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"Peter! Peter, please wake up! Don't die! PETER!"

The first thing he was aware of was someone sobbing beside him.

"Th-there's ugh so much b-blood…please Peter, come back…"

Another voice now. A girl?

"Lu?" Peter gasped weakly.

"H-he's okay!" Lucy exclaimed leaping forward to embrace the battered King in a fierce hug.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! Lucy, ouch, stop you're killing me!" Peter wheezed.

This remark, of course, earned him a fresh round of tears from Lucy, along with a smart punch to his sore shoulder.

Edmund placed a serious hand on his arm. "Are you sure you're alright?"

Peter sent a slightly pained smile his direction and his brother sat back in relief. Glancing over Lucy's shoulder, Peter also smiled briefly at Susan before looking past his crowding siblings to see the royal physicians hovering over their shoulders. The guests from the earlier banquet were still lining the hall, all looking relieved, some looking a little ill. And glancing at the amount of blood spread over everything in sight, Peter felt a little faint himself.

"What happened?"

Edmund extended his hand to help Peter up. "The Wer-Wolf nearly killed you, that's what. It was luck that drove your knife through his side as you fell."

Peter looked around to see the Mice happily fussing around the newly healed Nippertip. Ever since the great battle against the ice queen, Lucy had resolutely carried Father's Christmas' healing cordial with her at all times. She always insisted that they never knew when they would need a healing touch, and Peter silently thanked Aslan on behalf of both the mouse king and himself that his sister was so wise.

The body of the slain Wer-Wolf lay on the cold floor near the overturned table. Tumnus and the Archenland badger were looking it over.

"It smells of the mountains, my Lord," said the Badger, "No doubt it followed us from Archenland." A look of despair crossed over the badger's face. "It shames me to think such a vile creature finds its den in my homeland. Please forgive me, great king."

"Not all residents of Narnia are pleased to see an end to the White Witch's reign, good ambassador," Peter said reassuringly, "I cannot imagine that everyone of Archenland is accounted for when we ourselves are not."

"This is no one's responsibility other than the Wolf's," Susan stated firmly, "And both you and your noble rescuer should be resting." Gesturing at the still slightly dazed form of Nippertip, she quickly put an end to the discussion and any thoughts Peter had of walking to his rooms unattended.

Lucy sat across from Peter, who was at present thoroughly engrossed in their game of chess. She sighed lightly as Peter once again took forever to make his move. Susan was dozing on the chaise near the fire, and Edmund was perusing another of those musty books from their library. Sometimes she wondered how it was that he hadn't yet read every book in the castle, but Edmund always protested that he still had at least half to go.

As the clouds cleared from the night sky, a full moon gazed back at Lucy, sending a slight chill down her spine. A week ago, a Wer-Wolf had attacked their dinner party, biting both Peter and their guest Nippertip. The valiant young queen had rushed into the fray to administer her healing potion and both warriors had survived. She still shuddered whenever she recalled the fierce assault on her brother's life and how close he had come to dying. The Mouse had insisted that he was fine and would have no lingering effects, and the royal physicians had concurred that Wer-Wolf bites had no effect on Animals. But what of Humans?

And so the four Pevensies were awake on the first night of three full moons, keeping a watchful eye on the eldest and hoping beyond hope that nothing would happen. So far, Peter hadn't shown any symptoms of a wolf nature, although he had given them quite a fright with a sneezing fit earlier.

"Lucy? Hey Lu, it's your turn," Peter whispered.

Snapping back from her reverie, Lucy looked at the board, seeking out Peter's move.

Peter grinned smugly. "Geez Lu. Try and pay attention, will you?"

"Haha," Lucy replied sarcastically, "Checkmate."

Peter stared at the board in disbelief. "You've been practicing with Ed, haven't you?"

Lucy giggled and returned her gaze to the sky.

"Don't worry Lu. I'll be fine."

"I hope so Peter, I really do."