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May 1

This is the first time I've ever considered writing in a diary. It was never my type of thing to write about myself in a book where some one can just pick it up and read your inner most secrets. But I have a plan to keep it under my bed since I practically let NO ONE in my room. I'm new to this diary thing so I think I should tell about myself. First of all, my name is Leslie Burke I only really have one friend best friend actually his name is Jesse Aarons. We just call him Jess though. I've known him for many years he's changed a lot though. Physically I mean. He used to be a sort of wimpy boy but not fully. He was picked on and considered 'poor' by the "cool kids". But now his family has gained a lot of money. He's also gotten stronger and more popular. He's now one of the star players of the football team and ect ect. Now he's the heart throb of every girl in our high school except for me, of course. Surprisingly with his newfound popularity he still hangs out with me like eats with me at lunch races with me hangs out at the house and we still go to Terabithia. Girls get jealous because they think I just want him because he's popular which the only reason they want him is. It's surprising although we're only 16 even senior girls sometimes fall head over heels for him. But back to point, I love hanging out with him because we're best friend always have been always will be. But some time's I question where we are heading he seems to drift back and forth and all I question is where I will be in his life.

"Leslie wake up" A males voice came

"5 more minutes' mom" I answered tiredly

"First of all I'm not your mom second of all if you don't wake up I'm gonna through a glass of water on Queenie" the boy laughed.

I opened my squinted my eyes open to see who I was talking.


"'Morning sleepy head" he laughed again

"Wait who let you in?"

"Brad," he said simply.

"Why are you up so early?"

"What is this 20 questions" he laughed "And it's not that early its 7:45"




"Hey Les I just wanted to tell you that jess…" Brad started then he realized jess was already in my room sitting on my bed. "is right here"

"yeah I sort of noticed that Brad" I said rolling my eyes"

"Shut up, hey do you guys want me to drive you to school?"

Brad only offered to drive us even though we go to the same school but he was a senior and the star athlete all around. So it was uncool to be seen with people younger then him even if one of them was pretty boy Jess.

"Sure I'm so sick of riding in the bus with Hoager" I said spitting his name out like poison.

"Hey I like Hoager, and Brad you don't have to drive us my parents got me a car."

"Wait What? I thought they said they won't buy you one until you head to college"

"Yeah, but that was before you know the whole business thing"

"Oh yah your dad buying the whole company" I said a little bit jealous he got a car before I dad "what kind of car did you get" I started heading over to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"A Pontiac Truck" he said humbly

I almost choked on my own tooth brush.

"Breathe Les" Brad said laughing.

"Shuttup" I said.

"Bout what the car or the Breathe comment?" Jess asked.

"Never mind get out"

"Which one of us, why?" Brad asked

"Both cause I'm bout to change"

"Ruuuuuunnnnnnnnn" Brad joked as he and Jess ran toward the door.

Outside Leslies Room

"Sooooo.." Brad Started "What's going on with you and my sister?"

"Nothing, honest, she just like a sister to me besides I like another girl"

"Who, do I know her?"

"Hey I'm ready to go" I said.

"That was quick" Jess said.

"It's a girl thing" I laughed

"Ok let's go, see you later Brad"

"See you Brad tell mom I'll eat on my way heading there wait aren't you suppose to leave for school"

"No I'm sick" he said as he fake coughed

"Whatever, moms going to kill you for doing this again, bye Brad."

I started to turn around

"She won't kill me after she finds out about your new hilights " he said staring at my hair with my new blue hilights.

"Their not permanent Brad thank you very much"

"But I remember a few days ago someone was told not to change hair colors even if it is just streaks of the hair."

"Mom wont find out if someone keeps their trap shut"

"I'll keep mine shut if you keep yours"

"Fine then but if you don't mind we don't want to be tardy thank you" I said as Jess and I headed for the door

"Seeyah later"

Jess and I left the house and headed to the car.


"Thanks do you think Jennifer will like it?"

"Uh yah su-sure" He just had to bring her up didn't he!

"Hey you didn't eat aren't you sick of your stomach growling in class" he laughed.

"Yeah that's why we're going to chick-fil-a to get something to eat"

"Leslie" he groaned "we're going to be late then"

"where already late pretty boy" I laughed as he locked at the clock.

"This is going to be our fifth tardy that means detention, and what do you mean by pretty boy?"

"We won't get a detention if were too sick to go to school" I said batting my eyes.

"I have practice and since was little miss I get straight A's skip school"

"Since it would show on her record that she got a detention and if you get one you would have to miss practice and don't worry your practice is at the end of the day you can be like I felt better so I can play."


"Give me your phone"


"I dropped mine in the ocean" he said sarcastically.

"fine here you go."

"Mom…. Yah I know I'm sick though….how uhh Leslie tried to cook and I ate her food."

"Im gonna kill you" I said

"Shhhhhh… uh yah mom can you call the school saying Leslie and I are sick……. How is she sick she uh ate it too can you call her mom she cant right now….she can't call her because she's throwing up…..no you don't have to come over….Ill stay with Leslie and Brad….. Uh Brad's taking care of us because he wants to take care of his little sister and his little sisters best friend…. Yep….ill tell her….no you don't have to bring soup….ok…yup…I love you too….by" he hung up the phone "Mission Out of School Phase 1 is complete my queen." He smiled "Whats Phase 2?"

"Uhhh.. get food lets go out to eat somewhere." I said still laughing "Start the Chariot P.B King"

"What's that suppose to mean Peanut Butter King?"

"No Pretty Boy King Remember"

"What does that mean"

"Your smart Jess you can figure it out. Lets change the subject lets go to the mall"

"Why I thought you were hungry"

"Yeah mall food…"

"o yeah the ever popular mall food"

"Start the car Pretty Boy"

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