Hey Everyone! I just wanted to state thank you for your responses still to this story, I hate to admit it but it truly escaped me and created a mind of its own! Let me explain, whenever I write stories of any kind these scenes pop into my head and they are so vivid that I feel like I need to write it down. That is what happened with this story, I saw the same scene but a completely different scenario was happening that was just unraveling in my mind. I felt like I had to write every bit of it on to a piece of paper before it left, and that actually turned into my story Forevermore. The scene with Leslie and Jess in the tree house manifested into so much more than I expected. But now we are here with You're My Pretty Boy, which I had to wait for another scene to come to me so that I could keep on writing. That is why to long break happened, but then the story revealed itself to me and I know what I must write. But truly I would not have posted anything if I hadn't have gotten those responses from you guys recently, I thought the story was long forgotten, and all of those emails told me that it truly wasn't! SO I PROMISE a new chapter is coming soon, just give me a little time to create it!

Soon I promise,