Blair was slightly puzzled as to why his kisses weren't sending her newly-found and not completely unwanted butterflies into o

This chapter takes place at the end of Hi Society because Blair seriously shouldn't have ended up with Nate.

Disclaimer: If I owned GG, the whole show would revolve around Chuck. But it doesn't, and I don't.

Blair was slightly puzzled as to why his kisses weren't sending her newly-found and not completely unwanted butterflies into overdrive. One glance as she opened her eyes gave her the answer.

It wasn't Chuck. It was Nate.

"Blair? Are you okay?" Nate asked as he felt her freeze under the kisses he was trailing down her neck.

"Y-yeah. Sure. Everything's just peachy. It's fine. Carry on. " Nate shot her a confused look before continuing where he left off. Blair never appreciated Nate's total obedience as much as she did right now.

'I can't believe I just said peachy. What is wrong with me? And why am I thinking about him?' Blair mentally cursed herself, but once she started thinking about Chuck she couldn't stop herself.

He wasn't even there and he was ruining the biggest night of her life. The one she'd been dreaming about since forever.

She sat up abruptly, causing Nate to bash his head.

"What the hell, Blair!"

"I'm sorry. I just can't do this." Blair avoided looking at him as she got up off of the bed and reached down to pick up her Eleanor Waldorf original dress.

"What? Why not?" Nate frowned as Blair slid into the dress and did the zip up at the side.

Every reason why Nate annoyed her came flooded into her head at that moment. Why was he so annoying?

"Because I just can't" she shouted at him before storming out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Nate just sat on the bed wondering what the hell just happened.


"Watch where you're going!" Blair snapped at the guy who'd she'd bumped into.

"Blair?" Chuck said as he reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Great. It's you" She pulled her arm out of grasp and started to walk away.

"Blair" he said again.

"What part of 'don't talk to me' don't you understand?"

"I just wanted to- why aren't you with Nate?"

"As if I was going to take him back just like that after everything he did to me. I'm not that pathetic"

"So you're not with Nate?"

"I didn't say that. Nate is twice the man you'll ever be- in every aspect. This thing between us never meant anything. We never meant anything. You were just a passing whim until Nate came to his senses."

She saw the flicker of hurt in his eyes. 'Why am I doing this?' she asked herself. But she knew the answer. Chuck isn't going to give her the happily ever after she wanted- Nate was. The sooner she started believing that herself the better.

"What 'thing' between you really are us? It wasn't even that. It was just meaningless sex. It was great but once you lost the whole innocent virgin act it got a little boring. Then I saw you for what you really are. A cold hearted bitch who's no more than a common whore. No wonder Nate turned to your best friend instead."

Blair turned away from him as her eyes filled with tears and she tried to walk away. Chuck reached out to stop her. "Even if you take him back, you'll still come second to her in his eyes. It wasn't so long ago he was declaring his undying love for her at the Masquerade Ball, remember."

Blair finally turned to look at him. "I'm glad we're agreed then. It's over and it's best if we stayed away from each other"

Blair walked away from him. He didn't stop her this time.


A figure emerged from the shadows where they had been watching the entire scene. As they snapped their phone shut they wondered what should do know. This was not supposed to have happened.

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