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(I suck at summaries.)AU. Atemu is a young Prince who has just finished killing off an army of thieves. He finds a young boy who is a vampire. Taking him back to the palace and to the dungeon and then takes care of him. Once the boy left, he finds he was to meet his betrothed in 3weeks. What will he do?

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Chapter 1

The Pharaoh's son, Prince Atemu had just killed the last of the thief's army and held his sword up in victory. His army cried out in victory, raising their swords as well. Atemu was 18, he had a well-built muscular body, his hair was spiked black, with crimson running along the edges and gold lighting strikes going up and a couple on either side of his face. His crimson eyes were joyful that he could finally head home but before they were full of anger.

"Go through, find our people and take them back. Find any surviving thieves." He commanded.

The village had been a hiding place for the thieves and they used the villagers as slaves. He walked through the village, his blue blood stained cape flowing out behind him. Looking around; he saw death everywhere. He couldn't leave the bodies there. He would order the thieves bodies to be burned outside the village, and the village itself rebuilt.

Atemu snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud fearful scream. He followed the sound. It was coming from one of the huts. He unsheathed his sword and opened the door quietly. He saw a man with a knife in the side of a small boy. It had only slit his side. The boy tried to move, but he seemed too weak to do so. The man had stripped the boy down to nothing and was taking his clothes off as well.

Atemu instantly stabbed the man in the back. Withdrawing his sword and sheathed it, while the man collapsed dead on top of the boy. The boy lapped at the little blood he could get. Of course Atemu couldn't see this. He moved the dead body away.

Atemu finally got a good look at the boy. He was shorter than himself, not as well built, no lighting strikes in his hair, and the tips of his hair where amethyst rather than crimson and his eyes were amethyst rather than crimson. His skin was pale rather than the Egyptian tan Atemu had. Atemu walked over and pick up the boys clothes, which was a ripped tunic and pants that were far too big for him and a rope to hold them up. He clothed the boy before lifting the smaller boy in his arms. The boy tensed and tried to struggle but to no avail. He was too weak from blood loss and needed his body to heal.

"Shh, I'm not going to hurt you."

"N...N...Need..." the boy tried to say before fainting.

What Atemu saw when the boy spoke was two small, but very noticeable fangs. 'He's a vampire. He looks so innocent. I can't leave him here.'

With that, Atemu removed his cape and wrapped the small vampire in it. He walked out of the hut with the boy safely in his arms. The villagers were coming out of their huts and getting on the ground

and bowed to him. Atemu continued back to his horse. He noticed the soldiers had several of the thieves lined up on the ground and bound. They were not too injured.

"Prince Atemu, we found 7 of the thieves still alive. Would you like me to kill them now?"

"No, take them back to the palace with us, I have a better idea."

"Yes, my prince."

Atemu passed the boy to a soldier and mounted his horse. After getting comfortable the soldier passed the boy back and Atemu sat him in front. Atemu told some of his army to stay and remove the dead bodies of the thieves and burn them outside the village then to return home. With that they rode off back to the palace.


Half way back to the palace Atemu noticed the boys breathing starting to get heavy. He turned to some of his mounted soldiers.

"A few of you are to come with me now. Bring on of the thieves as well. The rest, continue back to the palace, we'll see you there."

A soldier on the ground took one of the thieves and hit him hard over the back of the head, rendering him unconscious. They then laid him in front of one of the mounted soldiers. Atemu got his horse into a gallop and 4 other riders followed, one with the unconscious thief.

They made it back to the palace in no time at all. Atemu dismounted his horse and took the boy in his arms. The soldiers also dismounted and three pulled the unconscious thief off.

"Two of you come with me and bring the thief; the other two go back and help the army."

Atemu turned and headed into the dungeon, the soldiers dragging the thief behind them. Atemu made it there and placed the boy in a cell, removing his cape and putting it back on then putting the small vampire in shackles. He didn't know if the boy would attack him.

"Chain him to the stone table and leave."

The soldiers did what they were instructed and left. Atemu grabbed a wooden bowl and placed it on the table next to the thief. He pulled a hand over the edge of the table and cut the wrist. Grabbing the bowl he held it under, collecting the blood that seeped out. He noticed the thief stirring and quickly knocked him out again.

After collecting half a bowl full of blood, as the cut had dried up with blood stopping anymore to come out, he tightened the arm back on the table. He walked into the cell where the boy lay. He sat him up and tightened his arms so that they were flush with the wall. He knelt next to him, opening his mouth and brought the bowl next to it and placed a small amount in the boy's mouth. He continued as soon as the blood disappeared down the boy's throat.

Halfway through the blood the boy stirred and slowly opened his eyes. Atemu noticed they were dull. The boy tried to move, but once he did it caused pain in his side where he was cut. He cried out lightly, tears falling from his eyes.

"Hey, drink this; I know it's what you want." Atemu said and the boy looked at him through blurry eyes and trembled.

He knew of a Pharaoh and his son, Prince Atemu. He heard rumours that the Egyptian Prince that hated people, not that he was a human anymore; he was a vampire. As much as he wanted to get away and back home with his grandfather, he couldn't and he couldn't resist the blood that was in the bowl at his mouth. He opened his mouth and the bowl was tilted so the blood could fall in. As soon as the rest was finished, the boy looked at his side. The cut had sealed up and pain gone.

"What's your name, Little One?"

Yugi fumed at the name but was still scared. "Y-Yugi."

"Well Yugi, did you want more?"

"Y-Yes, where's the human the blood belongs to?"

"Over on the table. He's one of the thieves that I brought back. Did you want him in here?"


"Alright, I'm going to let the chain out, if you attack me, the guards will kill you, got it?"

"Yes, I only kill humans if they are murders and thieves. I also drink from animals. I'm not going to kill you."

"I'm glad." Atemu stood and let the chain out enough so Yugi could walk to the cell door.

Yugi sat there though and just watch the table that the thief was on. He was rather weak and wanted to conserve energy for when he had to struggle with the thief. Atemu walked out and saw the thief stir. He walked to the table and looked back at Yugi.

"When the soldiers put him in the cell, wait till they leave. You can reach every inch of the cell ok?"

"Ok, when I start feeding, I suggest you look away. It's not a pretty sight with fighting prey."

Atemu nodded and called for the soldiers. He told them to put the now conscious thief in the cell the boy was in. They did, curious as to why, but didn't question him. As soon as the thief was in and soldiers gone, Yugi struggled to stand and did.

"Why would you put me in here with a weak kid? I could kill him and I think I will."

The thief walked towards Yugi and grabbed his neck. Yugi smiled and hit him in the gut hard.

"Keep your filthy hands off me. This is for kidnapping me to sell to another country."

Yugi knelt down beside the gasping thief. He grabbed his hair and turned his head to the side, giving him access to the thief's neck. Yugi quickly sunk his fangs in his neck, drinking hungrily. The thief screamed and Atemu looked away.

Soon the screams died down and then a 'thud' causing Atemu to look around. He saw the thief dead on the ground. He looked for Yugi and saw him in a dark corner, knees to his chest, arms around his legs and face in his knees. His body shaking and sobbing could be heard.

Atemu opened the cell door and walked over. He placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder. The next thing he didn't expect was for a hand to be at his throat, though not strangling him. Atemu yelled in fright causing the soldiers to enter. They drew their swords at Yugi. Yugi didn't notice them. He suddenly realised what was happening and quickly let go. Atemu fell to the ground.

The soldiers pointed their swords at Yugi who was now in another corner, crying again, but this time out of fear. He hurt the Prince and he knew he would be punished badly for it. He knew this well. Not because he had ever done it before. Atemu stood and walked towards Yugi, standing in between the soldiers, arms crossed across his chest.

"Leave us." He ordered the soldiers not looking at them and they left.

"P-Prince A-A-Atemu, p-p-please f-forgive m-m-me. I-I d-d-d-didn't m-mean t-t-to." Yugi said crying as he bowed at Atemu's feet.

Atemu walked forward and knelt next to the bowed crying vampire. He lifted the boy's face to look at him. Yugi couldn't help himself; he jumped into Atemu's arms and cried. Atemu surprised and shocked wrapped his arms around the small crying vampire.

The next thing that scared the Prince was when the little vampire clutched his chest and coughed. He, the vampire gave a cry of pain and coughed more. Atemu was shocked at what was happening didn't know what to do.

"Yugi, what's wrong?"

"B-Bad (coughs) blood. He was sick (coughs) now I am." Yugi coughed more and sent up blood.

"Stay here, try not to move. I'm going to get the healer." Atemu stood and left.


The soldier from the dungeon knocked on the large oak doors of the throne room. Hearing a response he walked in and approached the Pharaoh. Bowing low until told to rise.

"Rise, tell me what it is you want?"

"My Pharaoh, the Prince has returned. He has found a young boy. This boy killed a thief that was put in the same cell as he. Then Prince Atemu must have entered. The boy started strangling him. He did let go quite quickly. The Prince is fine. "He said quickly correcting so the Pharaoh didn't get too upset. "The Prince ordered us to leave and for him to be punished, he is still down there. What will you have us do?"

"50 lashes. I think I will come and watch this one."

The Pharaoh stood and walked out with the soldier following to the dungeon, a portable throne following behind them. Upon arriving the solider opened the unlocked cell, undoing the shackles and dragged the waking boy out.


Prince Atemu raced through the palace searching for Isis. He eventually found her in the library reading. She didn't look up when he entered.

"Afternoon Prince, I understand you wanted to see me."

"Yes. I understand now why you said to search the village after. Thankyou."

"You're welcome, what is it you require?"

"The...boy, he's sick. I need you to heal him."

"I know what he is Prince. I first of all want to explain something about his kind." Atemu nodded for her to continue and sat down. "As he is young and new to the whole thing, his healing and immortality will not yet activate and will not until he drinks from someone who is not a thief or a murder. It has to be someone who trusts him. If he does not he will not be able to reject normal weapons. So a knife or whip will always cut him and healing will not happen as it should and will require more blood than needed. Though certain things can still hurt him. So you need to..."

Isis stopped talking and froze. Atemu knew what was happening. She was having a vision and from her expression when it finished meant it was not good. She turned to Atemu.

"Isis, what did you see?"

"Pharaoh is with the child, he's in trouble. Let's go."

Atemu jumped up and ran towards the dungeon with Isis in toe.


Yugi woke when he felt himself being lifted off the floor. He was too weak from the sickness to do anything. He was dragged out of the cell and hands tied above his head on a hook, his feet just touching the floor.

"So this is the boy who tried to kill my son?" A deep, scary and angry voice said from behind him.

"Yes Pharaoh."

"I see, turn him, so I can see him as you punish him."

'Punish why? I didn't do anything. Did the Prince tell the Pharaoh what I did? He wouldn't, he said he was going to get the healer.'

"My son told me what you tried to do. You know what the punishment is for attempted murder of a royal family member?" Yugi shook his head. "50 lashes a day. Commence the punishment."

'The Prince told him. He betrayed me. Why?'


Yugi wince as the first...


Second and...


Third hit his back.




Yugi screamed as the rest were brought down on his back. He wasn't use to any sort of pain at all.


A thin line of blood was trickling down his back. Tears flowing freely down his face.





It was the 20th lash and a small pool of blood was pooling at his feet.


Yugi let out another scream. He heard footsteps approach him and the whip hadn't come down again. A hand placed under his chin so it could be brought to look at the person.

'Prince Atemu, why?'

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