Three years later . . .

Yuffie walked down the Shera's ramp, Vincent's hand clutched in hers, and followed closely by her friends. Even the ever-busy Reeve had taken time from his duties to be present for this special occasion.

The Council had finally relented and the Godo's decree was to be signed into law at a special ceremony. The Emperor had to pay a generous amount of gil to the Hiroshiama clan to smooth over their anger but had done so with only a few grumbles.

Godo had worked hard to get his Council to bend to his wishes but in the end Yuffie's stubborn nature had made the decision for them. Six months ago, Yuffie and Vincent were married in a small ceremony attended only by their friends. The ninja had written her father after the fact.

The Council had better get crackin' or start putting out Help Wanted posters to find their next ruler.


Yuffie Valentine

P.S. Vincent says hello.

With no other choice they stubborn men had relented.

"And that's one of the first things that will change when I become queen," Yuffie said upon receiving word of the Council's capitulation. "There are going to women as well as men on the Council. Wutai needs to change with the times or she won't survive."

So, now, AVALANCHE had come to Wutai to witness the documents signing and to see Yuffie and Vincent marriage blessed in the customs of Wutai during which Yuffie would officially be named her father's heir. This was the first time Yuffie had been home in three years.

"Last chance, Vinnie," Yuffie said seeing Godo approach. She could hear her friends chuckling behind them.

"My last chance was six months ago," Vincent reminded her, "And," he turned her towards him, "I don't want another one."

Vincent leaned down and kissed his wife absently giving Cloud and Cid the finger as they made gagging noises in the background.

Parting with a smile, Vincent and Yuffie held hands as they met the Emperor.

I can do this, Yuffie thought, embracing her father, Because I have my friends. I'm not alone.

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