. Andie sat on her other side, tears streaming down her face. The other vampires along with Chase and his little brother Alex stood around them. The vampires were all in tears while Chase and Alex tried to keep theirs under control.

"Nora, baby, please." Tyler choked out. "Please don't leave me."

"Ty--Tyler." She whispered. "It's o--okay."

"No it's not." Tyler said. "I don't wanna lose you, I--I can't live without you."

Smiling slightly, Nora closed her eyes and leaned even closer to him warm body. She was getting colder and colder by the minute.

"Tyler," She whispered. "The sun is rising."

Tyler squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head harder.

"No, I won't." He sobbed out. "Nora please don't make me."

"We--we talked about t--this." She coughed. "You p--p--promised."

"I lied!" Tyler exclaimed in frustration. "I fucking lied and I won't do it."

Nora looked up at him, her beautiful eyes clouding over. She grasped his t-shirt hopefully before shivering and closing her eyes.

"Tyler." She tried once more.


Scooting closer to the two of them, Andie put her hand on Tyler's shoulder. She let Nora grabbed hold of her hand and Andie made Tyler look at her.

"Tyler, what does she want?" She asked gently.

"The sun will be up soon." Nora whispered. "Tyler either you come with me or I'll go by myself."

Andie frowned for a moment before she realized just exactly what her friend meant.

"Nora you can't." She said. "We'll find a way to fix you, I promise we will."

"Andie, there's a stack of papers in my room." Nora said. "A bunch of dates and times written down, Alex has a notebook up his room on the fourth shelf of the second bookcase. That will help as well but this has to happen."

"How do you know?" Both Tyler and Andie asked.

"Because you told me so." Nora said looking up into Andie's eyes.

"What?" Andie asked. "When?"

"It won't be for many centuries but there will be a time when you will want to travel back and you'll help our past selves do this all over again."

Shaking her head, Andie cupped the back of Nora's head as it lolled from side to side in the crook of Tyler's arm.

"But what I don't want to?" She asked quietly. "What if I want to change the present?"

Nora shook her head.

"That's not how it works Andie." She said.

The tears that now slipped down Andie's face were starting to dry. She was now starting to see what Nora was talking about, she may not have liked it but she understood it.


Nora pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her arm burned and seared in pain but she did not care anymore. Looking at Tyler, she pushed herself to her feet. Holding out her good hand to Tyler, Nora helped him up and began to pull him towards the stairs. Turning back to them all, Nora gave them a small smile.

"We'll see each other again." She told them. "I know so."

Andie opened her mouth to stop her but Nora shook her head.

"Soon," Nora said. "Trust me."

Tyler thought about protesting as Nora took him to the roof. But he knew it would be no use. Nora was going to do this, no matter how much he didn't want her to. When they reached the roof, the cool breeze of the dawn was just starting to appear and they sat with their legs dangling over the edge.

Nora cuddled up to his side and Tyler kissed the top of her head roughly. Nora smiled and held back her tears, she would not be seen as weak. And when she faced him she would hold her head high and do as he told her, all so that she would be able to return in some time.

"How long will you be gone?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know." Nora replied.

They sat in silence for a few moments before Nora winced. She could feel the sun as it rose just enough to shine inches above her head. She looked up and kissed Tyler gently.

"Hold me?" She asked quietly.

Burying the side of her face in Tyler's chest, Nora stared out into the horizon with no fear. She knew that she would not be able to hold back a scream.


Andie sat wrapped in Chase's arms. The vampires felt it when it happened. They felt the sun rising and all of them, the two humans included heard the glass breaking scream that came from above them. Along with the scream that sounded a lot like Nora's name.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Andie held tighter to Chase. Her breathing came out in pants and she shook ever so slightly. This was the end, they'd lost of their own and even though Nora had said that she would not be gone forever, Andie couldn't help but think that she might have been mistaken.

She felt Chase kiss the top of her head and the tears slowly started to slip down her cheeks. Nora had been mistaken,

This was the end.

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